‘Missing You’: 20+ Short ‘I Miss You’ Messages to Share


Whether we’re separated by time, distance, death, or the regular busyness of life, missing the ones we love can be a difficult process. So how can we deal with the separation in a beneficial way? By communicating what we’re feeling. 

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Sharing what we feel is an important part of relationships. After all, unless we tell people what we’re feeling, they might not ever know.

How to Say ‘Missing You’ to a Friend

No matter what separates you from your friend, telling them things like “you will be missed” will help them know just how much they mean to you.

1. “I wish we could sit down for a nice long chat and a cup of coffee [or tea]. You always know how to help me feel better when I’m going through a difficult time.” 

This message is perfect for those friends who love to talk and chat over a cup of coffee or tea. Send this in an email, a text message, or over social media.

2. “I miss your hugs, your smiles, and your jokes. You are closer than a sibling and I’m so thankful you’re my friend.”

This works best for friends who feel like relatives. For those people who are closer to you than your own siblings, send this message to let them know how much they mean and how much you miss them.

3. Create a photo slideshow 

Choose pictures that make you think of your friend the most, and create a slideshow you can send them through email.

Add a message like, “Do you remember the time we [insert memory]? I love thinking back to all the fun times we’ve had together. We’ve made so many memories and I cherish them all. I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane as much as I did.”

4. Send a card

If your friend is moving away, give them “open when letters” and include messages such as, “You know what I miss about you the most? Your smile. And that awesome [insert food or drink item here] that you make! I wish I could come over for some right now.”

5. “It is such a joy to be your friend. You are one of those rare people who make all those around you feel loved, blessed, and happy. Even though we’re miles away, I still hold you close and it feels like you’re right here with me.”

Whether you email, text, call, or message, sharing how much you appreciate your friend will mean the world to them. Separation is never easy, especially when the friend you’re separated from is close to you.

Keep the friendship alive by letting them know how much they mean to you and that you’re never so far away that you’ll forget their role in your life.

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How to Say ‘Missing You’ to a Family Member

Whether life separates you because of a job, marriage, a long-distance move, or a career choice, being distanced from family members is never easy. Use these options to tell your loved ones how much they matter.

6. Post on their social media page 

If you want a way to publicly let them know how much you miss your family member, post to their social media page and share a message like, “Even though we’re miles apart, you are always, forever, in my heart.”

7. “No matter how many miles separate us, you are always held close in my heart and thoughts. Your love, support, care, concern, and encouragement go with me no matter where I am.”

This message works well when you’re the one moving away. It can be hard for family members to be the ones who stay behind while they watch their son/daughter/brother/sister move away. Be sure they know that the physical distance won’t diminish how much they mean to you.

8. Give them a picture frame 

Send your family member a picture frame with a picture of the two of you doing your favorite activity. Include a note that says something like, “Some of my fondest memories of spending time together are when we [insert memory depicted in picture]. I look forward to the day when we can do that again.”

9. “I look forward to spending time with you again. I know life has been busy and I may not always let you know, but I miss you. I treasure the time we’ve had together and I hope you have as many good memories as I do.”

This message works well when the busyness of life has kept you from spending time with your family member. Let them know how much they mean to you and encourage them by saying that you want to spend time together.

10. “Summer [or another season] will never be the same if we can’t spend part of it with you. This year might be different, but I look forward to the next time we can get together and enjoy the passing of the seasons.”

This message works well when traditional family gatherings can’t happen for some reason. Send this message to those you normally gather together with and let them know that you look forward to gathering once again.

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How to Say ‘Missing You’ to a Spouse or Partner

Being separated from your spouse or partner is never easy. Whether they’re away on a business trip, gone to see family, or overseas, be sure to tell them just how much you miss them.

11. Write a love note 

Tuck love notes inside their suitcase for them to find when they get to their destination. Include a picture of the two of you and a message like, “We might be far apart because of business and things we can’t change, but I want you to know that not one day goes by that I don’t think of you, miss you, and wish you a safe return.”

12. “I can’t tell you how proud of you I am. I miss you like crazy but I am so proud of what you are doing. I look forward to seeing you again with all my heart.”

Sometimes our spouse is away to pursue a goal, a dream, a passion, or a business opportunity. Knowing that you support what they are doing will mean the world. Be sure to send this message when they’re away through a private message or text.

13. Send a letter 

For those spouses and partners who are incredibly close and hate being away from each other, write a letter in addition to talking while they’re away. A letter is another method for communicating how deeply you’re in love and how much you miss them.

Include sentiments such as, “I know we talk every day but I just have to say, I miss your presence. I miss your arms around me, your smile, the way you light up every room you walk into. I miss you.”

14. “I can’t wait until we see each other again. I can’t wait to talk to you for hours on end, laugh at funny things, and walk through the park hand-in-hand. I miss you more than I can say.”

When you’re married to your best friend, being apart is harder than it sounds! Send your partner a message like this to tell them how much they mean, how much you miss them, and how much you await their return.

Include a “To-Do” list with your note of things for you to do when they get back like go on a date, watch the sunset, or eat at a favorite restaurant.

15. Send video messages 

There’s nothing better than seeing the face of the one you love when you’re far away from their presence. Record yourself saying sweet messages and send one message each day during the time your partner is away.

You don’t need to record a long message. Short ones work just as well such as, “My love, I look forward so dearly to your return. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, love you, and hold you close. I look at your picture each day and kiss you goodnight in my mind. Life is not the same without you.”

How to Say ‘Missing You’ to a Deceased Loved One

No matter what the circumstances are when a person passes away, dealing with their death is a process of grieving and healing. Telling them how much you miss them can be beneficial in dealing with their absence.

16. Take flowers to their grave

This is one of the oldest, most time-honored traditions. Visiting the grave of a loved one can help you feel closer to them even though they are no longer present.

Take flowers or another token to brighten up their headstone, and stay awhile. Share with them how you’re feeling, what you miss about them, and the fact that you wish they were still with you on earth.

17. Write a message on their social media

Many families choose to leave a loved one’s social media site up even after they’ve passed away. If this is available, post an “open letter” to the person on social media.

Let them know how much you miss them and how much they mean to you. Write to them as if they were reading the letter. Just keep in mind that other people may see it, so if you wish to make it private, send them a private message, instead.

18. Write a letter

Sometimes a short message isn’t enough. One action you could take is to write a letter. You can then take the letter to their gravesite and read it, or read it out loud at a location that is special to you and the person who’s no longer with us. 

19. Listen to music

Sometimes songs about missing someone can help us process through our feelings of sadness and grief.

Listen to these songs as well as some favorites of the person who passed away. This will help you acknowledge that you’re not alone in your grief and will help you feel closer to them through music.

20. Light a special candle

The first holiday season without a loved one can be particularly difficult. Remember them and keep them part of your family traditions by lighting a special candle in their honor, hanging a special ornament, or displaying a keepsake of theirs for all to see.

These reminders of their presence will help keep them close even when they’re no longer physically present.

21. Build a memorial

Building a memorial to remember your loved one can be done simply and in your own home.

Simply create a table with a picture of your loved one and a few things that were special to them. Every time you pass by the table, you’ll be able to pause and reflect on their place in your life and how special they were to you.

Share Your Heart

Whether we’re telling someone we love that we miss them or we’re speaking to someone who has passed away, communicating the deeper feelings of our heart is an essential part of processing our emotions.

Just remember, no matter what you say or how you say it, the most important part is simply communicating how you feel.

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