16 Great Nurse Preceptor Gift & Gift Basket Ideas


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What’s a nurse preceptor? You may be familiar with what a nurse does, as they are usually the first medical professional you interact with at a doctor’s office or hospital.

They are often part medical library, part emotional support, and part human contact. In many hospitals, nurses serve as the foundation for top-notch medical care and consistency.

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That’s especially true for nurse preceptors as the go-to role models and head staffer for both new and soon-to-be nurses. Preceptors point to important practices to maintain as well as encouraging the next generation of nurses to give their best.

With their ability to inspire with lessons learned, practical knowledge, and tough stories, preceptors are giving their all to supply new nurses with the emotional and thought-based tools to succeed in their careers.

If you have a nurse preceptor in your life that motivates you to do your best, here’s a list of gifts to give a little something back.

Practical Nurse Preceptor Gift Ideas

Looking for ‘gifts for doctors’ can be a great search point for inspiration, as most nurse preceptors have similarly time-consuming careers with a lot of demands and rewards. Gifts like these below can prove to be winners for any hardworking nurse preceptor.

1. Espresso machine 

Most facilities have a standard drip machine, which is a staple for any office environment. Nurse preceptors have probably burned the candle at both ends when working long hours. If they need a pick-me-up, a drip machine might not cut it for that little boost of caffeine. An espresso machine could be an ideal gift for them if they crave something different than their standard cup of joe.

With the variety of machines out there, espresso machines can be a popular addition to any hospital with its ability to change out coffee grounds. It can make the difference when you’re slogging about in hour six of a 12-hour shift.

We like the De'Longhi EC155 Espresso Maker from Amazon.

2. Smart mug 

With a crazy schedule, it can be hard for anyone to remember to carry their hot drinks around with them. Medical professionals like nurse preceptors could be drinking a cup of coffee, then rush over to provide advice to a new nurse dealing with a difficult IV insertion.

Thankfully there are a lot of thermoses that can help maintain the temperature of a fresh cup of coffee or tea. In particular, there is a smart mug that is digitally engineered to control the temperature. It will keep it at the perfect temperature, no matter where a person might be toting it around.

We like the Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug 2 from Amazon.

3. Kindle 

For the nurse preceptor in your life that buries their noses into the latest medical text or memoir, a Kindle or other eBook reader is a great idea. Amazon often sells them for around $100, if you’re looking for a basic model.

Reading books on an eReader can reduce a lot of weight from a nurse preceptor’s bag. It can provide levity or some engrossing entertainment during a lunch break, or be a handy device to look up a particular procedure they bookmarked for future reference.

We like the Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon.

4. Noise-cancelling headphones

Sometimes, you just need a chance to focus. Whether you’re reviewing paperwork, trying to draft a proposal, or review a patient’s symptoms, finding a good space to think can be particularly tricky.

That’s why noise-canceling headphones can be helpful. They block everything out and let the nurse preceptor focus on their favorite tunes, podcast, or audiobook. Furthermore, if they are keen on working out, these headphones can provide some help on that front as well.

We like the Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH710N: Wireless Bluetooth Over the Ear Headset with Mic for Phone-Call, Black from Amazon.

5. Weighted eye pillows 

Nurse preceptors can be some of the busiest people around a hospital. Even though they serve as a point person for new nurses, they are also responsible for continuing their career as a nurse. 

Everyone knows that a doctor’s or nurse’s shift might be painfully long. But trying to combine two jobs into one can be a taxing endeavor for even the best of nurse preceptors.

Consider giving them a weighted eye mask or pillow. They block out light, can have some cooling material, and can change a 15-minute fitful nap to a 15-minute rejuvenating nap.

We like the Cozynight Weighted Sleep Mask from Amazon.

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Fun or Funny Nurse Preceptor Gift Ideas

Practical gifts are great. But with a job that can be very sobering sometimes, a lighthearted gift can bring cheer and merriment when it's needed the most.

6. Slippers 

Slipping into a pair of truly comfortable and absorbent slippers is an underrated joy after a long day. It might be even more so for a medical professional like a nurse preceptor, who can be used to long hours running to and from patient rooms with their new nurses. Gifting them a pair of tough soled slippers with lots of cushioning provides a tiny bit of comfort that goes a long way.

You can also buy slippers as a sweet gag gift, especially if they love a particular sports team or the fluffiest slippers that look like clouds.

We like the ULTRAIDEAS Cozy Memory Foam Slippers from Amazon.

7. Joke mugs

In the age of Etsy and Redbubble, there are so many custom mugs available. Many are custom for different professions, which means that finding a mug for your favorite nurse preceptor won’t be that difficult.

You can find mugs with in-jokes for nurses, ones that reflect their house alignments such as Slytherin, or even their astrological sign. Failing that, you can always go the extra mile of getting a truly personalized mug with a favorite photo of theirs or a saying.

We like the Personalized Photo Coffee Mug from Amazon.

8. Joke books 

Have you ever met a mentor that always had a joke at the ready? Perhaps they might have been a stand-up comic in a previous life. If their jokes were lightning fast with hilarious punch lines, they might have been one of your favorite mentors. There’s nothing like a little humor to lighten the situation. 

In addition, if you know a nurse preceptor that is worried about building up some rapport with students, definitely get them a cheesy joke book. This gift is a great way to alleviate their nerves, or conversely teach them what bad jokes they should not say.

