What’s an Oversized Casket? 6 Types Explained


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When it comes to caskets, many are surprised to learn that they come in many shapes and sizes. An oversized casket isn’t something you always hear about, but it’s sometimes necessary, depending on the situation. 

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As the name implies, an oversized casket is one that’s larger than the norm. It has extra space, typically intended to hold a larger individual. Larger caskets can also be more secure, and this allows a lot of peace of mind for the family. 

If you’re looking into different types of caskets, it’s important to be familiar with your different options. While your funeral home can assist with this process in-person, this guide will explain what an oversized casket is and the different types you’ll encounter. 

Oversized Caskets Explained

As the name implies, an “oversized casket” is any casket that’s beyond the standard sizes. The majority of adults fit in a standard casket without issue. However, there are times when an oversized one is needed to make sure the individual fits the casket securely. 

There are two instances where someone will need an oversized casket. The first is if they’re incredibly tall. People up to 6’10” can fit in a traditional casket, but anyone over this height will need an oversized one. Additionally, if the individual weighs over 350 lbs, they’ll need an oversized casket. 

Luckily, oversized caskets are accessible and just as well designed as their standard counterparts. You’ll find the same materials, variety, and designs, though the price point might be a little bit higher.  

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How much do oversized caskets usually cost?

The price of the oversized casket will depend primarily on the material. This is true for all caskets, not just oversized ones. The material affects how much a casket weighs and impacts the price since more material is used.

The cost of an oversized casket is typically between $1,000 - $2,000 depending on the material and any extras. In some places, there are special rates to bring down the cost of these oversized caskets. They can be an affordable choice, especially if you’re not picky about the specific material or design. 

What sizes do they usually come in?

Many people are surprised to learn that oversized caskets aren’t necessarily all that much bigger than traditional caskets. A regular, standard casket is under 84 inches in length and 28 inches in height. Anything over this is considered oversized, but that doesn’t mean the size is very noticeably different at first glance. 

An estimated 10% of the population won’t fit into a regular-sized casket, making these unique sizes a necessity. However, it’s important to note that these caskets will only hold individuals up to 550 pounds. For those over this size, an alternative solution is a better choice. Again, this is something you could discuss with your funeral home when purchasing a casket. 

Are oversized caskets only for larger people?

Oversized caskets are generally only for larger people, but exceptions exist. For instance, many people use oversized caskets if they happen to be lower cost than traditional, standard-sized caskets. Because sometimes funeral homes have a difficult time selling these oversized options, they often offer deals. 

Many people buy oversized caskets at a reduced cost and then will layer the cushion to ensure their loved one fits perfectly inside. On the other hand, it is sometimes possible for morticians to arrange the larger body in such a way to fit standard-sized caskets. When shopping for a casket, there is more flexibility nowadays than ever before. 

6 Different Types of Oversized Caskets

When choosing a casket, whether it’s oversized or standard size, you want to make sure you know what to expect. Caskets come in all shapes and sizes, but you’ll want to ensure you’re choosing the right material to suit your needs. 

1. Steel oversized caskets

The first type of oversized casket that’s the most common is steel caskets. These are very durable, yet they’re less expensive than other types of metals. These are the ones you encounter most often, and most oversized caskets are made of this material. 

Even amongst steel caskets, there is some flexibility in the price. It depends on the gauge steel or thickness of the metal. As you might expect, thicker steel is more secure and more expensive. 

2. Bronze or copper oversized caskets

Another metal option that’s more pricey is to choose a bronze or copper oversized casket. These aren’t as easy to find, and they might need to be purchased at an online specialty store to find the right fit. 

Bronze and copper are the highest quality metals available. They’re rust-resistant, and they’re built to last a long time. While this comes at an extra cost, many families think it’s worth the peace of mind. 

3. Wooden oversized caskets

A wooden casket, as the name implies, is made of any solid hardwood or furniture-grade wood veneer. These are typically from oak, maple, poplar, pine, walnut, etc. 

