15+ Pet Cremation Keepsake Ideas to Wear or Display


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Losing a pet is like losing a member of the family. Our furry friends are always there to keep us company, and they’re some of life’s best companions. If you have to say goodbye to your pet, you likely want to keep their memory close. 

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One popular trend in recent years is cremation jewelry. This is a type of jewelry that incorporates your loved one’s ashes, allowing you to hold them near your heart. Another common practice is storing ashes in a keepsake. These go beyond urns for ashes, and they offer a new way to share your pet’s memories. 

These creative ways to remember your pet help you feel connected to their memory. Though they might have only lived a short while, their impact still lives on. These 15+ pet cremation keepsake ideas are perfect for honoring your beloved pet’s legacy.

Pet Cremation Jewelry Keepsake Ideas

Cremation jewelry allows you to hold a small bit of your pet’s ashes close. Whether you transform these ashes into a gem or store them in a secure locket, you’re sure to feel comfort having this keepsake close. 

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1. Cremation locket

The first option is to secure your pet’s ashes in a cremation locket. These lockets are specially designed to carry ashes in a small pendant.

These lockets are typically shaped like a heart, paw print, or even a dog or cat. Though simple, they’re a touching tribute to a favorite pet.

2. Resin jewelry

A common way to honor a loved one’s ashes is with resin jewelry. Resin is a type of clear liquid that hardens as it dries, making it possible to mix in additional elements. 

Cremated remains can be added, along with other things like color, glitter, and so on. Artists hand make these jewelry pieces to create stunning rings, necklaces, and bracelets featuring a pet’s ashes. 

3. Keychain

Not everyone wears jewelry daily, but you still might want to carry your pet’s ashes close. A keychain is an alternative that you still keep with you daily.

You can find keychains with pendants for ashes or create something specifically with your dog or cat’s ashes. 

4. Memorial diamond

Did you know it’s possible to turn ashes into a memorial diamond? In a process involving extreme pressure, ashes can be transformed into gorgeous diamonds. 

This is a discreet, gorgeous way to turn your pet into a beloved heirloom you’ll want to hold onto for years to come. Eterneva specializes in creating personalized, unique memorial diamonds for you to cherish for years to come. Perfect for pets and humans alike, this is a one-of-a-kind memory. 

5. Horizontal bar necklace

One of the latest trends in jewelry styles today is the horizontal bar necklaces. These simple metal bars have a secure space inside for ashes.

The best part about these metal necklaces is that they’re easy to engrave with your pet’s name or another message.

6. Cremation bracelet

Similar to the horizontal bar necklace, cremation bracelets are also gaining in popularity as a discreet way to honor a lost loved one or pet. A cremation bracelet is a thick metal band like a bangle that has space on the interior for ashes. 

Like other metal jewelry, you can engrave your bracelet with a message, name, symbols, or date. Though simple, this is a powerful tribute. 

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7. Religious necklace

Last but not least, a religious necklace can honor your pet while also keeping a focus on your faith.

For those who find comfort in prayer and religious symbolism, there are religious symbols like crosses that are used as cremation vials for pet’s ashes. 

Pet Cremation Keepsake Ideas to Display

In addition to cremation jewelry, a cremation keepsake is something that stores your pet’s ashes in a way that’s designed to be stored. Like urns, these stay in your home for years to come. 

They range from discrete to over-the-top artistic expressions, so there’s something for everyone. These are our favorite pet cremation keepsake ideas to display. 

8. Wooden box

A simple option for a pet cremation keepsake idea is a wooden box. These can be engraved with a pet’s photo, name, or other important images.

Though simple, these are long-lasting and inexpensive. 

9. Urns

Of course, the most classic pet cremation keepsake idea is an urn. An urn is an easy-to-find way to display your beloved pet’s ashes in a secure container. 

There are specific urns designed for pets, and these are usually smaller than a typical urn. Again, these are designed with pets in mind. Foreverence specializes in creating one-of-a-kind, personalized urns for both humans and pets. If you want something outside of the "traditional," Foreverence can make it a reality. 

10. Photo frame

One unique way to share your pet’s cremation ashes is with a photo frame urn.

These are photo frames that include a small container for securing ashes, usually discreetly. Having a photo as part of the urn itself is a powerful way to remember what your pet meant to you.

11. Vinyl record

Did you know you can turn your ashes into vinyl? It’s true, you can transform your pet’s ashes into a vinyl record of your choosing using a skilled vinyl provider.

If you’d like to show your love for your pet with your favorite music, this is the best way to do that. 

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12. Plant a tree or flower

Your pet’s ashes can also grow into a gorgeous tree or flower. The ashes can be mixed with the seeds and soil to create a sprouting, blooming tribute to your beloved pet. 

Having a physical representation that life goes on and continues is a profound form of healing. In addition, you can add a plaque or memory marker on your tree or flower to dedicate it in your pet’s honor. 

13. Cremation art

There are a lot of different cremation art ideas that help you honor your pet. One favorite for pet owners is when ashes are mixed with paint or another artistic medium. 

This paint is then used to create a rendition of your pet, transforming their ashes into a beautiful keepsake that you can keep with you forever. 

14. Glass displays

Glass is a great way to display your loved one or pet’s ashes. Glass artists can transform your pet’s ashes to create an ash keepsake built of ashes.

These are stunning, gorgeous displays of color and design without resembling a traditional urn. 

15. Figurine

Urns come in all shapes and sizes. It’s possible to find figurines that represent your pet that also serve as containers for ashes.

You can find dog and cat figurines that resemble your beloved pet, and this is a safe, easy way to keep their ashes close. 

16. Cremation stones

You can also solidify your loved one's cremains into 40 to 60 beautiful, one-of-a-kind cremation stones, which you can divvy up however you'd like, with Parting Stone

What to Consider When Choosing Cremation Keepsakes

If you’re in the market for cremation jewelry or keepsakes, there are a few things to consider. While you can find many different jewelry pieces and keepsakes online and on creator marketplaces, you’ll want to make sure it’s a good fit for your needs. 

While there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all, keep these factors in mind:

  • Size: How large does your keepsake need to be? Larger pets might have more ashes than smaller pets. While you don’t need to include all of your pet’s ashes in a jewelry piece, this is something to consider. 
  • Security: How secure are the ashes within your jewelry or keepsake? Having a leak or spill could be devastating, so do your best to find something that’s extra secure. 
  • Discrete: Many people want their pet cremation keepsakes to be discreet. This means choosing something that isn’t easily recognizable as an urn. Ultimately, it’s up to you. 
  • Your pet: Last but not least, choose something that reminds you of your specific pet. As long as it’s meaningful to you, you’ve chosen something worthwhile. 

Cremation keepsakes might sound new, but humans have kept mementos of lost loved one’s close for thousands of years. Nowadays, it’s never been easier to hold your pet’s ashes close. 

Honor Your Pet’s Memory

If your pet is cremated, you might wonder the best way to honor their memory. A cremation jewelry piece or keepsake keeps them close no matter where life takes you. These have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they’re a wonderful tribute to your furry friend. 

Pets are a part of the family. It only makes sense to honor them like you would any other loss. If you’re considering a cremation keepsake, these ideas above are perfect for any situation or budget. How do you honor those you love?

If you're looking for more ways to honor your pet, read our guides on how to turn pet ashes into glass and pet headstones.


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