25 ‘Congrats on the New Baby’ Wishes for a Card or Text


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Sincere and thoughtful words from friends and family can make all the difference in the world to new parents and grandparents. 

When deciding on a message to write in a card or send in a text, don’t skip on the genuine and positive. All of the assurances and wishes that come flooding in can only elevate their joy. 

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The excitement is already there, but support and hope offer encouragement and inspiration for their future.

Here are a few ideas for what you might do for some lucky new parents or parents-to-be.

‘Congrats on the New Baby Boy or Girl’ Messages

Text with example of how to wish someone congrats on their new baby

Whether you know someone having their first child or their fourth, we’ve come up with a few messages to help you in trying or happy situations. If there are any kind of medical or anxiety issues present, then try to stay positive for them all.

1. Welcome, little one!

It takes a community to raise a child. As such, this message works when you are trying to let the new parents know you’ll offer your support both to them as well as the new baby. This is especially important for new parents who have yet to experience the warmth of a community’s love.

2. Congratulations on the new little addition to your family!

Have your friends and loved ones been excited about growing their little family? If so, this card is the perfect way to say that you have been listening to their hopes and ambitions and support them with love.

3. We can’t wait to meet your new little one!

Here is a simple message for those who live out of town. Make sure to give the new parents some breathing room after the hospital stay and influx of visitors. Then, when you do finally get to meet the little one, the parents will have had some time to settle into the newest journey ahead.

4. We are so happy for you!

When using ‘we’ in any heartfelt message, it’s best to sign everyone’s names at the bottom of the card, and that includes the kids. Better yet, get the kids involved in trying to sign their own names. 

5. Sending wishes for health and happiness. Congratulations on your new little one.

If you’ve been privy to some health-related issues the new family is struggling with, go ahead and let them know you hear and see them.

This kind of message works for preemie babies, postpartum issues, as well as any other kind of medical situation. 

6. Congratulations to the new parents!

While this message seems a bit vague, or even like you’re leaving out the baby altogether, what it’s actually doing is focusing attention in an encouraging direction.

Simple, positive energy can be the best support structure when there are some intimate or sensitive things going on. 

7. The adventure has begun! Congratulations on the new little hiker.

Life’s adventures don’t end just because a baby is born!

So, if the new parents are planning to set sail across the world or backpack through Chile and Patagonia while ticking off their baby bucket list, send a card in support of their new little hiker, camper, or first mate. 

8. You’re going to be the best mom/dad/parents. Congratulations!

Some new parents look like deer in headlights, so it can be important to reassure them that all is well. Maybe you’ll want to include a coupon for free babysitting just in case.

‘Congrats on the New Baby’ Messages for Grandparents

Text with example of how to wish grandparents congrats on their new grandchild

For many grandparents, a new baby is the greatest joy of their lives. Instead of focusing their attention on the raising of children, they can spend all of their time loving them. Here are a couple of ways to send them your best wishes.

9. Congratulations on the newest member of the family!

This message will work well for new grandparents who you don’t know too well.

After all, just because you don’t know your neighbors or members of your religious group very well, that doesn’t mean that you can’t offer happy thoughts in their direction.

10. We wish you heartfelt congratulations on the wonderful and new addition to your family.

Alternatively, if you know the new grandparents well, there’s no need to be shy about adding a little verbal gushing to the message. Plus, if they are already a grandparent, you likely have the pictures to prove it.

11. Welcoming your first grandchild is such a special moment. We’ll watch your house for you while you’re gone!

If you grew up rural, then you completely understand how difficult it is to take long trips away from home to go visit a family that is far away.

Because of this, it’s important to have a good group of neighbors and friends who can offer to help new grandparents feel more relaxed about leaving for an extended period.

12. Children are a blessing. Congratulations!

Many grandparents see children as blessings from above. So, if your friends come from this background, then messages that acknowledge their beliefs are always welcome. Plus, you’re showing that you care about who they are and what they believe. 

13. Little feet make the biggest imprints on our hearts!

Nothing but love and happiness fill these congratulations. Here, the words will remind the new grandparents of their own child or children, and just how excited they were to meet them.

Plus, by mentioning those little feet, you can add some tangibility to the anticipation. You might even inspire them to cast baby shoes in bronze as a baby keepsake.

14. I bet you can’t wait to spoil them! 

Some grandparents have been dreaming of the day when they could give their grandkids the time and love they wish they would have had with their own kids. That’s just part of the reason why being a grandparent is so special. 

15. We can only imagine the new adventures that lay ahead! Congratulations to you both!

Grandparenting can be an adventure, especially if you know some really energetic grandparents.

So, this idea works for those who are super active and like to go biking, hiking, camping, or touring their little corner of the world, checking off items from their bucket list.

16. You’re going to be such wonderful grandparents! Sending heartfelt congratulations to you both! 

Messages like this will work if you know some about-to-be grandparents who have been chomping at the bit, eagerly awaiting the day when they get to hold their new and precious little grandchild.   

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‘Congrats on the New Baby’ Messages for a Shower 

Text with example of how to wish someone congrats on their new baby at a shower

The baby may not be here yet, but the planning is well underway. If the new parents aren’t having a gender reveal until later or at all, just be sure to stay away from the pink and blue. 

17. Congratulations on your bun(s) in the oven!

Having twins is an exciting time! Two bottles, two cribs, two of everything! But you can get away with just one card at the shower.

18. May you experience a lifetime of happiness with your new bundle of joy!

Messages like this or similar help break the ice whether or not you know the parents-to-be well.

Essentially, when you’re invited to attend a gathering, but don’t know the right mix between sentimental and unaffected, then this sounds well-mannered and sincere.

19. Oh, boy!

This is such a cute, simple way of expressing joy for a mom or dad-to-be. All you need now is the perfect little outfit or toy. You can use this message if you are part of a work-related baby shower or something that feels a little like you’re filling obligations.

20. We couldn’t be happier for you!

For some, it’s difficult to sound sincere in your wishes when you’re not the overly mushy type.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone on this, which is why this message will work well, especially when courtesy is dictating the situation.

21. If our kids are anything like we once were, then we’re in trouble. 

Is your sibling about to have their first child? While you’re probably very happy for them, you may be secretly wishing you hadn’t been so tough on your parents. 

22. May your new baby bring you blessings and happiness. God Bless and Congratulations!

If your friend or loved one believes in a higher power, then it’s definitely okay to refer to that in their card. In fact, this may be a time when they are turning that direction more and more. 

23. We wish you a healthy baby and a quick delivery!

This message works if you are looking to address the birth of the child more than anything.

Maybe you or someone you know went through a tough delivery—this gives your message more depth of understanding.

24. You’re going to be a great mom! Congratulations.

Some moms are uncertain about motherhood up until the day they deliver their first child. If your friend or loved one has voiced some personal concerns or fears, then let them know how you see it differently.

25. We wish your little one a lifetime of health and happiness! 

Sending some assurances or a calming voice to a time where there are so many unknowns is a beautiful way to share your love with the new parents. The more people that do so, the less stress they may feel. 

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It’s a Baby!

A new baby is an exciting time for the whole community. But knowing what to say or write in a card or text doesn’t come easily for everyone. Hopefully one or two of the suggestions from above have offered some positive guidance.  

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