12 Ways to Say ‘Missing You On Your Birthday’


When someone you love has a birthday, you want to do everything you can to celebrate. It’s easy to do that if you’re geographically close to the birthday person. It’s a little harder when you’re separated by distance or even death. 

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However, you can still send special happy birthday wishes to your loved ones no matter how far apart you are. Send a heartfelt message letting your friends or family members know how much you miss them. Let them know that even if you can’t celebrate face-to-face, they’re on your mind. Letting them know you’re thinking of them on such a significant day will be a gift on its own.  

How to Tell Mom or Dad ‘Missing You on Your Birthday’

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From the time you’re born, your parents do so much to lift you up and celebrate you. Strive to do the same for them every day. There’s no better day to start than on their birthdays. Take some time to let them know they’re loved and missed on this special day. 

1. “When I was a little kid, you always made my birthdays feel so special. I want to be sure to return the favor when you come home.”

Sometimes parents want to take a little getaway on their birthday. If they’re traveling on the actual day of their birthday, you can send them a little birthday message. Reminisce about the great parties they threw you and let them know you want to plan a celebration for them this time around. 

2. “Birthday celebrations have always been so important in our family. I’m so sad I can’t be there with you today to celebrate you on your actual day. But I want you to know I do have something special planned when I come back to town.” 

Family traditions can play a big role in a birthday celebration. Reminisce with your mom or dad about those special times. If you’re apart on their birthday, remembering those occasions together can provide comfort. 

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How to Say ‘Missing You on Your Birthday’ to a Son or Daughter

When your kids have a birthday, you aren’t just celebrating them. You’re celebrating the gift they brought into your life just by being born. No matter how old your kids get or how far away they are from you, their birthdays are special days. Reach out and let them know just how meaningful their birthdays are to you, too.   

3. “I still remember the day you were born. When the doctor placed you in my arms, it was like my heart was complete. I didn’t even know part of it had been missing until I held you. I wish I could put my arms around you and hold you today. But no matter how far apart we are, I love you and I am so proud to be your mom.”

Birthday celebrations aren’t always about the person getting older. They also really resonate with the parents of that person. Take a moment on your child’s birthday to acknowledge how much he or she changed your life. 

4. “I am so proud of you for chasing your dreams, even if it ended up taking you halfway across the world. I know your birthday must be a little strange this year. You’re living far away without your family nearby to celebrate you. But please know we’re thinking of you and we love you.” 

It can be hard when a family member lives far away. Let him know on his birthday that even though you miss him, you’re proud of him for following his heart. 

How to Say ‘Missing You on Your Birthday’ to a Spouse or Partner

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Obviously, in an ideal world, you’d celebrate your spouse or partner’s birthday together. But sometimes life happens. Maybe one of you is traveling for work. Maybe you’re in a long-distance relationship while one partner goes to grad school. Even if you’re far apart, you can still send a heartfelt happy birthday message letting your partner know you’d rather be together.  

5. “Being out of town on your birthday is strange. I know you said it’s not a big deal, but I can’t help feeling like I should be there with you. I’ve got a special date planned for us to make up for missing today.”

If you’re just out of town temporarily, you can always schedule a belated celebration. But be sure to let your spouse know you have something special planned. 

6. “I hope you enjoyed the flowers I sent you. I’m so sorry I can’t be there with you to celebrate your birthday. I wanted you to know that I love you and miss you.”

Even if you can’t be with your partner on that special day, you can send a special gift. 

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How to Say ‘Missing You on Your Birthday’ to a Sibling

Siblings are often your first and most enduring friendship. Sadly, as you grow older, you may end up drifting geographically far apart even as you remain emotionally close. Even if you and your sibling can’t be together, you can still express heartfelt birthday wishes. 

7. “Even though you couldn’t be here with us, we’re having a birthday dinner in your honor. We can’t wait until you’re home with us so we can do it all again.”

When someone is away at school or for work, holding a celebration in his or her absence can help you feel closer to your loved one. Just let your loved one know you can have a birthday redo when you’re together again.  

8. “I’ve been really missing you since you went away to school. It’s especially bad today. I hope you’re still having a good birthday even if you aren’t home with us.” 

Siblings don’t always get along. But absence can make the heart grow fonder. 

How to Say ‘Missing You on Your Birthday’ to a Friend

Tap into the internet to stay in touch even after careers and everyday life scatter friends like seeds. Get online to wish faraway friends a happy birthday. 

9. “I’m so happy for you that you’ve started a new life with your husband. But I do miss you, especially on a day like today. Happy birthday, my friend.”

Sometimes friends have to go elsewhere as they experience life changes. You can express birthday wishes no matter where your friend is located. 

10. “I hope you’re having an amazing time on your birthday vacation! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to join you. I can’t wait to see pictures when you return!”

A lot of people go on small getaways for their birthday. If your friend is one of them, you can still send a quick text on your friend’s actual birthday.

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How to Say ‘Missing You on Your Birthday’ to a Deceased Loved One

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It can be painful to remember deceased loved ones on their birthday. It can feel tragic and unfair to celebrate the day they took their first breath when they are no longer here. But a birthday is a great opportunity to revisit happy memories of your deceased loved one.

It can even be cathartic to write down a message for your late friend or family member. Sending a message that communicates “happy birthday in heaven” can bring a lot of comfort to those left behind.   

11. “It’s been very difficult to exist in a world without you in it. But today, on your birthday, I am committed to thinking of our happiest times together.”

Remembering a loved one can be a bittersweet experience. On your loved one’s birthday, you can make an effort to focus on the positive. 

12. “This year, we still had a birthday dinner in your honor. Your friends and family all came, and we left an empty seat for you. You may not be with us anymore, but we will always celebrate you and keep you in our hearts.”

You can still have a birthday party for someone who has passed away. It’s a good reason to have a positive and optimistic gathering honoring your loved one. It’s almost like a celebration of life service. 

Wishing Loved Ones a Happy Birthday When They’re Far Away  

When your loved ones are far away from you, it can be disheartening. You may want to just mope around, eat your feelings, and listen to songs about missing someone. But instead of saying “I’m missing you on your birthday,” you can channel your feelings into something positive.

Take some time to craft a specialized personal message to your loved ones. Let them know you love and miss them and wish them a happy birthday. Remembering and reaching out is often all your loved ones need. 

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