We like The Best Joke Book Ever by Wayne Brindle from Amazon.

9. T-shirts

There might be a strict dress code at their place of employment involving scrubs of a certain color or certain type. But what about the clothes they choose to wear on their day off? Looking forward to a really comfortable t-shirt can be a great end-of-day ritual for any kind of professional.

You could give them a funny t-shirt that warns others not to mess with a nurse, or one that just has a really funny graphic pun. The opportunities are limitless, and there’s plenty of variety when it comes to a t-shirt gift. 

We like the Medical Rosie T-Shirt from Amazon.

10. Wine glasses

A nurse preceptor is not immune to tough days, no matter how cheery or fantastic they might be. If you know of one that enjoys a glass of wine after a long day, consider purchasing them a funny pair of wine glasses.

They come in many different types, but one of the most popular kinds measures wine levels through the pain scale. As something they’re used to asking patients, this wine glass set is sure to get a laugh or two. 

We like the Personalized 15oz Stemless Wine Glass from Amazon.

Tip: Read our guide on the best Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) gifts for more ideas.

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Gift Basket Ideas for Nurse Preceptors

Baskets aren’t just for eggs, cheese, and wine. Make an unforgettable basket full of food, useful trinkets, and soothing products to make your nurse preceptor feel loved and appreciated.

11. Coffee baskets 

Coffee is supposed to be the lifeblood of the medical profession. With long shifts and time-sensitive tasks, having a boost of caffeine is integral to pushing through the day.

A gift basket encompassing all sorts of different blends, whole beans, ground coffee, even a coffee grinder, hot water heater can be an amazing gift for a nurse preceptor—and it’s one they can share with the whole facility.

We like the Starbucks Coffee and Teavana Tea Gift Basket from Amazon.

12. Book baskets

If you know your loved one is a huge book lover, this can be truly personalized for them. And it doesn’t have to be simply all heavy tomes of “the best Charles Dickens stories.” You can include an Audible subscription, a few books, some custom bookmarks, and highlighters. 

All bookworms also enjoy the gift of possibility as well, so toss in a gift card to a local bookshop if you’re unsure of their literary taste.

13. Snack baskets

Much like coffee, snacks also provide a much-needed break and revitalization for all the busiest people in a hospital. A nurse preceptor can be chatting away, talking to many students, and also putting their knowledge to the test day in and day out. That might even be a typical day for them, and one that doesn’t include a set lunch or snack time. 

Throw a fun snack basket together for them, with their favorites included. Make it healthy, with some savory and sweet options included. Some options include dried fruits, sports nutrition bars, rice cakes, and of course some chocolate. 

We like the Cookies, Chips & Candies Ultimate Snacks Care Package from Amazon.

14. Bath product baskets

The ultimate symbol of relaxation is spending time in a nice hot bubble bath. Just make sure that you know your nurse preceptor preferences. They might be into long, hot showers instead. Regardless, consider giving them a gift basket full of soothing and aromatic products to turn their bath time into a self-care session. 

Stick a bath bomb in there, with some nice washcloths, a body scrub, a nourishing hair mask, a deep conditioning treatment, and a sprig of fresh eucalyptus to add a minty smell to any shower or bathroom. 

We like the LOVERY Home Spa Gift Basket from Amazon.

15. Chocolate baskets 

Tried and true, chocolate gift baskets can bring joy to almost anyone. A big ol’ basket full of sweets that are savory, salty, and creamy makes for a really nice dessert, no matter what time it is.

You can make it fancy and gourmet by adding truffles, specialty cocoa bars, and some good items to pair with chocolate like wine, cheese, crackers, and the like.

Indulging a nurse preceptor’s sweet tooth offers a good respite from some not-so-sweet moments at work. If you make it into a chocolatey adventure with new and unique bars (think chocolate bars with lavender infusions or other herbs), you might help evolve some palates as well.

We like the Barnett's Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti Gift Basket from Amazon.

16. Fruit baskets 

Fruit baskets are often assembled by companies and can be done quickly as well. There are many options online with variations of fruit and themes, which are then assembled and delivered.

If you’re short on time, this is a great option. But if you’re not, you can also get creative with a few cookie cutters and put a fruit basket together. 

The key when assembling a fruit basket is to consider color and texture. Picking fruits that are all yellow might be a little too overwhelming and boring.

Also, you want to consider all tastebuds when cobbling together a fruit basket. Some fruits might be too sweet, too tart, or too gritty. A nice fruit basket balances various flavors for all to enjoy. 

We like the Nut and Dried Fruit Gift Basket from Amazon.

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A Present for Your Preceptor

Nurses are there during all stages of life, from birth to death and everything in between. A nurse preceptor has done all of that and more. When they share their experiences with new nurses in the field, it provides humanity that is not usually seen in a nursing textbook. 

Especially when people are ready to start end-of-life planning as they face some potential health problems, advice from a nurse preceptor can really change a patient encounter. Showing your appreciation with a touching and personal gift can be a truly effective way to show your love and respect for all their work.

If you're looking for more ways to support and show thanks to the nurses in your life, read our guides on the best gifts for nurses, how to celebrate Nurses Day, and how to write a thank you note for a nurse.

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