20 Best Patsy Cline Songs for a Funeral or Memorial


Patsy Cline was a well-known country singer back in the 1950s and ‘60s, known for her old-timey songs, gospel numbers, and cross-over pop hits. She had a beautiful singsong voice that moved audiences while she sang of star-crossed lovers, family ties, and love.

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Those who enjoy Cline’s music have a hard time choosing one song that ranks at the top of their list. It’s only fitting that we included 20 of her best songs that are appropriate to play at a funeral or memorial service in honor of your loved one. We hope this song selection from one of the all-time greats in country music will help you decide which to play.

Sad or Sorrowful Patsy Cline Songs for a Funeral

Many of Cline’s songs are thoughtful and slow. While they may not be considered outright sad or sorrowful, the nature of these slower songs provides a feeling of reflection. For Patsy Cline fans, these selections can easily be considered some of the best funeral songs to play for a loved one’s service. 

1. “Walkin’ After Midnight” from Patsy Cline

This song was Cline’s first major hit, and it’s easy to see why. The lyrics talk about the loss of a loved one. In the song, the singer takes long walks wishing they could walk with the one they love, just one more time. 

Not only is this one of Cline’s best songs, but it also makes for a sentimental country funeral song.

2. “You Belong to Me” from Sentimentally Yours

If you and your loved one had to be separated for long periods because of work or military service, this song could be a fitting one to play in remembrance of your relationship. The song starts out with these lines,

“See the pyramids along the Nile
Watch the sunrise on a tropic isle
Just remember, darling, all the while
You belong to me.”

3. “You Made Me Love You” from Sentimentally Yours

Did your love story start out a bit one-sided, but you eventually fell just as in love with your significant other as they were with you? If so, this sentimental song could be played as a tribute to your relationship.

4. “San Antonio Rose” from Patsy Cline Showcase

If you and your significant other had a special place you enjoyed visiting on vacations or during a regular date night, this song might resonate with you. In it, Cline sings of her love for San Antonio because of the memories the location holds for her of her loved one.

5. “I Love You So Much it Hurts” from Patsy Cline Showcase

Though many country songs talk about relationship breakups, this one can double for what it feels like to experience grief after losing someone you love. Lyrics like these will help others know how you’re feeling, as well:

“I love you so much, it hurts me
And there's nothing I can do
I want to hold you, my dear, forever and ever
I love you so much, it hurts me so.”

6. “Faded Love” from A Portrait of Patsy Cline

Did your significant other write love letters to you during your dating days? Have you already gotten them out to read them over and think about those sweet times gone by? This song talks about reading love letters while missing the one you love.

7. “That’s My Desire” from Sentimentally Yours

When we lose those we love, all we often want is one more day, one more moment to spend with them. This song pays tribute to those desires with lines like,

“To spend one night with you
In our old rendezvous,
And reminisce with you—
That's my desire!”

8. “He Called Me Baby” from Songwriter’s Tribute

Though this song is about a breakup, the feelings experienced can apply just as well to the grief you feel after losing your significant other due to death.

“He called me baby, baby, all night long
Built me up so high and made me strong
Now each night, in dreams, just like a song
I still hear baby, baby, all night long.”

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Uplifting Patsy Cline Songs for a Funeral

Though Cline’s slower songs far outnumber her upbeat options, these selections below provide a faster tempo and uplifting lyrics. If you’re planning a memorial service or working on a funeral slideshow, one or two of these songs could be just what you’re looking for to play in honor of your loved one.

9. “Back in Baby’s Arms” from Patsy Cline

This sweet, sentimental song talks about the joy of being in the arms of the one you love. It also describes the ups and downs of married life, like quarreling and making up. This is a song that can be played in honor of your relationship and the joy you shared.

10. “Gotta Lot of Rhythm in My Soul” from Best of Patsy Cline

This upbeat number harkens back to dating days when couples would regularly go out dancing from dusk ‘till dawn. Celebrate the life you shared with the special person in your life by playing this song. This is a perfect accompaniment to a funeral slideshow.

11. “Always” from A Portrait of Patsy Cline

Do you feel like you’ll always love your spouse or significant other, no matter what, even though they’re no longer with you? This song pays tribute to that kind of love and dedication with lyrics like,

“Days may not be fair, always
That's when I'll be there, always
Not for just an hour
Not for just a day
And, not for just a year, but always.”

12. “True Love” from Patsy Cline Showcase

What is true love like for you and your significant other or spouse? This song talks about a love that will last for all of time and eternity.

13. “A Poor Man’s Roses (Or a Rich Man’s Gold)” from Patsy Cline Showcase

Did you decide on a poor man’s roses over a rich man’s gold because the poor man with his roses had a love for you that was deep and true? If so, this song is appropriate to play in honor of the man who loved you so well.

14. “I Love You Honey” from The Patsy Cline Collection

How did you and your significant other meet? This fun romp of a song chronicles the moment a couple met, talks about their dating days, and harkens back to the moment they said “I love you.” 

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Patsy Cline Songs for a Parent’s Funeral

Many Cline fans enjoyed her country music as well as her old-timey gospel numbers. These selections fall into the gospel category and are loved by many.

15. “That Wonderful Someone” from Patsy Cline

If your loved one was a person who placed their faith in Jesus, read their Bible, and believed in the power of prayer, then this is a song that would honor their relationship with God. It talks about “that wonderful someone” who is always with us through the ups and downs of life and who will usher his children into the gates of Heaven.

16. “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” from Here’s Patsy Cline

A traditional gospel hymn, this song was loved and sung by churchgoers from coast to coast back in the day. Though life may be filled with trials, the singer has hope in God and prays, 

“When my feeble life is o'er
Time for me shall be no more
Guide me gently, safely o'er
To thy kingdom's shore, to thy shore.”

17. “Life’s Railway to Heaven” from Here’s Patsy Cline

Another beloved gospel number from Cline, the lyrics of this song compare life to a mountain that we all must climb. As with her other gospel numbers, this song ends on a note of hope with the lyrics,

“Blessed Savior, thou will guide us
Till we reach that blissful shore
Where the angels wait to join us
In that great forevermore.”

18. “He Will Do for You” from Patsy Cline

This is a gospel song beloved by many who enjoyed music from Cline’s era. The lyrics testify of the changes that faith in God can bring to someone’s life.

19. “Come on In” from Patsy Cline

Did your mom or dad enjoy reminiscing about the days of their childhood? If so, play this song that talks about simpler times in their honor.

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Patsy Cline Songs for a Child’s Funeral

If you’re looking for a song to play in honor of a young child, this song from Patsy Cline would make a fitting tribute.

20. “If I Could See the World (Through the Eyes of a Child)” from Sweet Dreams

This sweet song pays tribute to the often upbeat and optimistic way a child views life. If your child could only see good in others and point out the good in life, play this in their honor.

Commemorating a Life Through Music

When honoring the life of a loved one, sometimes a speech isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need a song that perfectly commemorates the way they lived. If you’re having a hard time deciding which songs to choose, pick one or two that you know your loved one would enjoy hearing. If they would have enjoyed the music, then you won’t go wrong.

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