Hardwood is more expensive than softwood, but it’s the classic look that draws many to wooden caskets. With many finishes available, these are a gorgeous reminder of the return of the body to the earth. Because they’re so customizable and made of a natural material, they’re often the most affordable. 

4. Cremation casket

Cremation is increasingly popular amongst people today. For those who are planning on cremating the body, it’s common for a cremation casket to be used. These are made out of wood and other natural materials, and they go into the crematorium with the deceased. 

Cremation caskets come in all shapes and sizes, including oversized. Because they’re made of less expensive materials and only intended to be temporary, these are incredibly affordable. 

Tip: If your loved one opts for cremation, you might not be sure what to do with the ashes. You could scatter them, of course, but you could also transform them into something beautiful, like natural stones or a real diamond

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5. DIY oversized caskets

If buying a casket doesn’t feel like the right choice, you can also make your own oversized casket for yourself or a loved one. There are DIY kits sold online, but you can also just create one by following your own judgment. 

Any container that holds the body is technically a casket. Many people find a lot of peace in constructing these DIY caskets for loved ones, and there are a lot of ways to make this a personalized tribute. 

6. Green oversized caskets

By “green,” we don’t mean the color of the casket itself. This is a term that refers to any type of casket that’s biodegradable and eco-friendly. Green caskets are increasingly used for green burials, and they take a lot of alternative shapes and forms. 

These caskets are made of renewable or recyclable materials. They’re typically from bamboo, cotton, willow, and cardboard. There are no chemicals or veneers used for these since they’re intended to biodegrade over time. Because these are made of natural, inexpensive materials, it’s easy to find oversized green caskets. 

Where Can You Purchase an Oversized Casket Online?

Because oversized caskets are less common, it can be more challenging to find one. While many funeral homes have some available at their in-person showrooms, you might need to special order one. Additionally, funeral homes don’t usually offer the best pricing. 

Shopping online for an oversized casket is the best way to stay within your budget, and you’ll also have more options available. However, it’s not always clear where you should shop. Here are our recommendations for where you can purchase an oversized casket online, no matter your budget or timeline.


The memorial product provider Memorials.com offers a variety of oversized caskets. They have wood caskets and steel caskets in different sizes, including oversized. These start at $1,987, making them a very affordable option. 

Depending on your timeline, each order comes with free ground shipping. While shipping varies by location, these oversized caskets typically reach their destination in 4 to 7 business days, making this an all-around great option. 

Trusted Caskets

For a more affordable choice, choose Titan Caskets. This online casket retailer specializes in all different types of caskets, and they’re known for their service and quality. Though they have a limited selection of oversized caskets in different metals and finishes, they start at only $1,250.

This is one of the lowest prices online, so you know you’re getting a good deal. Like other providers, Trusted Caskets also offers free standard ground shipping to most major cities. To get a next-day delivery, speak to one of their representatives by phone. 

Sky Caskets

Started in 1996, Sky Caskets has provided reasonably priced caskets and clearance funeral products for over 20 years. They stand out with their commitment to quick delivery. They can deliver anywhere in the USA in just 24 hours, beating out many other retailers. With 24/7 support, they’re always there to help. 

Sky Caskets has one of the largest selections of oversized caskets online. With both wood and steel options in many different finishes, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. The price is also reasonable, starting at $1,595 and going up from there. 


It should come as no surprise that the retail giant Amazon also offers oversized caskets. These come from trusted casket manufacturers like Titan Caskets. Many of their most popular funeral caskets are available in what they call XL, suitable for those in need of an oversized casket. 

Though no caskets are available with Prime shipping, you can typically get free shipping from the seller. Amazon offers quick service and a large selection, but you don’t always get the same personalized service that other providers have. 

Titan Caskets

One of the most well-known casket manufacturers in the country is Titan Caskets. They have a large selection of oversized caskets beginning at $1,399, and you can also read reviews for different designs. 

