19 Short, Beautiful Poems for a Mother-in-Law


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Special days deserve special poems, particularly when it comes to your mother-in-law. Many of the poems listed below can be adapted to say “mother-in-law” wherever needed, but it’s up to you. Everyone has had a unique and special relationship with their partner’s parents, just do what’s most comfortable. 

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Whether you’re celebrating their birthday, Mother’s Day, or their life at a funeral ceremony, the poems listed below may resonate with you. If communicating through poetry leaves some blank spots that you still want to highlight, you can always add to your message in the card. The most important thing about poetry is whether or not it speaks to you—and that’s always the best place to start. 

Tip: If your mother-in-law recently passed away, our post-loss checklist can help you and your partner navigate the complicated process of loss. 

Poems for a Mother-in-Law’s Birthday

Poems for a Mother-in-Law’s Birthday

How do you say, “happy birthday, mom!” to your mother-in-law? Using poetry is a great way to add some sentiment to a card or email. Check out the ones we found for you and see if something resonates.

1. "Special Mom" by Martin Dejnicki

Here’s a super sweet, but short little poem for your mother-in-law. It’ll make the perfect addition to any card whether your relationship is very close or somewhat distant. 

2. "A Birthday Wish for Mother" by Diane Hannah

Hannah’s short poem would work well for a card attached to some flowers or a quick text in the morning to brighten her day. What it lacks in length, it makes up for in sentiment and sincerity. 

3. "Spring is in the Air” by Sandra Carlse

If you’re a fan of quick, happy little poems, then you may find that you really like this one by Sandra Carlse. It’s the perfect kind of pick-me-up poem, especially for moms with springtime birthdays. 

4. “To My Mother” by Edgar Allen Poe

Here’s a poem where it’s abundantly clear that the poet experienced love and acceptance from another mother. One, who was not his biological mom. If you feel that way about your mother-in-law, it would be an absolutely beautiful poem to give to her.

5. "I Will Have to Wait Until I’m a Mother” by Rupi Kaur

"I Will Have to Wait Until I’m a Mother” is a perfect way to say that you have no idea how moms do it—making all the sacrifices, giving all the love, and yet having no expectations. Plus, it’s the perfect way to say that you hope to understand it someday.

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Poems for a Mother-in-Law’s Funeral or Memorial Service

Poems for a Mother-in-Law’s Funeral

Listed below are some uplifting funeral poems, others that offer lessons in persistence, and even some that describe mom’s everlasting presence and support. One is certain to fit the nature of your relationship or your mother-in-law’s outlook on life.

6. "Weep Not for Me" by Unknown 

The poem is from the perspective of the mom, who offers that she’s going to be okay. You’ve got to move forward to celebrate her life, rather than weep and find too much distress.

7. "Afterglow" by Helen Lowrie Marshall

If your mother-in-law has left instructions for you not to grieve or be sad for too long, then perhaps an uplifting poem at her funeral would help fulfill her wishes. 

8. "Mother to Son" by Langston Hughes

You could choose to modify the original, so the language isn’t so rough, or you can leave it alone because the sentiment might be ruined by doing so. Either way, this poem exposes a tough lesson given by a tenacious woman.

9. "In Memory of My Mother" by Patrick Kavanagh

Kavanagh captures how people do not feel gone or absent, even though they are. No matter where you are, what you’re doing, or the time of year—loved ones are always with you.

10. "Mother o’ Mine" by Rudyard Kipling

A mother-in-law’s love is eternal, and not even death will estrange you from her. So, whether you are going to experience future cruelties or an arduous fate, then fear not, your mom-in-law will do what she can from wherever she is. 

11. "Dearest Mum" by Unknown

If there’s a reason why moms generally suffer in silence, I’ll never know. But, if this sounds familiar to what you’ve experienced, then here’s a short poem that kinda says it all.

12. "Goodbye Mom" by Aneela Ahmed

Ahmed captures the feeling of unfinished business, love, fear, and grief all in this beautiful little poem. It’ll work if you had a rocky relationship, but also knew that you never had to search for your mother-in-law’s love.

13. "Richer Than Gold" by Strickland Gillilan

The poem is about value and worth. For some it is monetary, but for the poet, it is the time his mom spent reading to him. While you can modify the “reading” part of it to suit something more accurate, the sentiment of the poem still comes across well without any adaptations.

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Mother’s Day Poems for a Mother-in-Law

Mother’s Day Poems for a Mother-in-Law

All moms love cards. So, listed below are some poems you may want to consider adding to the inside of a card for her. If one of the poems seems a little too long, then just pick out the lines you think are most fitting. If she’s curious, she can always look up the poem by the poet’s name.

Or perhaps you’re celebrating Mother’s Day for your mother-in-law in heaven. Any of these poems may help you connect with the memory of your mom gone-but-not-forgotten.

15. "Only One Mother" by George Cooper

Cooper writes that there are hundreds of really lovely and wonderful things out there. You can find any one of them on the shoreline, in the night sky, or singing from the trees, but you’ll only find one mother.  

16. "When God Thought of Mother" by Henry Ward Beecher

Beecher’s occupation as a clergyman shines brightly in this poem. In it, you’ll almost see the smile he had on his face thinking about how much joy there was in the creation of moms.

17. "A Mother’s Love” by Helen Steiner Rice

Rice’s very detailed look into the hopes and life of a mother is truly spot on. The poem is a bit longer than many of the ones listed here, but if you are happy to cut and paste this inside a wonderful email, any mother-in-law would love to read it from you.

18. "Shortest Mother’s Day Poem” by Forest Houtenschil

These eight words are the full poem: “You’re my mother / I would have no other.” Because it’s so short, it’ll work for a floral delivery card, a gift certificate, or even a quick text message. 

19. "Thank You, Mom” by C. Harding

Mother’s Day cards from sons-in-law are so lovely and heartwarming. So, if you’re interested in sending your mother-in-law a card with a poem that’s not too mushy, Harding’s poem checks all the boxes.

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Celebrating Mom Throughout the Year

If you’re like me, you’ve been lucky to know a mother-in-law who is absolutely amazing at every turn, even if you may have had to put in some hard work to get there. Adventures like that are to be expected in life, but celebrating the woman that helped bring your partner into the world makes for a wonderful occasion, no matter the time of year or the hurdles you both crossed to get there.

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