18 Free ‘Missing My Mom’ Memes to Share


A mom is one of life’s first friends. From your very first moments, your mom is there. When you’re separated from your mom, whether by distance or death, it can be hard to find comfort. It’s normal to miss your mom no matter your age, and it can feel like a piece of yourself is missing. 

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Whenever you miss not having your mom around for advice, calls, and chat, look for one of these ‘missing my mom’ memes below. These are perfect for sending to a special someone, sharing on social media, or just feeling less alone. Like sending virtual hugs, it’s a form of compassion for yourself and your mom. 

‘Missing My Mom’ Memes to Share When She’s Far Away

If your mom is far away, the distance can feel hard to overcome. Like all close relationships, she’s never as far away as she seems. These “missing my mom” memes keep her even closer in your thoughts. 

There's no shame

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1. “There is no shame in being homesick.” 

Being homesick is a normal feeling, even if it feels hard sometimes. Remember that when you’re homesick, it’s just because your home life was so special. 

Missing someone

2. “Missing someone gets easier every day.” 

If you miss someone, know that it always gets easier. Each day is one step closer to when you see them again. 

You're always just a phone call away

3. “You’re always just a phone call away.” 

Distance doesn’t mean much nowadays. You’re only ever a phone call (or text) away from someone you love. 

‘Missing My Mom’ Memes to Share on Her Death Anniversary

Your mother’s death anniversary is an important time to honor her memory. If you’re keeping her legacy close in your heart, these “missing my mom” means are a reminder of just how close she is after all. 

Gone but never forgotten

4. “Gone but never forgotten…”

Saying “I miss you” isn’t always easy. The ones you love might not be here anymore, but that doesn’t mean their memories are going anywhere. 

I never truly knew

5. “I never truly knew what ‘I miss you’ meant…” 

Though you might have thought you knew what it meant to miss someone, that takes on a whole new meaning after a loss. When someone is no longer there, you evaluate what they really meant to you.

Whenever I miss you...

6. “Whenever I miss you…” 

Remembrance is a way to show your love. Though it’s hard to say goodbye, remember that you were so fortunate to have your mom in your life. 

‘Missing My Mom’ Memes to Share on Her Birthday

If you can’t be with your mom on her birthday, celebrate her anyway. You can still make this a special day, honoring her contribution to the person you became. 

Happy birthday

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7. “Happy birthday, Mom!”

Saying “Happy birthday, Mom” is something you can always do, no matter whether your mom is still here. You miss her today and everyday, so why not share this?

Happy birthday to the best mom ever

8. “Happy birthday to the best mom ever.”

If you have the best mom ever, shout it out to the world. Wishing a happy birthday to your special mother shows just how important they are to you.

Happy birthday, mom

9. “Happy birthday, Mom” 

This scrapbook-inspired graphic is a comforting way to remember the good times. These are the things worth remembering for years to come. 

‘Missing My Mom’ Memes to Share on Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, you’re reminded of the close bond you share with your mom. Whether she’s with you or far away, she’s still a part of you on this day and every day. 

Wishing a Happy Mother's Day

10. “Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day…”

No matter what keeps you apart, wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day with this floral graphic. Though simple, it means a lot that you’re thinking of her. 

I got it from

11. “I got it from my momma…”

Your mom wasn’t just your first friend. She also taught you life’s important lessons, making you into the person you became. Thank her on this special day!

To my super woman

12. “To my super woman…” 

Moms are like superheroes. They put others first each day so they can give back. Now it’s time to put their memory first. 

‘Missing My Mom’ Memes to Share During the Holiday Season

How do you say “Merry Christmas in heaven, mom”? These free “missing my mom” memes are perfect for sharing during the holiday season no matter how you celebrate this time of year. 

Missing my mom

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13. “Missing my mom this Christmas…” 

The holiday season is a hard time when you’re dealing with grief. If you’re missing your mom this holiday season, let others know that you’re honoring her. 

In the still

14. “In the still, quiet cold…” 

This quote is a reminder that your mother’s spirit is always closer than you think. During the holiday season, you can feel her warming your heart. 

In loving memory

15. “In loving memory of my mother…” 

The holiday season is the perfect time for reflection, even if it feels hard. Dedicate this season to making the most of your mother’s memory. 

‘Missing My Mom in Heaven’ Memes to Share

Last but not least, if your mom has passed on, honor her legacy with these graphics. It’s always important to remember who your mom was to you and her impact on the world. Though she’s no longer here, her memory lives on. 

Until we meet

16. “Until we meet again…” 

Those we love never leave us. It’s just “until we meet again,” never “goodbye.” You can hold your memories close as their own form of comfort until then. 

Mothers are angels

17. “Mothers are angels in disguise…” 

Mothers often feel larger than life. They’re not just friends, they’re angels in disguise, watching over you in Heaven every day. 

I'll miss you forever

18. “I’ll miss you forever, mom…”

Like the stars miss the sun during the morning, your memories for your mom last a lifetime. There is no limit to her legacy, and it’s as wide as the galaxy itself. 

Share Your Mom’s Legacy

We all create our own digital legacies, and we tell the stories of our loved ones. No matter your relationship with your mom, make sure she’s remembered with these free, shareable graphics above. Keeping her in your thoughts is a way to feel close to her memory. 

Similarly, you connect with others who are going through similar experiences. We can all relate to being apart from those we love. This is a universal, human experience, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.


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