Titan Caskets has the largest selection you’ll find online, with a huge selection of colors, as well. Though some are more expensive depending on the material and finish, Titan will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. As one of the leading manufacturers, Titan’s service is also unmatched.

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Are There Any Alternatives to Oversized Caskets?

While oversized caskets are relatively easy to find, especially online, you might consider an alternative. Today, there are more alternatives than ever before, especially if you want to choose something eco-friendly. Finding something outside of the norm often means more flexibility in sizing and price. 

Natural casket

A casket made of an eco-friendly, sustainable material like bamboo, wicker, or solid wood can be an alternative. These don’t usually have the same inserts as traditional casket materials, so there is more space inside. Starting at $799 on Titan Caskets, these are also more affordable. 

Burial shroud

In ancient times, the dead were wrapped in burial shrouds as a way to pay respects. Because caskets weren’t practical (or invented), these burial shrouds allowed the family to find peace without interfering with the natural return of the body to earth. 

Today, burial shrouds are making a comeback as part of the green burial movement. Created with natural fabric, these are a common way to bury the dead without the traditional confines of a casket. These are adaptable to any sized body, and they’re incredibly affordable. 


Of course, another option is always to choose cremation instead of a traditional burial. Cremation is an option that doesn't require any casket. You might choose an urn to hold your loved one’s ashes, and these run between $20 - $200 depending on your budget. However, an urn is entirely optional. 

Urn burial

Many people choose traditional burial so they have a place to return to feel close to their loved one’s memory. This makes sense, and it’s often part of the healing process. However, this isn’t your only option. 

It’s possible to choose cremation and to bury your loved one’s urn. Many cemeteries offer urn burial, and you can also bury an urn on your own property. While you should always review local laws, this is an accessible, affordable option. It’s also much more affordable than a traditional burial plot, but with many of the same benefits. 

Build your own

Though likely not the right fit for everyone, more and more people are choosing to build their own casket. When you create your own or hire someone to make one for you, there is no worry about sizing. Because everything is created custom, any size or shape fits with ease. With endless tutorials and DIY guides online, this is becoming a reasonable option. 


Lastly, instead of a casket, you might choose to donate your loved one’s body to science. When bodies are donated after death, they’re used to further research in many important areas. This is an act of selflessness, and it truly brings meaning from a loss. In addition, most donation organizations also cover the cost of a cremation when the body is returned to the family.

What to Consider When Choosing a Casket

When working out how to plan a funeral, you’ll need to determine the budget, how you plan to dispose of the body, and so much more. It’s a highly personal process, and emotions are likely already running high. If you’re in the market for a casket, keep some of these things in mind:

  • Budget: How much can you afford to spend on the casket? This is the first concern, and it’s likely to guide the full search. 
  • Burial type: Additionally, what type of burial did your loved one want? Will they be enabled and need a secure, sealed casket? Or would they prefer something eco-friendly?
  • Size: What size casket does your loved one need? Talk to the funeral home about your options. 
  • Environment: Some environments are harsher than others. If the casket is likely to be exposed to harsh weather or flooding, you’ll want something more secure and durable. 
  • Preference: Lastly (and most importantly), did your loved one have any specific wishes about how they’d like to be buried?

Always keep in mind that funerals and even caskets are for the living. Your loved one won’t have any awareness about the type of casket they’re in, so avoid overthinking this process. As long as you have something practical within your budget, you’re honoring their legacy. 

Find the Perfect Casket

Like the family Goldilock story, there is such a thing as a casket that’s too big or too small. Some adults need oversized caskets because they’re not built one-size-fits-all. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be a complicated process. There are more options than ever before, and it’s easy to find an oversized casket that doesn’t compromise on style or durability. 

What does the perfect casket look like to you? Once you’re familiar with the different types available, you’ll quickly realize it’s not a difficult choice to make. This is a decision that falls on your shoulders, but it doesn’t have to weigh you down. 


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