15 Great Movies About Heaven for Kids and Adults


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No matter what is believed about life after death, most people agree that the idea of Heaven is comforting. The concept of a place where there is no more sickness, pain, disease, heartache, or loss is a tremendous idea, and the topic has formed the theme for countless books and movies.

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Movies About Heaven for Adults

Movies About Heaven for Kids

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Whether you’re looking for more information, you’ve already formed your beliefs, or you simply want an interesting movie to watch, consider these titles for adults and kids. 

Movies About Heaven for Adults

Want a movie that makes you think? Here are several afterlife movies that tell stories about Heaven, life, and faith.

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1. 90 Minutes in Heaven (2015)  

90 Minutes in Heaven tells the story of Don Piper, a man involved in a car crash who dies. After being pronounced dead at the scene, Don Piper was brought to the hospital. Ninety minutes after the accident, he returned to life. In this movie, Piper tries to explain the Heaven he saw and the people he encountered who had already passed away.

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2. Made in Heaven (1987)  

Made in Heaven is a fantasy-comedy movie that tells the story of Mike Shea, a man who dreams of escaping his small town. Mike rescues a woman and her children, but he perishes in the process. Mike then wakes up in Heaven, encountering family members who explain to him the rules of Heaven. 

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3. What Dreams May Come (1998)  

This fantasy drama movie tells the story of a married couple, Chris and Annie. They have two children and a perfect life until an accident occurs, taking the lives of their children in a car accident. Years later, Chris also dies in a car accident. Chris’s spirit doesn't leave Earth but rather lingers, watching Annie, who’s trying to cope with the loss.

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4. The Shack (2017)  

The Shack is a movie that portrays the life journey of Mack Phillips. The viewer is first introduced to a 13-year-old Mack who decides to poison his father and start a new life. As an adult, Mack gets married and enjoys his life, his wife, and his children—until the unthinkable occurs.

After Mack’s child disappears during a camping trip, he finds out that his child was the victim of a serial killer. The tragedy derails Mack’s faith and his life until he receives a note telling him to go back to the site where his child died. 

Thinking the note would bring answers about the tragedy, he goes and experiences a deep encounter with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Through this interaction, Mack comes to terms with his life and gets to see his child in Heaven.

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5. Defending Your Life (1991)  

Defending Your Life is a movie about Daniel Miller, who dies and has his soul sent to Judgment City. Daniel is assigned an attorney because he has to defend his life in court. Daniel must demonstrate that he conquered his fears to be sent onto the next phase of existence. If he can’t, his soul will be reincarnated on Earth to face them again. 

During the process, Daniel falls in love with the recently deceased Julia. After some time, the judges decide Daniel must return to Earth, while Julia is judged worthy of moving on. While saying goodbye to each other, they enter their respective trains, ready to depart in different directions. At this moment, Daniel overcomes his fears and jumps to follow Julia, which is enough for him to be considered worthy of going on to the next phase in life. 

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6. Heaven Is for Real (2014)  

Heaven Is for Real documents the story of Colton Burpo, the son of a pastor, who claimed to experience Heaven during emergency surgery. Colton’s description of his out-of-body experience, knowing things no one told him, and even meeting Jesus were so astounding that his parents believed him. His father, Todd, went on to share the things his son had the chance to see.

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7. Letters to God (2010)

Letters to God is a story about Tyler, an eight-year-old cancer patient that has incredible faith in Jesus, Heaven, and the afterlife. His faith is so strong that he writes letters to God. His faith touched many people throughout the movie. 

Sadly, like many cancer movies, Tyler’s illness gets to a point where there’s nothing more doctors can do. By the end, however, we see Tyler come to terms with his death, touching the lives of those around him. 

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8. The Lovely Bones (2009)    

This movie tells the dramatic story of 14-year-old Susie, who was murdered by her neighbor, George. Susie wakes up but doesn't realize she’s dead until she sees the crime scene. Susie’s family begin to look for her, and she is pulled into the “in-between,” a place that is neither Heaven nor Earth.

