Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma


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Grandmas get Mother’s Day gifts every year. They already have decorative pillows, paperweights, wall hangings, and coffee mugs that say “Best Mom” or “Greatest Grandma.” Your grandma deserves the best Mother's Day gift, after all. 

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So what’s something you can get for your grandma on Mother’s Day that she doesn’t already have? Here are some ideas.

Personalized Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandma

Customized gifts take more time to arrange than buying items off the shelf. Here are some personalized gifts that you may consider for your grandmother.

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1. “Best Grandma” t-shirt

You may be able to buy a “Grandma” T-shirt off the rack but what do you do if you call your grandma by another term of endearment?

Order a personalized shirt or sweater for your GiGi, Gram-Gram, or Meemaw. Your grandma will appreciate that you took an extra step to order her gift. 

2. Photobooks

Surprise your grandmother with a personalized photobook. Select a theme for the pictures. Since you will give the item on Mother’s Day, consider adding photos of Mother’s Day celebrations in the past. Include a photo of your grandma’s mother and grandmothers as well.

3. Apron

Does your grandma enjoy spending time in the kitchen? If so, order her an apron with her name embroidered on it.

The apron can be a decorative piece like one she may have worn in the 1950s, or it could be a practical one to keep her “Best Grammy” T-shirt clean as she fries bacon for your grandpa.

4. Pictures of her home country

Did your grandma live in a different country before she immigrated to the U.S.? If so, purchase a map or photos of scenes from her home country. You may also consider purchasing a travel book or calendar of the area as well.

Search for decorative maps or small flags. Your grandma may enjoy displaying her national heritage for others to see.

5. Grandmothers’ jewelry

Does your grandmother have a unique piece of jewelry that depicts all her grandkids? You’ll be her favorite if you buy her a pin or necklace with all of your siblings’ and cousins’ birthstones on it. Include all branches of your family on the piece of jewelry — even the black sheep.

6. Decorative family tree

Look at craft stores or Etsy for decorative ways to display a family tree. Your grandmother would love to know that you are interested in your heritage. 

7. Playing cards

Did you know that you could buy playing cards with your own pictures on the back of them? Your grandma may get a kick out of playing cards and seeing her grandkids’ pictures. Your gift will be the talk of the bridge club.

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandma

Maybe your grandma prefers gifts that you made with your own two hands. Here are some do-it-yourself Mother’s Day gift ideas for the matriarch in your family.

8. T-shirt quilt

Your grandma may have been given “Best Grandma” shirts for 40 years. Collect the shirts and make a T-shirt. You could also do this for all her shirts that support her favorite team.

9. Sweet treats

Does your grandma have a sweet tooth? Bake something special for her. Your grandma probably baked for you for years, so why not return the favor? Consider trying to cook an old family recipe. 

10. Sugar scrubs

Pinterest is chock full of sugar and salt scrub recipes. You can buy the finest organic ingredients to make skincare items.

Choose your grandmother’s favorite scents and package the scrubs in pretty packaging.

11. Facebook page

Has your grandma hesitated to get online? Help her create a Facebook page and show her how it works.

You may instantly regret this decision when she tags you in photos from your childhood, but your grandma may enjoy connecting to extended family members and friends.

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12. Birdfeeder

Many older people enjoy watching birds, so look online for a birdfeeder. This may also be an appropriate gift for an older adult living in a nursing home as well.

Don’t forget to purchase the birdseed that goes in the feeder. Your grandma may need help placing it outside.

13. Grandma’s life story

Spend time interviewing your grandmother. Ask about her parents, siblings, childhood, and school years. Ask about who she dated, her education, and her job. Find out what your mom or dad was like as a child. Ask her to reflect upon world events that she witnessed.

Give a copy of the book to the rest of your family so it’s treasured by all for years to come.

14. Playlist

Create an online playlist for your grandma. Include her favorite nostalgic songs from back in the day. You may need to look for archives of old radio shows to add to the list.

Spend some time with your grandma to show her how to access the music.

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

Mother’s Day has arrived, and you still don’t have a gift for your grandma. Here are some last-minute gift ideas that any grandma would love to receive.

15. Rosebush

If your grandma still lives at home, why not purchase a flowering bush, such as a rose bush or lilac bush? May is the perfect time to plant perennials in most parts of the country.

Instead of leaving the planting to grandma (or grandpa), bring a shovel and do it yourself. Come back each Mother’s Day to prune the bush you previously purchased. 

16. Brunch

Pick up your grandma and take her out to brunch on Mother’s Day. Make reservations at a popular restaurant well in advance. Your grandma may even join you in having a mimosa.

17. Candy

Do you know your grandma’s favorite type of candy? What did she always give to you when you were little?

A box of chocolates is always a hit, but some grandmas have an affinity for hard candies.

