How to Write an ‘Open When You Miss Me’ Letter


Letter writing may not be your preferred mode of communication, but there is a new trend involving letter writing. You may have heard of “Open When” letters

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This article will discuss one specific type of Open When letter — the “open when you miss me” letter. Here are the steps for writing such a message for a friend, family member (such as your mother or a sibling), significant other, or other loved one. We will also give you examples of what to say and which items you may want to include in the envelope. 

Steps for Writing an ‘Open When You Miss Me’ Letter

Steps on how to write "open if you miss me" letters

It’s hard to show that you care for someone from far away, but writing an “open when you miss me” letter is a creative way to show that you care. 

Here are some steps you may want to consider when writing such a letter.

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1. Include an “open when you miss me” in your series of Open When letters

Although you could send your significant other, family member, or friend only one letter to open, it’s much more fun to include it in a bundle of letters. Dare to be creative in your topics. Include some that have special meaning to the recipient. 

No matter what topics you include, the “open when you miss me” letter is a must-do for this project, especially if the recipient lives far away from you. 

2. Include a message of reassurance

If your partner, friend, or family member misses you, they want to know that you miss them as well. Make sure that you share this message of reassurance with the recipient of your letter. In fact, you may want to tell the recipient that you miss them more than they miss you. 

If you have been accused of being emotionally distant or unsupportive in the past, make sure you include this step. It is expected. If someone says, “I love you,” they want to hear it back. The same thing goes for someone who says, “I miss you.”

3. Share a special memory

Instead of filling your letter with flowery language that sounds like a generic greeting card, share examples of your cherished memories in the message. 

For example, you may write about another time when you were apart and how much you enjoyed your reunion. If you are writing to your son or daughter who has left home for the first time, you might want to write about how you felt when you first left home. If you are facing a terminal illness, you may want to remind your loved one about the happy memories you shared.

Sharing a specific memory will make the note much more meaningful to the recipient. 

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4. List the reasons why you miss the person

To reassure the recipient that you genuinely miss him or her, you may want to list the qualities of the person you miss in your letter. Be as specific as possible when making your list. 

For example, you may tell your partner that you miss the way she smiles. Or you may tell your daughter that you miss hearing her sing in the morning. 

Reading this list will surely bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

5. Include something special in the letter

Make your note extra special by including a small gift in the envelope with the letter. Include a photo of the two of you, a memento, or poem. You may also want to include lyrics to a song about missing someone, especially if it’s significant to the relationship. 

6. Tell your friend, family member, or significant other to call, Facetime, or text you

Remind the recipient of your letter that you are just a phone call away and that you are available to talk no matter the time of day. 

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‘Open When You Miss Me’ Letter Examples

"open if you miss me" letter examples

If you aren’t comfortable with writing letters, you may consider this task formidable. Let us help you through it. Here are some examples of things to say to someone who may be missing you. We will include examples from a variety of perspectives. 

Example one

More than anything else, you need to know how much I desperately miss you. Being apart is hard, and if there were another option right now, we would be doing it. But right now, this is our only option. The good news is that every minute that goes by means we are closer to being reunited. How sweet that will be!

Example two

I know you may be missing home, but think about what you had to accomplish to get accepted into your program. You had to earn superior grades, go through a lengthy application process, and get chosen out of thousands of other qualified students. We are so proud of you!

Do you remember how we would celebrate your accomplishments by going out for root beer floats? You’ll see that there is a gift card included in this letter. Use the money on this gift card to treat yourself and a friend to a float. 

Example three

I miss you too, friend! No one else has our sense of humor. Who else but the two of us would laugh hysterically while walking through Walmart? In fact, do you remember that time we were asked to leave because we were raising such a ruckus?

I miss sharing Diet Cokes with you. I miss our weekly Monday night dates to watch “The Bachelor.” I miss our long walks and our attempts at starting a real exercise program. I miss our late-night jam sessions where we play completely awful boy band music. 

Even though we live in different time zones, you will always be my best friend.

Example four

In French, you don’t say, “I miss you.” You say, “tu me manques,” which means, “You are missing from me.” 

You are missing from me. I don’t feel as if I am whole anymore without you. 

I miss the scent of your hair and your brilliant smile. I miss sharing the same bowl of popcorn when watching a movie and fighting with you over who is the better driver. I miss making pancakes with you on Saturday mornings and watching you as you drown your entire plate in syrup. 

Example five

If you opened this letter, I hope that means that you are really missing me. I would hate to think that you opened this under false pretenses and that you were actually just bored. I know you!

I can see it now. You’re probably sitting on your bed, surrounded by clean and dirty clothes, empty fast food containers, and textbooks. You probably dropped your phone on the floor, and when you bent to retrieve it, you found your box of “open when” letters stashed under your bed. 

Or maybe you do miss me. I sure do miss you!

Example six

Awwww. Thanks for missing me right now. Chances are, I’m missing you too. Give me a call right now and if I’m free, we can meet each other halfway. I’ll keep my phone on day and night. 

Example seven

Even though I can’t be with you on this special day, know that I love you more than words can express. Being your mom is one of the greatest gifts of my life. I truly loved every minute of it. 

I am so sorry that I was not able to see you get married. I would have loved to help you pick out your wedding gown. I probably would have told the story about how much you hated dresses when you were four and wanted to spend every day in your red, white, and blue leotard. 

Make Them Feel Special

Are you looking for a way to make a person feel special? Give that person a packet of Open When letters. 

To make your letters extra special, handwrite each note. Tie them together with a pretty ribbon or place them in a decorated box. Include gifts in some of the packages and make sure you include lots of funny stories and unique memories in the messages. 

Even though you may have a great sense of humor, you may also want to express your emotions in the letters as well. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow. Make sure you tell others that they are important to you every chance you get. A simple, “I miss you” or “I love you” goes a long way.

If writing is not for you, you may consider sending a package to the person you miss. You can purchase premade care packages online, like sympathy care packages for someone who recently lost a family member. Make sure to include a beautiful card with the package.

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