8 Types of Pet Cremation Rings Explained


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Many consider their pets to be beloved family members. When a pet dies, it can be understandably difficult to cope with the loss. Some find comfort by keeping a piece of their pets with them at all times in the form of cremation jewelry. For example, if you choose to cremate your pet, you could keep some of their ashes in a pet cremation ring.

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Doing so allows you to, in a small way, keep your pet by your side whenever you please. This blog will describe various types of pet cremation rings and will also list a few places where you can buy them.

Main Types of Pet Cremation Rings

Main Types of Pet Cremation Rings

Numerous companies and artists offer pet cremation rings and similar pet cremation keepsakes, which means there are many types of pet cremation rings out there.

While you should do some searching to find one that perfectly matches your tastes, the following are a few popular styles to keep in mind.

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1. Diamond or crystal pet cremation rings

Did you know you can turn your pet’s ashes into a diamond? Various companies do so by extracting the carbon from a pet’s cremains. They then use that carbon to create actual diamonds.

Many people who take advantage of these services choose to insert those diamonds into jewelry. Additionally, if the cost of turning your pet’s ashes into a diamond is a little too high for your budget, some companies will turn a pet’s ashes into glass beads or crystals instead. This type of service is usually somewhat less expensive.

2. Urn rings

Not all pet cremation rings require turning your pet’s ashes into a diamond or glass crystal. If you can’t afford that service, or you simply don’t want a ring featuring a diamond or crystal, you can instead find rings that serve as miniature urns.

These types of pet cremation rings come in a wide range of styles. Some feature beads or stones that you can open up to insert some of your pet’s ashes into. Other bulkier rings feature compartments within the band itself for storing cremains. Review the options to find one that appeals to you.

3. Engraved pet cremation rings

Both pet cremation rings that feature crystals or diamonds and pet cremation rings that function as miniature urns can also be engraved if the company or artisan from whom you’re buying the ring offers engraving services.

If the ring features a diamond or crystal, the engraving will have to go on the band. However, if it’s an urn ring, sometimes in place of a diamond or crystal, the ring will feature some type of shape where you can engrave a word or image. For example, some urn-style pet cremation rings feature central heart or paw print shapes where an owner might engrave the name of their beloved lost pet.

4. Glass art rings

Instead of offering diamonds or crystals, some artisans will infuse glass art with your pet’s ashes.

They’ll use glassblowing and similar techniques to create beads for rings that may feature a range of striking colors.

5. Infinity rings

The shape of the urn portion of some pet cremation rings is that of an infinity symbol. Someone might choose this type of pet cremation ring if they felt the infinity symbol’s meaning suggested their pet’s soul continues to live on in some way.

6. Playful rings

In many cases, the shape of a pet cremation ring’s miniature urn will be more playful in nature, mirroring the playful personality of a dog, cat, or any other type of pet.

Examples of such shapes include dog bones, cat faces, wings, and any other basic shape that might remind you of the type of animal you’re mourning.

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7. Double pet cremation rings

The design of certain pet cremation rings offers enough space for two diamonds, crystals, or beads. Naturally, you might consider this option if you wish to memorialize two pets.

8. Religious pet cremation rings

Just as some people turn to religion for comfort after the loss of a human loved one, so too might a person find peace in their religious beliefs after losing a pet.

Pet cremation rings featuring religious imagery are not uncommon. For example, some feature small urns in the shape of a cross or Star of David.

Where Can You Buy Pet Cremation Rings?

Where Can You Buy Pet Cremation Rings?

Thanks to the Internet, finding a company or artist offering pet cremation rings is an easy task. These are merely a few options to keep in mind:

1. Eterneva

Eterneva turns both human and pet ashes into high-quality diamonds. They offer a premium service that involves routine contact with the team throughout the process. They’ll update you on the status of your pet’s diamond (since turning ashes into a diamond takes a few weeks), and give you many opportunities to customize it. They’ll even laser-engrave your pet’s name on the diamond itself.

Eterneva is particularly convenient because they also let you choose a custom ring (or any other type of jewelry) into which they’ll insert the finished diamond. Not all companies offer that extra service. Some will only create the diamond or crystal, leaving you to find the right piece of jewelry separately. By ordering a pet cremation ring from a company like Eterneva, you could save yourself a lot of time.

2. My Pet for Life

My Pet for Life is another company you may consider ordering from due to the unique types of pet cremation rings and jewelry they offer.

Some of their rings are basic, featuring small compartments where you can store some of your pet’s ashes. However, if you’d like to add a personal touch, you can also send them a high-resolution photo of your pet’s paw or nose. They can then laser engrave a detailed and accurate rendering of your pet’s actual paw print or nose print onto the ring. If you want to add even more of your pet’s character to the ring, they can use a photo to laser engrave a realistic rendering of your pet’s entire face.

3. Spirit Pieces

Similar to Eterneva, Spirit Pieces will turn your pet’s cremains into glass art and supply the ring or keepsake you wish to set the finished piece in. What makes Spirit Pieces unique when compared to the other options on this list is the distinct visual qualities of the glass art the company offers.

The pieces of glass art Spirit Pieces offers aren’t the same as diamonds. Instead, they’re lustrous colorful beads that you can insert into many different types of jewelry. If you’re in the market for a colorful and attractive pet cremation ring, take a look at their offerings.

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4. Jewelry Keepsakes

The price range of Jewelry Keepsake’s pet cremation rings is among the main reasons you might decide to order from them.

While some of their pet cremation rings only cost a little over a hundred dollars, others cost more than a thousand dollars. That said, while they do offer many different types of pet cremation jewelry and keepsakes, their selection of rings is fairly limited.

5. Etsy

You may not be able to find someone who’ll turn your pet’s ashes into a diamond or crystal through Etsy. However, if you’re only looking for a pet cremation ring that works as a miniature urn, you’ll find no shortage of options on this platform.

Buying from Etsy also gives you the opportunity to support an independent artist instead of a larger company if that’s important to you. Additionally, because so many artists use Etsy to sell their work, it may be easier to find creative urns on Etsy that would potentially be tough to find elsewhere.

6. Popular online retailers

Many major e-commerce retailers offer pet cremation rings and similar pieces as well. For instance, if you can’t find the ring you’re looking for through one of these other sellers, you could search Amazon’s wide selection.

As with Etsy, you probably can’t find someone who’ll turn your pet’s ashes into a diamond or crystal through Amazon if that’s the type of jewelry you want, so you’ll have to go elsewhere for that service. That said, Amazon and other such online retailers still offer an abundance of jewelry options. Remember, if you’re just looking to buy a pet cremation ring that functions as an urn, you don’t need to worry about turning your pet’s ashes into a diamond anyway.

7. A trusted jeweler

Again, sometimes a company that turns pet ashes into diamonds won’t supply the actual ring. That may not be a problem for you if you already know of a jeweler you trust. Your favorite jeweler might have the perfect ring for your pet’s diamond.

Of course, if you’re working with a local jeweler for the first time, you should research their reputation before trusting them with your pet’s diamond or crystal. You don’t want to work with someone who will handle it carelessly.

Pet Cremation Rings: Keeping Best Buddies Close

Nothing can replace a lost pet entirely. However, with a pet cremation ring, you can at least carry part of your pet with you throughout life. You’ll be able to find what makes you feel close to your beloved pet.

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