[FREE Printable] 10 'Open When' Letter Templates


In recent years, "open when" letters have become a fun, trendy way to share messages with those you love. Whether you’re sending "open when" letters to a partner, family member, or friend, they’re sure to put a smile on your recipient’s face. 

An "open when" letter is a letter that’s designed to be opened on a special occasion. It might be opened when someone’s having a bad day, on a birthday, or on a special holiday. There are no real rules to follow. It’s all about making someone’s day and sharing the love. 

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Because it can be difficult to think about how to create your own "open when" letters, we’ve created a free, printable template to get you started. These "open when" letter templates are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, spending time apart, or just want to treat someone to something thoughtful. 

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What’s Included in the "Open When" Letter Templates?

Our "open when" letter templates have everything you need to create the ultimate "open when" letter gift. These are perfect for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, or to care for someone from far away

The free "open when" letter download includes:

  • 10 envelope labels: These labels announce when your loved one should open your DIY "open when" letters. We made nine suggestions, but there’s also a blank template for you to add your own label. 
  • 10 coordinating cards: We also added 10 coordinating cards that match your envelopes. This is where you can share your message with your special someone. 

These are the perfect starting point for any "open when" gift. Feel free to edit the design, add your own special touches, or DIY with your own stationery. There are no rules—it’s all about creating something unique for your loved one. 

Download Your "Open When" Letter Template

Download your "open when" letter template below. It’s downloadable as a zipped file, so you can easily print it and add to it as you wish. When you click on the form below, you’ll be prompted to save the zipped file to your computer. Make sure you save it somewhere that’s easy to find, like your desktop. 

Once you’ve downloaded your document, it will need to be unzipped. Here’s how to unzip a folder on a PC and how to unzip folders on a Mac. There will be two documents, one for the envelopes and one for the letters.

How to Fill Out Your "Open When" Letter Templates

Once you’ve completed the steps above, it’s time to fill out your "open when" letter templates. Follow these steps below to get started. 

1. Print your template

Start by printing your template, as needed. You might choose to use all of the envelope cards, or maybe you only want a few. You might also decide to write your own letter using the blank template. Either way, make sure they’re printed carefully. 

You’ll want to print your letter templates and your envelope labels separately. One tip for the labels is to print them on sticker paper so you can peel-and-stick them on your envelopes. Otherwise, you can just get creative. 

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2. Gather your supplies

When you’re ready to start writing your letters, gather your supplies. We recommend:

  • Nice pens, markers, etc. 
  • Envelopes large enough for the letter template
  • Stickers 
  • Special gifts and extras

From there, you’re ready to put everything together. 

3. Write your letters and label them

The last step is to write your letters and label them appropriately. If you’re including any extras like relaxation gifts, you might want to use a larger envelope or even a container. 

Once your letters are complete, secure them in the right envelope. You can tie all of your letters together with ribbon or string, or you can put them in a box. They’re ready to be gifted. 

How to Print Your "Open When" Letter Template

Printing your "open when" letter template is simple. This will depend on the type of computer you have as well as your printer settings, but it should follow the steps below. 

Print your "open when" template on a Mac

To print on your Mac computer, complete these steps. 

  1. Open the pdf file on your computer. It should open in the Preview App on Mac. 
  2. Go to File > Print. 
  3. Set your printer settings. 
  4. Click Print. 
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Print your "open when" template on a PC

Printing on a PC is similar to a Mac, but you’ll follow these steps below.

  1. Open your PDF in a Windows application. 
  2. Go to File > Print.
  3. In the Print dialog box, click Adobe PDF.
  4. Adjust your printer settings by clicking on Properties. 
  5. Click Print

How to print your "open when" template professionally

For a professional touch, you can print your letters professionally using a local or online service provider. This is surprisingly affordable, and many online print services have same-day pick up at local photo centers. Here are some online options:

"Open When" Template Printing Tips

Whether you print at home or professionally, there are a lot of ways to add extra touches to your design. First, you can print your envelope templates on sticker paper or on the envelopes themselves. You can do this by working with a professional printer, purchasing sticker paper, or purchasing print-on envelopes. 

In addition, it’s best to use a high-level cardstock to ensure your design comes out high-quality. Since these are colored designs, they look best on thicker paper that can handle a lot of ink. Using photo paper or cardstock is a good option, but it’s difficult to write on photo paper. 

If you’d prefer to type your messages to your loved one, you can edit text directly onto the PDF document with Adobe Acrobat. Another online tool is PDF Filler

Create DIY "Open When" Letters

Our free "open when" letter templates include everything you need to send stunning, eye-catching "open when" letters to someone you love. Whether you’re looking for what to say when someone’s sick or how to celebrate a holiday from afar, these DIY letters are perfect for you. 

It’s possible to grow closer no matter how far apart you and your loved one might be. Making sure you’re DIY "open when" letters look great is the first step. From there, it’s all about personalizing them to reflect your thoughts, feelings, and well wishes. 

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