Unable to move on to the afterlife, Susie watches over her loved ones while the case is investigated. Eventually, she helps the police to discover her murderer and can move on to the afterlife.

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9. Hereafter (2010)   

Hereafter is a movie that follows the story of three people that have something in common: the afterlife. Each person has their own story and unique connection to the other side. The main characters include a person that experiences the afterlife after a near-death experience, a boy who struggles to communicate with his brother in Heaven, and a psychic that communicates with dead people. The movie presents diverse situations that lead to the realization that, ultimately, death is not the end.

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Movies About Heaven for Kids

The concept of Heaven can be harder for children to wrap their minds around. Here are several movies that present concepts of death and the afterlife. 

10. Casper (1995)

Carrigan Crittenden discovers she has inherited a manor where, allegedly, there’s a treasure hidden. When she goes to the property, she finds it haunted by a ghost named Casper and his three uncles. She unsuccessfully tries to drive out the ghosts using a paranormal therapist. The therapist’s teenage daughter, Kat, becomes friends with Casper.

Kat learns that Casper doesn’t remember his life, only that he died of pneumonia and decided to keep his father company as a ghost. They eventually learn that Casper’s father made a machine that could bring the dead back to life. Meanwhile, due to an accident, Kat’s father dies and becomes a ghost. Casper sacrifices his opportunity to return to life again to save him, earning the gift of an angel and becoming human for a night. 

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11. Soul (2020)

Soul is one of the most acclaimed Disney movies released in recent years. This is a kid-friendly movie that the whole family can enjoy. It focuses on what’s known as “The Great Beginning.” The movie shows Heaven as a futuristic and organized place. It shows souls before they are born on Earth, and the path they take after dying. The story teaches a unique perspective about life, death, reincarnation, and the afterlife.

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12. Miracles from Heaven (2016) 

Miracles from Heaven is a movie based on the book of the same title by Christy Beam, which tells the true story of her daughter, who had a near-death experience. Christy’s daughter, Anna, starts to show signs of an unknown disease, which ends up requiring extensive treatment. 

One day, Anna and her sister climb up to a very high branch of a tree, and Anna falls in a hole to the tree’s base. When rescuers finally reached Anna, she was miraculously uninjured, and even more incredibly, she was cured of her disease. Anna shares that, during the fall, her soul left her body and she talked to God and was healed. 

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13. All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)   

This animated movie tells the story of a German shepherd named Charlie, who loves being a bad dog. After getting out of numerous scrapes, his partner in crime hangs him out to dry and Charlie wakes up in heaven. 

In Heaven, a dog angel tells Charlie that all dogs go to Heaven because they are inherently good and loyal, even though they might do the wrong things. Eventually, Charlie escapes and returns to Earth to get revenge on his old business partner. 

Back on Earth, Charlie makes friends with an orphan girl who can speak to animals. With his new friend, Charlie understands what it means to truly live and love. He learns to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the little girl and earns his place back in Heaven.

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14. The Kingdom of Heaven (1991) 

In this animated movie, Jesus uses parables and short stories about people living in different times to help explain the concept of the Kingdom of Heaven. Stories touch on topics like eternal life, faith, judgment, Heaven, and obedience. This movie is good for showing kids a representation of God and Heaven according to the Bible.

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15. Coco (2017) 

Coco is the story of Miguel and his family (both the living and the dead). This movie is centered around Día de los Muertos from Mexican culture. It talks about what comes after death, showing a place where all people who have died gather together and reunite, waiting till the next Día de los Muertos to visit their families on Earth.

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Movies That Touch on Life After Death

The idea of Heaven gives peace to many people because it represents the hope of a better place, the potential of reuniting with loved ones, and the idea that there is more to come afterlife on earth. Though each movie provides a varied representation of beliefs and concepts relating to Heaven, we hope you enjoy watching them, talking about them with your loved ones, and diving further into what you think happens when we die.


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