16 Heartfelt Ways to Say Missing You On Your Birthday, Sister


Sisters. They can be your best friends or your worst enemies — and can even be both at the same time. No matter what kind of relationship you have with your sister, you can’t deny that she plays an important role in your life. 

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Whether you and your sister are best friends or more like oil and water, it’s still hard to be away from her on her birthday. You can still send heartfelt “missing you on your birthday” wishes to your sister no matter how far apart you may be. Here are some ways you can get the message across.  

How to Say ‘Missing You On Your Birthday, Sister’ in a Card

A card is a classic way to develop a birthday message. It’s especially helpful for people who aren’t great with words. Most birthday cards offer standard heartfelt or funny messages already printed inside, though it’s always nice to include a handwritten message as well. Here are some messages you can include in a birthday card to your sister. 

1. “You're my favorite sister in the world (and I’m not just saying that because you’re my only sister).”

You probably don’t want to tell one sibling that you favor her over another. But if you only have one sister, there’s no harm in telling her she’s your favorite one. This is kind of an old joke, but it’s a classic for a good reason. 

2. “Even though you’re my little sister, I really look up to you. You have always seemed to really have everything together. Thanks for setting such a good example even though that really should have been my job.”

Not every sibling pair lives up to people’s expectations. People think of older siblings as being the leaders. But maybe your younger sister really has a major vision with her career or family. A birthday is a great time to tell your sister that you’re proud of all of her accomplishments. 

3. “We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in our lives. No matter what, we were always there for each other. We may be far apart right now, but you’re always in my heart.”

Siblings often have complicated relationships, sometimes through no fault of their own. If you and your sister have faced family problems or other traumas, it’s okay to acknowledge that in a birthday card. Be sure to include a positive message with that sentiment!

4. “It’s strange not to be together this year so we can follow our usual birthday traditions. But even though we’re far apart, I’m having a slice of cake in your honor. Happy birthday, Sis!”

Are you and your sister usually together on your birthdays? If so, it will probably be strange for both of you to celebrate it apart. You can honor that sentiment and let your sister know you’re doing your best to honor at least one birthday tradition. 

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How to Say ‘Missing You On Your Birthday, Sis’ in a Text or DM

If you’re not the card-sending type, you can still send your sister a sweet birthday message. Here are some heartfelt birthday messages you can send by text or DM. 

5. “I hope you’re having an amazing birthday trip. I can’t wait to take you out to dinner when you get home!”

Sometimes you may only be away from your sister briefly so that she can enjoy a special birthday trip. In that case, you wouldn’t want to send her a birthday card. Instead, shoot over a quick text. You can give her a card when you see her in person next. 

6. “I’m not surprised that you’re out there making the world a better place. After all, you’ve always made my world a better place. Happy birthday!”

Sometimes your sister can’t be with you on her birthday because she’s out changing the world. A birthday text or DM is a great way to let her know how proud you are to have her as a sibling. 

7. “I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have you in my life. Thanks for being such an amazing sister.”

If your sister is always there for you, be sure to return the favor. Start by sending her a heartfelt and thoughtful birthday text message. Commit to making sure you’re stepping up for her all year. 

8. “I always wanted a sister when I was little. Now I have one, but you’re 1,000 miles away! I’m still so glad to have you in my life, even if we can’t be together. Have a happy birthday!”

Some people are so excited to have a younger sibling. If you were one of those kids, be sure to tell your sister how much you cherish her. (Even if she’s not necessarily as close to you as you wish she was.)

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How to Say ‘Missing You On Your Birthday, Sister’ on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

No matter how much you love your sister, you may not be inspired to constantly and publicly sing her praises. A birthday is a great time to show your love for her in a more public setting. You can post a birthday message for your sister on Facebook, Instagram, or her social media platform of choice. You could also make a special gesture like these.

9. Make a post encouraging people to leave birthday messages

It’s always a great feeling when people take time out of their day to leave you a birthday message. But people don’t always remember someone’s birthday of their own volition.

Make a birthday post in honor of your sister and tag her in the status. Encourage other people to leave birthday wishes for her in the comments. People will be happy to add their wishes to an existing post and your sister will enjoy the attention. 

10. Post a throwback photo

Who doesn’t love to show off those cute kid photos? Celebrate your sister’s birthday by tagging her in a picture of the two of you from childhood. Since it’s her birthday, skip the embarrassing pics and find one where she looks adorable. It’s a great, nostalgic way to say happy birthday.  

11. Make a birthday photo collage

Can’t pick just one throwback photo? Go ahead and post a whole collection of photos. You can find pictures of you and your sister from throughout the years, as well as some photos of just her. It can be a great tribute to your relationship as sisters, but don’t forget that she’s the birthday girl!  

12. Post a birthday video

Sometimes written words can’t capture the depth of your esteem for someone. If you really admire your sister, post a birthday video message in her honor. Be specific about all the things you love about her. She’ll treasure the gesture and the words. 

How to Say ‘Missing You On Your Birthday, Sister’ After She Passes Away

It can be really difficult to remember a deceased loved one on their birthday. It’s hard to feel like the day is worth celebrating when your sister is no longer there with you. But it can be cathartic to send a “happy birthday in heaven” message to your sister. It doesn’t have to even be a message in words. You could also do the following.

13. Buy some flowers

Many people leave flowers on a loved one’s grave on important dates. You can do that for your sister. Or you can just buy a bouquet of your sister’s favorite blooms to admire in your own home. It’s a nice way to feel close to her. 

14. Write a heartfelt letter

After a loved one dies, you may not have a place to direct all of your feelings. If your sister was the person you always confided in, where do you take those emotions? Write your sister a letter letting her know what’s happening in your life. Write about missing her. Reminisce about your old birthday traditions. Just indulge in the luxury of remembering her for a while.

15. Light a candle

Lighting a candle in remembrance of a loved one is often a beautiful and spiritual gesture. It has even more resonance on a birthday, when you used to light birthday candles in her honor. Just taking a moment to engage in this ritual is a lovely and simple birthday tribute. 

16. Give a gift in her honor

Did your sister have an organization or cause she really believed in? If so, her birthday is a perfect time to make a donation in her name. It’s a great way to honor something she felt strongly about. 

Let Your Sister Know How Much You Miss Her on Her Birthday 

When your sister has a birthday, it’s great to celebrate it with her. But even if you can’t be together, you can still make it a birthday to remember. A thoughtful and heartfelt message is the perfect way to say “happy birthday, sister” to a sibling who may be far away. Sometimes speaking from the heart is the best gift you can give someone. 

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