How to Permanently Cancel an OkCupid Subscription


You may feel accustomed to using all sorts of web-based tools to make your life function in an easier and more organized way.

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Unfortunately, you may forget just how large of an online presence you have. Canceling your subscriptions one by one can ensure you tie up all loose ends and leave no accounts dangling in the cyber world for a hacker to attack.

Learn more about how to cancel an OkCupid account.

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How to Cancel Your Own OkCupid Subscription

OkCupid, an online dating app, provides people around the world with an opportunity to connect online and in person. You can easily cancel your subscription and delete your online presence in just a few steps.

If you paid with PayPal or a credit card

You can take several steps to close your account. Complete the process on the website by logging in. You cannot cancel your subscription on the app.

Log in to the website

Visit the OkCupid website and log in. Once logged in, visit your "Subscription Settings" page. From here, you can check your subscription information, view when your subscription should renew, and access information to cancel.

Switch off Auto Billing

Once you go to the settings page, you’ll see when your subscription should renew and see an option to turn off automatic billing. Choose this option.

Confirm Auto Billing cancellation 

Once you’ve opted to switch off automatic billing, you’ll receive a confirmation on the screen. In your subscription settings, you’ll see how much longer you have on your subscription as well. After the period expires, the subscription will not renew.

Remove linked payment accounts

After you confirm automatic billing, remove all connected credit card or PayPal accounts. 

Delete account 

Once you cancel your subscription and stop future payments, you can delete your account, if desired. Simply go to your "Account Settings" page and choose the option to disable your account.

If you paid with iTunes 

The method for canceling your subscription differs depending on how you paid to set it up in the first place. These instructions work for those who paid through iTunes.

Log in to the iTunes Store

You can log in to the iTunes store on your computer or your iPhone to achieve the same results for the rest of this process. To log in, make sure you can access your Apple ID and password. 

Authenticate your Apple ID

Click on your Apple ID. If you’re on your phone, you may need to authenticate it if you’ve set up two-factor authentication for sign-in purposes. You should enter your password and log in.

Access your subscriptions

Tap on the "Subscriptions" tab to see a list of all your subscriptions purchased through the iTunes store. 

From here, click on the OkCupid subscription. The next screen provides data such as when your subscription will automatically renew. 

Cancel subscription

At this point, you can cancel your subscription and automatic renewal will turn off. Once your current subscription runs out, your subscription will end and you will not get billed.

If you paid with Google Play

If you purchased an OkCupid subscription through the Google Play store, take a few different steps to cancel your account.

Access your account

Sign in to your Google Play store account. From here, you can access all of your subscriptions. You can complete this step either on a web browser or your Play Store app.

Access subscriptions 

Click the drop-down menu on the Play Store app, then click "Subscriptions." If you access this section from a web browser, click on the “My Subscriptions” button.

Select the OkCupid subscription

When you select the OkCupid subscription, a new page comes up with details about your form of payment and auto-renewal status. You can cancel your subscription here.

Cancel subscription

Confirm and click the option to cancel your subscription. After confirming the cancelation, auto-renewal will stop and your subscription gets canceled.

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How to Cancel a Deceased Loved One’s OkCupid Subscription

If you need to cancel a deceased loved one’s account, you can go about it in two ways: signing in or contacting customer service. Either way, you can complete the process in several steps.

Sign in to your loved one's account

Sign in to your loved one's account for the most straightforward method to cancel a loved one’s subscription and digital afterlife. You can often access account information such as logins and passwords by checking password managers or document passwords stored on someone else's computer.

After you sign in to the account, you can determine how your loved one paid for the subscription. From here, follow the steps above as if you planned to close your own account.

Contact customer service

If you can’t find your loved one’s login information, you’ll need to contact customer service so they can close down the account. 

OkCupid has no phone number available to call so you’ll have to get in touch the long way — by contacting customer support. The only email address the company provides is but you won't get rapid responses. You might not hear back for several days.

Gather documentation

For folks at OkCupid headquarters to shut down your loved one’s account without a password, you’ll need to provide documentation about their death and proof that you plan to carry out executor duties. You’ll also need proof of your identity such as a copy of a valid driver’s license.

You can offer a death certificate and proof of executorship. Obtain a copy of a certified death certificate through the state Office of Vital Records where your loved one passed away. You may pay around $10 to $20 per copy and your loved one’s estate can reimburse you.

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Send in documents

Follow instructions from OkCupid personnel to send in documents. When mailing documents, you can request a signature of receipt. A signature shows you when the packet has arrived.

Confirm account cancelation

Once OkCupid personnel receives your documentation, you can confirm account cancelation. Confirm cancelation and account deletion at the same time to completely close your loved one's account with OkCupid. Subscription cancelation will stop any further payments from coming out and account deletion will erase all personal information from the website.

Tidy Up Your Digital Footprint

You can tie up loose ends with your digital afterlife by canceling subscriptions and deleting digital accounts. To make it easy, jot down a list of all your subscriptions to make sure you don’t miss any. Then, after OkCupid, cancel one each day so clean up your digital afterlife.


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