18. Socks

Seriously, who doesn’t love wearing new socks? Even the pickiest grandma can’t complain when you buy her something so practical.

19. Sweater

We bet your grandma’s always cold. Most grandmas complain about being chilly at times. Buy her a new, soft cardigan in her favorite color. 

20. Fresh flowers

There’s nothing like fresh flowers on the table to perk up a home. Purchase a bouquet for your grandma.

You may purchase them from a florist since the grocery store bouquets will probably be picked over on Mother’s Day.

21. Digital photo frame

Consider buying a digital photo frame for your grandma. Your grandma probably has thousands of photos to look at, and having a digital photo frame will let her enjoy them.

Help your grandma load the frame with digital images before you leave. You may need to spend some time scanning in the non-digital pictures. You may also want to help your grandma organize her family photographs

Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma From Baby or Soon-to-be-Born Baby

Are you using a Mother’s Day gift to announce your pregnancy? Perhaps your mom (or mother-in-law) already knows that the baby is on its way, but you would like to purchase a special gift from your little one. 

Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day gifts for Grandma from your baby that will soon make an appearance: 

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22. Grandma memories book

It will be years before your child will be interested in learning the details of their grandma’s life. However, having a record of where grandma met grandpa or grandma’s favorite song will be invaluable to your family at some point in time. 

There are a ton of different fill-in-the-blank memory books on the market. If you think your mom may be resistant to completing the task, purchase one that doesn’t include very many details. 

23. Photoshoot

Your mom and mother-in-law can’t wait to share photographs of their new grandbaby with extended family and friends. Consider organizing a brief photoshoot with a professional photographer to record the moments when Grandma meets the baby. These photos will surely be treasured family keepsakes forever.

24. Figurine

Does your mom or mother-in-law collect a particular style of figurines or collectibles? Purchase a grandmother version as a gift. Whether your mom likes Precious Moments or Willow Tree, she will be happy to display a new figurine showcasing her new role in life.

25. Grandma’s brag board

Buy or make a photo display board that will allow your mom or mother-in-law to display pictures of the baby. She will probably be so excited to show off the first photos that she might ask for a copy of the sonogram picture.

26. Rocking chair

Every grandma could benefit from a rocking chair, preferably one that makes a comfortable squeaking noise. Buy your mom or mother-in-law this essential piece of furniture in preparation for long cuddle sessions with your newborn. 

27. Online place to share photos

You probably won’t be able to share enough photos of your newborn with your mom or mother-in-law. If this is a worry, set up a cloud account that you both have access to that will allow you to share the pictures you take instantly. This free gift will probably be greatly appreciated. 

Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma From a Toddler

Ask your toddler what they would like to get Grandma for Mother’s Day. You never know... they might have a good idea. On the other hand, you might have to spend hours explaining why Grandma doesn’t want a dump truck or a baby alligator. 

If your toddler doesn’t have any great ideas, consider using some of ours: 

28. Handprint craft

What is it about a tiny hand or footprint that melts people’s hearts? Why don’t you make a stepping stone from a craft store kit that features the prints of your toddler? Be forewarned, you might have a hard time getting a recognizable footprint from a one-year-old, but your mom won’t mind. 

29. A trip to the zoo

Your mom or mother-in-law may crave experiences more than things. If you think that your mom would enjoy a day with you and your child, plan an outing on Mother’s Day. Try to pick a place or activity suitable for three generations.

30. Personalized book

Just as you can purchase a book for your mom or mother-in-law to fill out to share her memories, you can also buy a book that allows your toddler to share their thoughts on Grandma. With your help, your toddler can “write” how Grandma makes them feel or their favorite things about this special woman. Your mom’s heart will undoubtedly melt when she receives this gift. 

31. Flowerpot

Pinterest is full of ideas on how to personalize a flower pot using your toddler’s artistic talents. When the pot is decorated, have a brief science lesson as you teach your child about growing plants. The potted flower would make a perfect gift for a grandma with a green thumb. 

32. Drawing

Who are we kidding? Your mom’s closets may already be full of the things you made and gave to her throughout the years. Perhaps your mom or mother-in-law would appreciate a precious drawing from her grandbaby, along with a big hug. 

Giving Grandma the Right Gift

More than anything else, your grandma probably wants you to spend time with her on Mother’s Day. Instead of rushing through your visit so you have time to visit your mom and another grandma, consider spreading out the Mother’s Day celebrations over several weekends. Don’t forget to check out our guide to buying gifts for older adults. 

Even though you may not want to think about it, find a tactful way to ask your grandma if she has made her end-of-life plans. Knowing your loved one’s final wishes makes it easier for the family when the person eventually dies. 

If you have a close, comfortable relationship with your grandma, you may want to assist her with the process. 


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