Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month 2021: History + Activities


This year, you can make 2021 a standout year for supporting mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Through donations and active participation, you can help drive education, research, and advocacy to advance the work necessary to find better treatment and cure this disease. 

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month's history is relatively recent in contrast to many other cancer months. Still, with just a few years under their belt, coalitions supporting this women's disease have made quick progress advancing the conversation. But your help is needed for more.

What Is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month?

Not more than thirty years ago, several ovarian cancer coalitions began their journeys toward Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Through hard work in these small beginnings, we now have a full thirty days to heighten awareness, increase advocacy, and build fundraising efforts to support women who’ve been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.

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When Is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month?

Throughout the thirty days of September, your support helps support women across the United States who’ve been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. 

And on May 8th, you can join women worldwide to celebrate #ovariancancerday, which is one part of the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition initiative. 

What Color is the Ovarian Cancer Ribbon?

The color teal is a fitting ribbon color for ovarian cancer because T.E.A.L., as an acronym, stands for Tell Every Amazing Lady®.  

How to Participate During Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

It’s next to impossible to be at a loss when looking for an event or fundraising campaign to participate in during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. There’s so much for you to do. Take a look.

Shine a light on your #OvarianStory

Share your struggles or those of a loved one so that others can find hope, learn about symptoms, and find community in battling this disease.

Stand Up for Madeline

The next time you’re at Carolines on Broadway in NYC, check out their comedy night devoted to supporting Ovarian Cancer in honor of Madeline Kahn. Go online to find out when you can attend their next event with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and an auction.

Ovarian cycle (virtual)

Sign-up for a live stream spin class via participating gyms around the country. Go online to sign up for a class or contact a participating gym to get information on how you can participate.

AACR’s Runners for Research

Are you a runner (or do you know someone you’d like to sponsor)? Here’s how to support Ovarian Cancer Research through AACR’s annual Runners for Research event:

Step 1: Log on to AACR’s Events page to search for an event you’d like to join.

Step 2: Choose an event nearby that works for your schedule and abilities.

Step 3: Campaign for others to join you by posting your sign-up online. 

Step 4: Get involved with the online community so you can repost important dates and articles related to your event.

Step 5: Need more info? Contact AACR and send them a note!

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Players vs. Cancer

Bring your gaming passion in support of Ovarian Cancer Research Awareness. If you raise enough money, then swag is coming your way in the form of stickers, hats, t-shirts, and zip hoodies.

Proceeds from your gaming activities go to support the lifesaving work at the American Association for Cancer Research®.


Use your communication skills to become an advocate for ovarian cancer research. If you’re a strong advocate, you can:

  • Meet with legislators each Spring in D.C.
  • Meet with local, state, and federal leaders
  • Share your survivor story with future medical professionals at schools and universities nearby
  • Become a research advocate to help both agencies and scientists succeed

Planned giving options

Planned giving allows you to make donations through various financial resources such as:


Contact the agency in advance for instructions before making a stock gift. You’ll need to provide the org with an appropriate address for tax letters. 

IRA distributions

Set up an IRA distribution with the help of a financial advisor. Provide accurate information to the nonprofit to ensure your estate receives the full benefit of the gift-giving.

Create a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

A DAF allows you to add funds at your discretion, like a savings account, whereby you can receive charitable deductions through each deposit and assign the DAF at your discretion.

Donate a vehicle

Boats, trucks, trailers, cars, and more are optional donation methods as well. 

Note: some vehicle pick-up agencies may charge as much as 20% to cover costs.

Rounding up 

Donate any “spare change” from purchases through your financial institution. If your bank doesn’t offer this as a service internally, look for a secure option online. 

Online marketplace shopping

Sign-up online to donate a portion of your purchases to the charity of your choice through retail marketplaces. 

Put your legacy to work

Adjust your will, trust, or estate to include any one of your favorite Ovarian Cancer nonprofits. Not sure how? Contact your attorney or estate planner for help.

