Pendants for Ashes: Types, Cost & Where to Buy


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If your loved one has been cremated, you may be wondering if there are special things you can do with their ashes. In addition to interring their ashes or sharing them in keepsake-sized urns with other family, you can choose to place some in a pendant to wear.

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Pendants create a lovely and lasting tribute to your loved one that can be worn for special occasions or for everyday wear. If you’re interested in creating this unique tribute to your loved one, read on to find out about these pendants and the types available. 

What’s a Pendant for Ashes?

Pendants for ashes are mini-urns that allow you to carry a small amount of your loved one’s ashes with you. The pendants can be placed on a necklace or, sometimes, a bracelet. In this way, you can take your loved one with you wherever you go.

Cremation jewelry has become a popular way to honor loved ones and share ashes among family members. As you’ll see below, pendant types are plentiful and allow you to choose the perfect pendant to remember your loved one.

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How Much Do Pendants for Cremated Remains Usually Cost?

The cost of pendants for cremated remains will depend largely on the material it’s made from and the degree of craftsmanship required. For example, stainless steel will be less expensive than 14k gold-plated, and gold-plated will cost less than 14k solid gold pendants. Artisan-crafted jewelry resin and glass pendants will also be more expensive than mass-produced items.

This pricing guide will provide a general idea of the cost range for pendant urns mentioned in this article.

  • Stainless steel: $20-$50
  • Silver/gold/rose gold-toned: $20-$50
  • Sterling silver: $30-100
  • 14k gold-plated: $50-$150
  • 14k solid gold: $750-$1,400+
  • Platinum: $1,500+
  • Resin: $100-$150
  • Glass: $100-$150

Popular Types of Pendants for Ashes

If you’re looking for something creative to do with cremation ashes, consider placing some of them in a pendant urn. This way, you can keep your loved one with you all the time. Here are some examples of the types of pendants available. 


Whether you’re commemorating a loved one who was an animal-lover or you want to keep your furry friend close to your heart, these animal-themed pendants are just the thing.

Angel dog pendant urn

This angel dog pendant is perfect to keep the ashes of your beloved furry friend with you all the time. It is sterling-plated and hypoallergenic. It comes with a 20” chain and a filling kit to help with adding your dog’s ashes into the pendant urn.

Hummingbird cremation urn pendant

Hummingbirds embody the essence of elegance and beauty. They are here one minute and gone the nex, which reflects on the nature of life. Consider a hummingbird pendant if your loved one enjoyed these beautiful creatures or if you appreciate the symbolism. This pendant can be customized with a birthstone gem and engraved charm with your loved one’s name and dates.

Angel cat pendant urn

If you’re looking for a pendant to keep your furry feline with you after they’ve said goodbye, you won’t want to pass up this angel cat urn pendant. It features a cat with angel wings and a gem heart. It’s coated with sterling silver and comes with a chain and filling kit to make filling the small urn with your kitty’s ashes easy.

Sea turtle cremation urn pendant

If your loved one adored the sea, spent holidays in Hawaii, or was passionate about helping sea turtles, then this sea turtle pendant is one you want to see. It features a darling sea turtle that is large enough to hold a small portion of cremains and can be personalized with a birthstone charm and an engraved charm that features your loved one’s name and dates.

Horse pendant urn

For those who want to commemorate a horse enthusiast or equestrian or carry some ashes from their beloved horse with them, this 14k white gold horse pendant is perfect. It features a trotting horse that is clearly in motion with its tail and mane flying in the wind. The pendant can hold up to 1 cubic inch of ash.


Purchase one of these nature-themed pendants to memorialize your outdoors-loving spouse, relative, or friend.

Ocean pendant with infused ash

This rectangular ocean pendant features real seaweed and seashell along with your loved one’s ashes encased in a glass pendant. If your loved one loved the ocean, was a marine biologist, or enjoyed catching the waves, this pendant is a perfect way to remember them.

Feather pendant urn

Feathers can be representative of birds, angels, and nature. This feather pendant is incredibly detailed and lifelike and has a small area to place your loved one’s ashes inside. A filling kit is included, along with a 20” sterling silver chain and gift box so you can give it to a loved one.

Tree of love/life pendant urn

This tree of love pendant is one of the most unique pendants in this article for the reason that it contains four separate chambers for ashes. This pendant has the potential to allow you to keep the ashes of four individuals inside.

Rose pendant urn

Remember your loved one with this beautiful rose pendant featuring rose gold plating over sterling silver. A chain is included, along with filling instructions.

Hobbies and jobs

Was your loved one into sports? Consider one of these sports-themed pendants to remember them by.

