21 Fun, Low-Stress Mother’s Day 2022 Activity Ideas


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The time and effort you put into celebrating Mother’s Day can resonate well beyond the single day of the year. This guide goes over Mother's Day activity ideas for showing love and appreciation to the mother figure in your life.

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This year, Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 9. If your plans require reservations or inviting others, then make sure you set them well in advance. Be mindful that some people have families of their own and make plans to accommodate if you would like to have them involved. You can also use social media and Facetime to virtually celebrate if you can’t be around because of distance or pandemic-related restrictions. 

And if you're interested in unique ways to honor a mother who passed away, you can consider a custom urn from a store like Foreverence or even have a memorial diamond made from ashes with a company like Eterneva.

Mother’s Day Activity Ideas for New Moms

Being a new mom is one of the most exciting moments of someone’s life. So, no matter if the new mom is a partner, best friend, or daughter, you’ll find something here to lend inspiration.

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1. Give her a day off

Being a new mom is exhausting—and not just because your sleep schedule is entirely disrupted. So, why not schedule a day off for mom to sleep, go to a spa, hang out at a pub, or anything else she feels like doing? 

2. Design a footprint keepsake together

Nothing is more precious than those cute little baby feet. If you agree, there are many options online to make a keepsake fitting for the new mom. From jewelry to wall art, you’ll find lots of crafty individuals to help guide your gift. 

3. Coupon book

Coupon books are special because they show how much you think ahead. You probably know she’ll want time to see her stylist, maybe get a manicure, and, of course, get some time away.

If you’ve never made one of these before, there are lots of tutorials online to help. 

4. Girls only afternoon

If your best friend just had a baby, but you know she needs to get in some adult time, then coordinate an afternoon just for her.

You could take her out shopping, head to a movie, and maybe get in a little bit of happy hour. Remember she’s a new mom, so make sure she’s not driving, especially if she's having her first cocktail in months. 

5. Decorate and have a gathering 

If you want to celebrate your daughter’s first child but save her from all the cleanup, have a little get-together at your place. This way she won’t have to worry about the planning or the food. Plus, all she’ll have to do is sit and enjoy while everyone helps take care of the little one.  

Mother’s Day Activity Ideas for Schoolchildren 

Kids love to make their moms happy. So, here are a few ways to get them involved doing chores around the house, being creative, or attending a sporting event together.

6. Make her a card

How cute would it be to look back at those darling little cards with those adorable little pictures? Of course, you’ll have to find some space and time where the new mom doesn’t find out what you’re up to. Send her out for a massage while you and the kiddos are getting crafty.

7. Make dinner and clean up afterward

Chores encourage responsibility, and kids should know how to feed themselves, too. So, no matter your dietary or cultural food habits, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give them a little tutorial on the basics.

They can clean up afterward to show mom just how much they love her.

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8. Create music together

If you want to give the gift of music to your children, how about scheduling a music night with the family on Mother’s Day? Spoons, a harmonica, or a lap harp are great starter instruments and inexpensive too. 

9. Spring cleaning

A deep clean on the house should be a family chore, not just a mom chore. So, dads and moms, help the kids understand how hard mom works every day by getting them involved in Spring Cleaning.

This may be the one day that they won’t offer too many complaints about having to do housework. Afterward, you can all go out to dinner and return to a spotless home.

10. Catch a baseball game

My mother-in-law loved the Detroit Tigers more than anyone I ever met, so I know firsthand how much moms enjoy baseball games.

If your partner appreciates a good ball game, then pack up the kids and head on out to the ballpark for the day. If there’s a game in town, there’s usually a lot of attention dedicated to moms for the whole game. 

Mother’s Day Activity Ideas for Grown Children

If you are lucky enough to live near your mom, then you have many opportunities to spoil her as an adult. If not, you can do the same things, just use facetime to make it feel a little less far away.

11. Go see a movie

Sometimes sitting in one spot with no phone, computer, or interruptions of any kind is a complete and total luxury. And that’s where the movie comes in.

Not only does mom get to sit, relax, and eat salty foods to her heart’s content, she also gets to spend two hours practicing the fine art of sitting while doing absolutely nothing else.  

12. Winery tour

Winery tours aren’t just about the wine. Some places have bike and walking trails linking the vineyards. Others have coach rentals so someone else does the driving while you do all the talking.

No matter what you choose, just make sure everyone is being safe, and have someone else pick you up when the tour is over.

13. Spa day

Even if you can’t be there to take your mom to a spa day, you can still send her to the local spa on her own. Sign her up for the full package—a massage, a facial, a foot soak too.

If you live in a different city, you could make an appointment for yourself, too, and then facetime each other while you’re getting your pedicures. 

14. Take her to dinner

Your mom is certain to have a favorite restaurant or cuisine. If so, make reservations in advance and surprise her with a night out. While you may think mom’s home cooking is the best you’ve ever had, she probably thinks food tastes better when she’s not doing the work.

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15. Wine and painting class

Wine and painting parties are popping up all over the place. If you’re not familiar with these, all you have to do is bring a good attitude and a desire to paint, drink wine, and laugh in a room full of others with the same mindset. At the end of the party, you get to take home your masterpiece and a memory of a night spent with your mom.

Mother’s Day Activity Ideas for Grandma or Seniors

As you search for Mother’s Day gifts for grandma or seniors, take a look at some of the ideas we listed below. 

16. Flowers on their grave

Even if your mom isn’t around on Mother’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate her life. It’ll be the perfect time to take a bouquet of her favorite flowers to put on her grave and say, Happy Mother’s Day in heaven, Mom

17. Clean their house

You don’t have to give your mom’s house a deep clean, but there’s nothing wrong with a good once over. To make this gift of your time and energy a lot less stressful, you can send mom off for an hour to enjoy time with her girlfriends.

When she gets back, her house will be clean and you can sit and enjoy lunch together. 

18. Host a tea party

Grandmas have the prettiest porcelain. So, why not give their teapots and teacups and good washing? You can sit down with her and her friends, or just you and the kiddos, and enjoy some locally made herbal teas, finger sandwiches, and sweets. Don’t forget to clean up afterward so you’re not leaving her with the extra work, too. 

19. Plant a memory garden

On your first Mother’s Day without mom, plant a memory garden for her in your backyard.

Not only will this be a cathartic experience, but every time you see her favorite flowers out of the corner of your eye or smell the essence of gardenias floating in a breeze, you’ll be reminded of her. 

20. Read them a book

Seniors who are convalescing or even residents in a senior facility need some extra love on holidays. That’s why it’s the perfect time to head over with a good book and offer to read to those with less than perfect eyesight. 

21. Take them to church

Whether or not you commonly attend services in your area, you may be surprised to find out how much this can mean to someone.

Not only is it an opportunity to worship, but it’s also an opportunity to gather with people and share the same love. Any time you can give someone a chance to embrace life a little more fully, the resonance will last for days.

Make Lasting Memories with Mom

The only key you need to remember when celebrating a successful Mother’s Day is to bring your love. Although the rest of the day will be remembered fondly, the biggest treasure lies in the way you give her your heart.


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