Monthly pledges

Ongoing monthly support lets researchers know that philanthropists like you will securely fund their work. Choose your amount, make a dedication to a loved one, and then use your credit card to secure the donation.

Partner in science

Contribute at least $20,000 to support specific initiatives or innovative research by reviewing project summaries, abstracts, or proposals. Generated publications will include your name.

Corporate giving 

Bring your brand and logo to exhibitions as a notable sponsor or develop a team fundraising event to show your customers how Ovarian Cancer Awareness aligns with your goals for inclusivity and allyship.

Note: Consider sponsoring any annual national conference where speakers and other presenters address health disparities and discuss advancements in research and treatment.

Donate to fund research: #OvarianCancerAware

Support scientific research, government research and education, and professional medical education through any nonprofit that is actively working on discoveries, treatments, and breakthroughs. 

Pro-tip: a portion of your donation covers internal costs when using third-party vendors or paysites and will not reach the nonprofit in full. So, you may want to send a check to the organization’s physical mailing address.

Create a tribute page

Honor your loved one by creating a tribute page where you can share their struggle or your survivorship. Afterward, share your page with friends and make a fundraiser to support women continually.

Make a wellness gift

Teal-colored cancer support bags, aka #TealTotes, are a great way to support women who have ovarian cancer. They make a great cancer survivor gift.

Not sure what to pack? Check out our ideas for hospital care packages.

Pro-tip: if you’re a teenager who wants to get involved, gather up some friends and hashtag your day under #TeensGoTeal to engage others and promote awareness through advocacy. 

Peer support

Become a trained survivor volunteer and meet with other patients to provide encouragement and guidance, or just lend an ear and give someone some hope.

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Movie night

Since we’re all having virtual movie nights now, why not check out some cancer documentaries next time you get to pick out the title? You’ll find different perspectives on cancer, survival, and how people manage to see little glimmers of hope through tremendous loss and pain.

Tattoos in honor of a loved one

Are you thinking about getting a cancer memorial tattoo to honor a wonderful wife, friend, mother, or sister? 

Check out these ideas for a wrist memorial tattoo or some short tattoo sayings for just about anywhere else.

Book club ideas

Instead of choosing yet another Jane Austen book to cover at your next book and wine club meeting, select one of these cancer survivor books, like:

  • How I Survived Cancer by Andrea Thompson
  • I Give Up by Laura Story
  • I'm Sorry You Have to Be Here by Lois Bhatt 
  • Tough: Women Who Have Survived Cancer by Marquina Iliev-Piselli 
  • 100 Days Between Life and Death by Lila Koch 

Employer matched gifts

Ask your employer to match the next at-work fundraiser so you and your team can make double the gift to the American Cancer Society

Whisper Walk and T.E.A.L Walk

Fundraiser names change from organization to organization, but no matter how it’s titled, your efforts will support education, research, support, and advocacy. Look for one nearby or sign-up for a virtual walk anywhere you can find one.

DIY fundraising

Do you have a fun idea that will raise money to support ovarian cancer education, research, and patient advocacy? If so, create your unique fundraising campaign and get started. 

Do it on your own or use resources available through any charity of your choice.

Just download any toolkits or marketing materials they may have and make sure to follow any guidelines they may have about logos, sponsorships, and events.

Then, have an adventure while raising money to support friends and loved ones!


Donating time from your day to support others’ hard work and achievements is equally as critical as donating money, raising money for a walk, or getting your sweat on for a spin class. 

Hashtag your moments, share your smiles, and put the word out on any platform you can to raise awareness for critical advocacy and support.

Ovarian Cancer Prevention & Reduction

Now that you know the history behind Ovarian Cancer Awareness, hopefully, you’ll join one of the many ways to secure funding, increase research, and advocate for women’s health through ovarian cancer prevention and put an end to women’s cancer. 

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