Turning Pet Ashes Into Glass: Cost & Memorial Options


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Cremation isn’t just a way to put a human to rest. Pet owners can also cremate their beloved companions. Maybe you’ve already cremated a pet or you’re considering doing so in the future.

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If so, you might have questions about what to do with a pet’s ashes after cremation. You can certainly keep them in an urn, just as you might do with a person’s cremains. That said, there are other options worth keeping in mind. 

For instance, some people opt to turn their pet’s ashes into glass. This involves collecting a sample of the cremains and sending it to a company that specializes in this type of art. They’ll infuse a glass item with your pet’s ashes, giving you a wonderful keepsake.

Keep reading if this idea interests you. This guide will explain how suppliers turn pet ashes into glass, how long the process takes, how much it costs, and what types of designs are available.

Tip: It's important not to confuse cremation glass with cremation diamonds. Both forms of cremation art are a beautiful tribute, but diamonds are more durable and take longer to create using cremated remains. Eterneva can turn a loved one's ashes into a beautiful, real diamond in a matter of months. 

How Are Pet Ashes Made into Glass?

It’s important to understand that this is an overview of the way some companies turn pet ashes into glass. There is no one universal process or cost. The information here simply covers the basic way a typical supplier might create a glass keepsake with your pet’s ashes.

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The specific process an artist or supplier uses to turn pet ashes into glass can vary on a case-by-case basis. For instance, one artist says he employs a secret process. Other suppliers readily explain their process on their websites.

For instance, one English company that specializes in turning pet ashes into glass jewelry uses crystal glass to carefully layer a pet’s cremains together. Next, they form the stone while the glass is molten, at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the stone is ready, they slowly cool it in a kiln.

The result is a gorgeous glass stone. Depending on the desired shape, the company then uses precious tools to cut and polish it. Because this company primarily makes pet memorial jewelry, inserting the finished stones into rings and similar items, they finish the process by setting the stone into a mount. However, as the examples in the next section of this blog will illustrate, that isn’t always a necessary step.

Wait time

The amount of time it takes to turn pet ashes into glass can also vary depending on a range of factors. For example, one Swiss company turns pet ashes into lab-grown diamonds. This takes approximately six to nine months.

Turning ashes into basic glass items, rather than diamonds, usually takes much less time, but you should still expect to wait at least a few weeks to receive your item. One company that turns pet ashes into relatively simple glass items states they can’t promise to finish and deliver an order in anything under three weeks, even for rush jobs.

You may wish the process took less time. You miss your pet, and you’re eager to have part of them back in the form of a beautiful glass keepsake. That said, the process requires at least a couple of weeks because those who supply these types of items understand how important exercising proper care is. The sentimental value of your pet’s ashes is tremendous. They must handle the ashes accordingly.


As you might have guessed, the specific type of item you want to turn your pet’s ashes into will affect the cost. For instance, if you ordered from the Swiss company that turns pet ashes into diamonds, you could expect to spend at least $1,200, and potentially close to $20,000 (or more), depending on the carat you want.

Prices for basic glass keepsakes are far more budget-friendly. Popular designs typically cost between $80 and $170, although there are exceptions.

However, to budget effectively, you need to research your options and account for such other factors as the pet cremation cost as you plan for the future.

8 Memorial Options for Pet Ashes Made Into Glass

There are many types of items and designs from which to choose when deciding what type of keepsake you’d like to make with your pet’s ashes. The following are among the more popular:

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1. Resting pet

One of the simplest but most understandably popular memorial options for turning pet ashes into glass simply involves creating a glass figurine in the shape of the pet. Usually, the figurine is in some type of resting pose. This allows for a solid base that will limit the odds of the figurine falling over and breaking.

You can turn virtually any common type of pet’s ashes into glass figurines. However, this option is particularly common among cat owners, as the image of a resting cat is one they’re often very familiar with.

2. Paw print

Turning pet ashes into a glass figurine of a resting dog might not seem ideal if your pet dog had boundless energy in life. The problem is, a figurine in a standing pose might also fall more easily than one in which a dog is resting.

Luckily, there are other options. For example, some choose to turn their dog’s ashes into paw print shapes (although this is, of course, also an option for a cat’s ashes). A paw print is an iconic shape that immediately captures the essence of a dog’s spirit.

Additionally, because these items can usually fit in your pocket or purse, this design is ideal for someone who travels often and wants to keep a piece of their pet with them at all times. Its relatively flat shape also makes it a smart choice if you’re looking for a landmark to display in — for example, the center of a pet memorial in your home.

3. Bird figurine

Some suppliers can turn a pet bird’s ashes into a bird-shaped figurine. You could display the figurine on a desk, or even hang it from a tree as an ornament. This gives the impression of your beloved pet bird flying free in nature.

That said, you’ll have to consider the possibility that an ornament could fall from a tree and break. This isn’t to say displaying a bird keepsake in this fashion is a bad idea. You simply need to be careful when doing so.

4. Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is fast becoming one of the most popular types of cremation art. If you want to turn your pet’s ashes into glass jewelry, you have many options to consider:

  • Paw-shaped glass necklace pendant
  • Glass or diamond stone in a ring
  • Tear-drop pendant with an abstract color pattern
  • Heart-shaped necklace pendant

Various designers offer a range of different options. You should research them to determine which most appeals to you.

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5. Cat eye orb

The type of design you choose doesn’t need to directly resemble or even clearly suggest the type of animal your pet was. Some design options are more abstract.

For example, you could turn a pet’s ashes into a glass orb. Suppliers who offer this option typically blend various colors together within the glass. The result is strikingly beautiful, with the mixture of colors reminding some people of a cat’s eye. You can create this type of item with any pet’s ashes but it’s a popular one for cat ashes.

6. Silhouette orb

This option is similar to the one above. The main difference is that, instead of consisting solely of color swirls, the design of this item includes a solid color silhouette of an appropriate image in the orb.

This can be the shape of a cat, the shape of a paw print, or the shape of a heart, for example.

7. Flat circles

Orbs may be beautiful, but they aren’t easy to carry around with you. That’s why some people choose to turn a pet’s ashes into flat glass circles instead. They can still feature vibrant colors, but they’re also easier to travel with.

8. Dog bone

This is another design for dog owners. Turning a dog’s ashes into a glass dog bone could be a smart way to ensure you never forget about your dog’s hunger for life.

Pet Ashes Into Glass: Keeping a Friend By Your Side

Nothing can replace a lost pet. However, by turning your pet’s ashes into glass, you can at least keep your beloved pet with you in some way forever.

If you're looking for more ways to memorialize your pet, read our guides on what to put in your pet's memory box and how to plan your pet's funeral.

Tip: If you want to turn your pet's ashes into a solid piece of art that's more durable than glass, you could transform them into cremation stones with Parting Stone


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