Football pendant cremation urn

Did your loved one play football, or were they the state team’s #1 fan? If so, you’ll love this sterling silver-plated football pendant for a necklace. The football can hold about ¼ cubic inches inside. Customize your purchase by adding a birthstone gem or engraved charm with their name and dates.

Airplane pendant urn

If your loved one was a traveling enthusiast or an airplane pilot, consider commemorating their life with this airplane pendant urn. Made of sterling silver, it can hold up to 1 cubic inch of ash and comes with an 18” or 20” chain and filling kit. 

Firefighter dog tag pendant urn

Was your loved one a firefighter? Honor their life of hard work and sacrifice to keep their community safe with this firefighter dog tag pendant urn. It’s made of scratch-resistant stainless steel and can be engraved on the front with your loved one’s name and dates. An 18” or 20” chain is included, along with a filling kit.

Baseball pendant urn

For a baseball lover, you can’t do better than commemorating their life with a baseball pendant urn. This particular urn comes in sterling silver, 14k white gold, and platinum. The pendant also comes with an 18” or 20” chain and a filling kit to help you insert your loved one’s ashes. 

Sailboat pendant urn

If your loved one enjoyed sailing the seas, going on fishing trips, or heading out to the ocean for a weekend away, consider commemorating their life with a sailboat pendant urn. You can customize the pendant by choosing options such as engraving on the back, adding a birthstone charm, or including an angel wing charm. The pendant comes with a chain and filling kit.

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Sometimes a simple shape is what’s best to represent the love, life, and legacy of your loved one or friend. Whether you choose a heart, teardrop shape, or another style altogether, you’re sure to honor them with a pendant like these.

Circular cremation pendant

Circular cremation pendants are plentiful and you can find many types available. You can choose a circular cremation gem crafted from your loved one’s ashes and have it set for a ring or necklace. Or maybe you’d like a glass circle pendant infused with their ashes. No matter which style you choose, you’re sure to love keeping your loved one close with a circle pendant.

Heart rose gold-toned pendant

This beautiful stainless steel heart urn pendant is rose-gold-toned and has a small heart cutout toward the bottom of the pendant. A 20” black satin cord and filling kit is included to make wearing the pendant and filling the urn with your loved one’s ashes simple. 

Dichroic glass pendant

If you’re looking for a truly unique shape, this sterling silver wire-wrapped dichroic glass pendant with ashes mixed in might be just the thing. The metal comes in either bright silver or an oxidized finish, and the glass color can be chosen between green, blue, and purple. You can also choose to have your loved one’s ashes mixed into the glass or placed in the backing. 

Where Can You Buy Pendants for Ashes?

There are many popular cremation jewelry companies where you can purchase pendants for ashes from online storefronts to brick-and-mortar stores. Here are some of the ones we love.

Perfect Memorials

Perfect Memorials specialize in cremation urns, cremation jewelry, pet memorials, and outdoor memorials. They have one of the largest selections of varying cremation jewelry pendants, and many of the pendants mentioned in this article come from Perfect Memorials. 

Cremation Solutions

Cremation Solutions is another online storefront specializing in cremation products such as cremation jewelry. They have a huge selection of themed pendants such as the nature-inspired pendants mentioned in this article. 

Spirit Pieces

Spirit Pieces specialize in creating artisan-crafted cremation pendants by infusing the material, such as resin or glass, with the ashes of your loved one. Check out this company for truly unique cremation jewelry pieces.

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Etsy’s popularity as an online marketplace for hand-crafted, unique, and artisan-made items has exploded in recent years, and for a good reason. The artisans on Etsy create high-quality goods that merit hundreds to thousands of five-star reviews. 


It might come as a surprise, but sellers on Amazon also offer a wide selection of largely stainless steel and sterling-plated pendant urns for ashes. When purchasing from a seller on Amazon, be sure to check the individual store ratings as well as reviews on the item you’re considering. This will help you get a quality item instead of a cheap imitation of a handcrafted item.

Funeral homes and crematories

Funeral homes and crematories are offering an increasingly wide selection of cremation keepsakes and jewelry pendants such as pendant urns. Most places have a catalog they’ll provide to families interested in purchasing keepsake and cremation jewelry. Ask for this catalog when you’re working on final arrangements or after you receive your loved one’s cremains.

Honoring Your Loved One 

Cremation jewelry pendants provide a unique way to honor the life and memory of your loved one. Choose a pendant that reminds you of their life, their interests, their personality, or their legacy. No matter which type of pendant you choose, you can’t go wrong as long as it reminds you of their life and love.


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