10 Tips for Buying a Pet Grave Marker at Walmart


Yes, you can buy pet grave markers at Walmart, but don’t assume that they will be on the shelves next to the squeaky toys and pet treats. 

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If you recently lost a pet, our deepest condolences to you. It’s hard to lose any pet, those loyal friends who are by your side every moment of the day. We understand why you would want to commemorate the life of your pet by purchasing a pet headstone, grave marker, or other commemorative items. 

Let us help you with your purchase. Here are some tips on what type of pet grave markers are available through Walmart.

Can You Really Buy a Pet Grave Marker at Walmart?

Yes, you can purchase a pet grave marker through Walmart’s online store. You can even purchase personalized items, similar to a headstone you would buy for a human loved one. Although some options come up when you search for “pet grave marker” on Walmart’s website, you can find more options if you search “pet headstone.”

We’ve listed the types of grave markers or headstones available.

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Stone plaque

You can get a stone plaque personalized with the name of your pet. Others have a verse dedicated to a particular type of animal, and other plaques are for a generic missed pet. 

Some of the plaques are meant to lie flat in the yard, similar to a stepping stone. Others are intended to sit up on end, like an upright monument. Walmart also sells stone plaques with a keyhole in the back that allows them to be hung on a flat surface.

Cremation headstone

You may want to buy a pet headstone for many different reasons. Some mark the physical grave of a pet. Others act purely as a memorial item that doesn’t show the pet’s final resting place.

Walmart also sells a headstone that you can place indoors or outdoors that has a hidden compartment. This receptacle is large enough to hold the cremated remains of your pet. 

Statue grave marker

Walmart sells grave markers that look like small statues of the animal, complete with angel wings. Contact the company to see if they can personalize the sculpture to look like the pet you lost.

The only type of gravemarker that Walmart does not seem to carry are those that can be personalized and stuck into the ground. You might want to look for other online companies that offer these inexpensive and easy-to-manage products.

How Much Do They Cost?

If you have never purchased a headstone of any type before, you may have no idea how much a headstone costs. Pet headstones or gravemarkers at Walmart range from $25 to $150. These prices are a lot less expensive than buying a monument for a human loved one for a cemetery burial.

10 Tips for Purchasing a Pet’s Headstone at Walmart

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing any headstone, but buying one online means you need to pay extra attention. You don’t want to be disappointed with your purchase, so before clicking “buy,” consider these tips.

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1. Talk with the pet cemetery before making the purchase

If you are purchasing a pet grave marker for your own backyard, you could probably buy any item you like. If you live in a housing development overseen by a home association, you might want to check to see if there are any rules regarding pet burials on your property.

If you are purchasing the pet grave marker to use in a local pet cemetery, you must check in with the cemetery superintendent before buying a headstone. Like the human equivalent, pet cemeteries may have rules regarding what type or size of stones are required. 

It seems as if most of the stones you can purchase through Walmart would be appropriate for at-home use. If you want to buy a heavier stone that may be required at your pet cemetery, you may want to find a retailer that will deliver the more massive product directly to the burial site. 

2. Pay attention to the dimensions of the headstone

Some of the gravemarkers on Walmart’s website show the stone in an outdoor setting next to a tree so the buyer can get a general idea of the product’s dimensions. Other products do not use this sales technique. 

Before you purchase the stone, especially if it is a personalized product, do a reality check. Visit the spot where the stone will sit and mark the area with a tape measure. Make sure it’s not too large or too small for the space.

3. Pay attention to the cost of shipping 

Pet grave markers made of real stone may cost a lot to deliver. Look for companies selling through Walmart’s website that have added the price of delivery to the product’s cost. Most of the retailers on Walmart’s website offer “free delivery.”

4. Look at the weight of the product

You can tell a lot about a stone’s quality by looking at the grave marker’s weight. If you are okay with a four-pound stone, then you have nothing to worry about when buying one through Walmart. If you want a more massive stone similar to something you would find at a cemetery, you might need to find one from another provider.

Look at the product specifications to see what materials were used to make the grave marker.

Some headstones may look as if they are made from natural materials, but instead are made from a “polymer” designed to look like a stone. 

5. Look at the product reviews

Take a look at what previous buyers have to say about the product. See if the retailer responded to problems that arose concerning the item and made restitution. 

6. Proofread your text when you order a personalized product

Make sure you look carefully at the text you provide the manufacturer before hitting “buy” on Walmart’s website. You cannot usually return personalized items unless the company messed up on the text.

7. Think about what you want the item to say

Words are important. What do you want the pet headstone to say? Do you want it to reference that your pet crossed the rainbow bridge? Or that your pet is now in heaven?

You may prefer that the pet headstone offer gratitude to the pet for being a loyal companion to you. 

Buy a headstone that offers you the most comfort when you read it. For that reason, you might want to find a supplier that allows you to write your own pet epitaph

8. Consider the reason for your purchase

Consider how you want to use the pet grave marker before making your decision.

Are you marking the site of the burial of your pet? You may want to buy a heavier item that will weather well for years. You may also want to purchase a headstone that can be personalized with your pet’s name and breed.

Are you looking for a memorial item only? If so, maybe you would want to purchase something that could be displayed either inside or outside and something that can be easily moved. 

Some of the pet grave markers that Walmart sells have a dual purpose. They act as a remembrance item for a beloved pet, and they also have a hidden compartment where the pet’s cremated remains can be placed.

Finally, you may also be purchasing the item as a gift to someone who recently lost a pet. If so, consider what type of gift would give the recipient the most comfort.

9. Look for products that can be picked up at your local store

Some Walmart retailers offer free shipping, but others only offer this perk with a minimum purchase. Look for retailers that will allow you to pick up the item for free from your local Walmart store.

10. Look at the other pet memorial products that Walmart offers

Walmart has a vast selection of pet urns, pet photo frames, stepping stones, wind chimes, garden stakes, and cremation jewelry. Instead of buying a stone that is tucked away in a rarely visited corner of the yard, you may consider purchasing a personalized photo frame that you can place next to your bed. This way, you will have a constant reminder of your beloved pet.

Saying Goodbye to a Pet is Hard

While you are looking at Walmart’s website, you may consider looking for a book about pet grief. You can find several resources available to help you deal with the complicated emotions you may experience. 

Don’t forget to purchase resources for your children as well. They are probably also suffering from the loss of the pet and may have never had an experience with death before now. Look for books that target your child’s reading and maturity level.

If you're looking for more on pet loss, read our guides on how to say goodbye to a pet and the best pet loss books.

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