24 ‘Missing You On Your Birthday, Mom’ Messages to Share


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Because jobs keep families separated, it’s extra important to convey your love through words whenever you get the chance, especially to moms on their birthdays. 

Card and Gift Ideas to Pair with Your Message

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Whether you’re on the hunts for the perfect message for a card, text, or another greeting, something is sure to pop out at you from the lists below.

No matter what you choose, celebrating your mom’s birthday is an event that you don’t want to overlook.

Tip: No matter how long ago your mother passed away, you might still be sorting through the life she left behind. Our post-loss checklist can help you work through all of your post-loss responsibilities. 

‘Missing You On Your Birthday, Mom’ Messages for a Card or Letter

‘Missing You On Your Birthday, Mom’ Messages for a Card or Letter

Take a look at the phrases below, and maybe you’ll find something that helps you travel the distance through sentiment. Just write it in a card, address it, seal it and then put a stamp on it. 

1. “Happy birthday, mom. I wish I were there with you to celebrate your special day. Love and miss you much.

This message works for those moms who went out of their way to make sure all of your childhood birthdays were amazing. Tell her happy birthday and pay it back.

2. “You always made my birthdays so special when I was younger. I hope this gift reminds you of those days. We miss you today and always.”

If you’ve been antiquing lately, perhaps you’ve found something to remind you of back home. If so, package it up and send it off to mom with a note to put it all in context.

3. “It’s days like these that I wish I lived closer to you. While I may not be there to celebrate your day, my heart and mind are with you always.”

Although being far from home can take its toll on family relationships, using the right words can soothe the pangs of missing those you love the most.

4. “Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Mom. Happy Birthday to you!!

While you may not be there to sing a birthday song to your mom, she’ll hear your voice through these singsong words. Don’t forget to add a personal note afterward.

5. “We saw this card and thought of you instantly. The kids and I wanted to wish grandma the happiest of happy birthdays. Sending our love to you across the miles.”

After you have told your mom everything you hope for her day, get all the grandchildren to sign their names to make the letter complete. If the kiddos are young, add in some coloring projects for her to hang on the refrigerator.

6. “We know you had other plans for your birthday this year, but next year we’ve saved the date for you to be here with us.”

Are you looking for ways to include your mom (and dad) on your yearly calendar? If so, send her a card with a gift certificate for an airline so she can make plans far in advance to be with the next time around.

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‘Miss You On Your Birthday, Mom’ Messages for a Quick Text or Direct Message

Even though you’ve already sent out birthday cards or letters to your mom on her big day, the celebrations don’t stop there. Take the opportunity to use text or DM to send a note that’s heartwarming or fun. Let her know she’s missed and loved regardless of the distance between you.

7. “I woke up to let you know how much I miss you today! Happy Birthday, Mom.”

12:01 a.m. is the perfect time to let your mom know she’s the first thing on your mind. Even if you have to set an alarm to make it happen, she’s going to get this message before the rest.

8. “Happy Birthday! You were born at 5:03 pm. Thinking of you every day at this hour.”

Do you know the exact time your mom was born? Make a habit of sending a message to her at 

that very same time every year on her birthday.

9. “Happy Birthday, Mom! Ted and I wish we were there to see you blow out those candles. Will you send us a photo or video?”

Even if you’re not around to witness the birthday song play out, you and your partner can still take place in the festivities. Plus, by requesting a video or picture, you’ll let her know she’s important and loved. 

10. “I can’t wait to see you on your birthday! We’re flying in after 3:00 and should be there by dinner.”

There’s no better way to tell your mom that you miss her than by showing up on their big day. So, schedule a trip outside of the holidays and plan to make their day more special than ever.

11. “The kids need to see their grandma today. Will you FaceTime us after dinner?”

Distance is no longer an excuse not to connect with the ones you love, especially on birthdays. So, if the kiddos are missing grandma on her big day, use technology to connect them.

12. “We’re visiting your favorite restaurant. Wish you were here.”

Layering old memories with new experiences can help keep things fresh in your mind. So, if you’re missing your mom on her birthday, head out to a place she’d enjoy.

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‘Missing You On Your Birthday, Mom’ Messages for Social Media

Missing You On Your Birthday, Mom’ Messages for Social Media

If your mom has a social media page, then make sure to post something on her birthday. You can be as cute or sentimental with the photos or memes as you like, too. 

13. “To the best Grandma in the world! Happy Birthday”

Gather up the kids to make signs for grandma on her birthday. Then take a photo and write a sweet little caption. 

14. “Thank you for all of our runs, walks, and scrubs! We can’t wait to see you again!”

If your wife is out of town on business, make sure to let her know that the whole crew—fur babies and all, love and miss her greatly.

15. “Mom, I wish I was there to celebrate your 70th birthday with you. Looking forward to celebrating with you this summer.”

You might not be able to make it home to see your mom on her big day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate at a later time. 

Pro tip: Leaving your exact travel itinerary on social media accounts only invites bad actors. So, wait to tell people where you went after you have returned home.

16. “It’s your birthday! I wish we were there to make you feel as special and important as you made me feel all those years. Sending our love!!”

Here’s a message that works for the tireless mom who made sure every childhood birthday for you was an event! Don’t forget to post a picture of the two of you from way back when, too.

17. “Happy Birthday to my mom and best friend. I’m sending you a cyber hug until I can hug you in person.”

In the wake of strange circumstances and unforeseen events, sometimes it’s impossible to hug your loved ones. As challenging as it is, try to elevate the mood with a funny meme.

18. “Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” —John Lennon

If you can’t figure out what to say, then find a quote from someone who says it better than you.

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How to Say ‘Miss You On Your Birthday, Mom’ After Her Death

Are you looking for ways to remember a deceased loved one on their birthday? If so, take the opportunity to use social media and memories as you spend time with family to commemorate her life. 

19. “I wish you were here today, mom.”

You can still send messages to your mom even though she’s no longer around. Depending on what your beliefs are, she may be reading or listening to them wherever she is.

20. “It’s days like this that I think of you most. May the seeds from these trees find you in the wind.”

Plant a tree in memory of your mom on her birthday. Then dedicate it to her by saying a few words in her honor.

21. “We baked a cake in memory of you today. Wish you were here to enjoy it.”

While there are many ways to say happy birthday in heaven, here’s one that brings mom to the table for dinner. Just set out a plate and dish up a slice in her honor.

22. “I’ll always miss your words of wisdom no matter where I am or what I do, especially today.”

At her favorite restaurant, have a formal toast. Bring your glasses up and say a few words where you can honor your mom even though she isn’t there.

23. “Days may pass, and hearts may grow emptier, but your love and life will fill us to the end of time.”

If you’re Missing your Mom on her birthday, here’s a phrase for any dinner spread. If you’re hosting a barbeque or even a pasta night, share a meal and memory with everyone invited.

24. “Send us a rainbow to let us know you’re here. Miss you.”

If in the moments, days, and years after your mom has passed, look for signs of her, then offer these words on her birthday.

Always Be There for Mom

It’s easy to be present for your mom, especially on her birthday. Even if you forget to drop a card in the mail on time, you can always send her a thoughtful note online or via her social media page. 

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