15 Short Pagan Funeral or Memorial Service Poems


Choosing the perfect poem for a funeral or memorial service is no simple task. Poetry has the power to explore our most complex feelings and memories. Yet, it can be challenging to find the right match to suit your needs. 

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Poems not only remind us of the ones we love and help us say goodbye, but they bring peace in a time of suffering. With so many funeral poems to choose from, which is right for you? If you’re planning a pagan funeral, pagan poetry connects tradition with the ritual of saying goodbye to those you love. 

We put in the work to identify the best short pagan funeral or memorial service poems. These are powerful ways to say goodbye to someone you love while remembering that they live on through your memories. Whether you’re planning a memorial for a Pagan, a lover of nature, or you’re simply looking for inspiration for the spiritual person in your life, this list is for you.

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Pagan Funeral Poems for a Friend

In pagan funerals, there’s a reminder that we all return to nature. Though losing a friend is always challenging, there is peace in knowing their soul is at rest. These pagan funeral poems honor the life of a beloved friend. 

1. “The Balance of the Wheel” by Elizabeth Barrette

In the Pagan belief system, time is often imagined like a wheel. It’s something that’s always turning, and it never reaches its end. Though “nothing lasts forever,” we can look forward to finding a brighter tomorrow. Regardless if times are “bright or bleak,” we must savor the time we have. 

2. “Prayer to Hel”

In Pagan mythology, Hel is the goddess of death. Though this might sound intimidating, she is kind to those under her care. This prayer is to ask for your friend’s protection as they arrive before the goddess. 

On Earth, the deceased lives on “forever in our hearts and memories.” Knowing that your friend is under Hel’s care can be a source of comfort. 

3. “The Witch’s Ballad” by Doreen Valiente

Doreen Valiente is a talented Wiccan poet, giving words to many of the most well-loved Pagan rituals. “The Witch’s Ballad” is an ode to the beauty of life and togetherness. For those who love the beauty of nature, there’s no such thing as finite death. “The Witch’s Ballad” celebrates life after death. 

4. “Scottish Blessing”

Traditional Scottish blessings are Pagan in origin. They evoke positivity and compassion, even in the most difficult of times. As long as there are those who are “righteous at heart” and “beautiful” in character, there will always be peace and kindness. This is a beautiful blessing for a final sendoff to a precious friend who exuded kindness.  

5. “The Wiccan Rede”

Also known as the WItches’ Rede, this is a powerful tribute to any Wiccan or Pagan. Within this simple poem lay the essential laws of the Wiccan belief. The message is simple enough: “Live and let live. Fairly take and fairly give.” 

In this simple rede, listeners are encouraged to live their lives to the fullest. Though we don’t live forever, we learn to savor the time we have as a blessing. Reciting these words of wisdom is a special way to say goodbye to a lost friend.

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Pagan Funeral Poems for a Family Member 

Losing a loved one is never easy, but it’s comforting to remember that you’ll carry their memory with you always. The poems below honor the life of a family member. Goodbye doesn’t mean you’ll never see them again. It’s just a temporary separation. 

6. “Norse Lullaby” 

Norse mythology is rich in symbolism and meaning. This classic Norse lullaby encourages readers to put their troubles away. There will be time for them later. In the meantime, it’s best to sleep and find peace. The metaphor of sleep implies eternal rest and calm after a storm. For families facing grief, this is a blessing. 

7. “A Prayer for the Dying” 

This prayer is intended to soothe the dying and their family. Though simple, it remarks that time is a spinning wheel we cannot stop. Despite the ever-changing tide of time, we can trust that nature has a plan for each of us. When our time does come, let us find the strength to move on with grace.

8. “Calling My Name” by Jim Beer

For those who hear the call of Paganism, nature is where you find solace. Though your loved one is no longer with you, there is still peace in nature. As this poem reads, one must “take a walk” in nature to heal one’s soul.

9. “My Family” by Diana Silverbow

Every family is made up of special people. Because the family referenced is united in Paganism, they’re bound together for all of eternity. Like the gods of the past, they’ll live forever in each other’s memories. 

10. “Old Ones, Dear Ones” 

This is a poem for those who grow old and those you hold dear. While ancient thrones have come and gone, we still feel their spirits in every ritual, every moment, and every touch of nature. Throughout time, people fade in and out of history. Yet, it’s time itself that is everlasting. 

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Pagan Funeral Poems for a Partner or Spouse

When you lose a partner or spouse, it’s like losing a key part of yourself. Overcoming these feelings of grief takes a village, but you can find your own healing and peace through poetry. These poems below remind the reader that love is the most important thing we have and never dies. 

11. “And He Is the Moon Too” by Elizabeth Barette

While many see the moon as a woman, Barette believes there is a Lord of the moon as well. He belongs solely to the night. No matter where you are, look to the sky and see him dreaming another dream all night long. For the loss of a partner, this poem is a way to keep their memory close. 

12. “Song of the Goddess” by Jacobus 

We find reminders of those we love long after they’re gone. Not only are they in our memories, but we see them in glimpses of nature. Our comfort comes in “golden dreams,” and no cares of the world bother us here. Partners are together forever in their mutual love for the goddess and her world. 

13. “Elegy for a Dead Witch” by Doreen Valiente

This is a poem about how difficult it is to think of your loved one as gone from this world. Instead, picture them just “over the crest of the hills.” Your loved one isn’t really gone, they’re just no longer in this world. Their memory is always alive, and their legacy never leaves you.

14. “Pagan Blessing”

The traditional Pagan blessing is an ode to togetherness and remembrance. Perfect for saying goodbye to a beloved partner, this blessing has a simple reminder. 

It reads, “Above you are the stars, below you are the stones, as time passes, remember...Like a star should your love be constant.” Though you are no longer with your partner, your love is as constant and strong as ever.

15. “Irish Wedding Blessing”

Lastly, this Celtic blessing for weddings is also appropriate for funerals. The message rings true that as sure as the stars shine each night, your love continues forever. Your partner was the “crown of your company,” and this is an honor you’ll hold no matter what.

Honor a Loved One with Pagan Poetry

Pagan poetry covers the span of history among cultures across the globe since the beginning of human civilization. Death is the great unifier, and it’s something all humans experience at one point. Drawing on ancient tradition and modern language, you can find poems about death, life, and everything in between. 

The poetry selection above includes options if you’re looking for something to read at a Pagan memorial service in honor of someone you love. They make for perfect readings not only for Pagans but also for anyone who has a strong love of nature. 

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