16 Touching Pet Keepsakes & Memento Ideas


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Pets are more than just companion animals. They truly become members of our family. 

When they die, we want to pay tribute to them the same way we would any other family member. 

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If your dog died, you would want to honor them and preserve their memory. Here, we examine several different keepsake and memento ideas to help you remember your beloved pet. 

Pet Ashes Keepsake Ideas

Many people opt to have their pets cremated after they die. While there are some standard ways to display the ashes, more and more people are choosing less conventional methods. 

Here we’ll explore a few different ways to keep your pet’s ashes in a way that feels personal to you.    

1. Urn

One of the most popular ways to store the ashes of a beloved pet is in a decorative urn. You can bring it with you whenever you move, so even as your life goes on, you can keep your companion with you wherever you go. 

You can keep the urn in a place of honor such as your mantle. Just be sure to get an urn specifically designed to hold ashes, so they won’t spill if it tips over. 

There are all kinds of different urns to choose from. You could get an urn with a paw print on it, a framed photo urn, or even an urn cast to look like your pet. 

2. Keychain

If you used to take your pet on road trips, the car may feel like a sad and lonely place. You can continue your travels with your pet in a different way, though. 

Many companies offer a keychain attached to a small urn where you can carry a portion of your pet’s ashes with you. They’re often shaped like a heart or a paw print, but you can get them in a simple cylinder as well. There are all kinds of options, so you can find one that fits your style.   

3. Glass sculpture

Several individuals and companies offer to use your pet’s ashes to create a piece of glass art

It’s a bit more of a modern and artful take on an urn. And because it only requires about a teaspoon of ashes, you can hold onto the rest in case your glass sculpture breaks. 

4. Cremation stones

Another way to transform a pet's ashes is by turning them into cremation stones. Parting Stone is a unique service that solidifies human or pet cremains to create natural-looking, one-of-a-kind stones to keep or place in nature.

Pet Keepsake Jewelry Ideas

Sometimes we want to keep our late pet close to us in a very literal sense. Wearing a piece of jewelry that includes your pet’s ashes is a great way to keep your companion near you. Here are some examples of the types of ash jewelry available. 

5. Diamond jewelry

Believe it or not, you can turn the cremains of your pet into a diamond. 

Companies, like Eterneva, can extract the carbon from your pet’s ashes, then heat it to high temperatures and convert the carbon to graphite. This graphite is placed in a diamond press that replicates the way nature changes graphite to a diamond, only at a much faster pace. Finally, the diamond is created, cut, and faceted by diamond cutters. 

You can incorporate the diamond into a piece of keepsake jewelry. Have it set into a ring you can wear on special occasions, or make it into a pendant to keep your pet close to your heart. 

6. Ocean memorial pendant

There are more ways than diamonds to make your pet’s ashes into jewelry. Not every method camouflages the ashes. 

One method we love is a pendant that uses resin to create what looks like an ocean while the ashes make up the sandy shore. In many cultures, water is a sign of rebirth. That makes this pendant feel more hopeful than morose. 

7. Cremation urn pendant

If you prefer a more subtle take on ash keepsake jewelry, look for a cremation urn necklace. They come in many different silhouettes, including a cylinder or a teardrop. 

They’re metal, so the ashes are completely enclosed, and they usually have a sleek and modern look that will work with many different outfits.  

Dog Keepsake Ideas

They say dogs are man’s best friend. It makes sense then that you would want to memorialize your dog in a special way. 

Here are some canine-centric keepsake ideas for you.    

8. Memorial picture frame

Several different companies offer memorial picture frames to commemorate your beloved pet. Some even offer to engrave the frame so you can pick out a quote about losing your pet that resonates with you to appear alongside your pet’s name. 

9. Memorial statue

Most dogs spend a lot of time outside romping through the backyard. If your backyard feels a little lonely without your four-legged friend, you can memorialize them with a statue. 

Many businesses offer customized pet statues based on pictures of your pet. You can place it in your deceased pup’s favorite napping spot so you can feel like they’re still there with you. 

10. Canvas print

If you have a favorite photo of you and your dog, you can get it made into a special commemorative art piece. 

Several companies will print your photo on a large canvas. You can hang it someplace where you can see it often and smile at the memory. 

Cat Keepsake Ideas

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you know that cat owners are particularly devoted to their pets. Many of them commemorate their cats in unusual ways. 

Here are some of the most unique cat keepsake ideas. 

11. Get a cattoo

If you join any Facebook group that celebrates cats, it’s only a matter of time before someone starts a thread for people to post their “cattoos.” 

A cattoo is a tattoo of a cat. They’re not always done as memorials—many people commemorate their living pets. But it’s also a wonderful way to pay tribute to a pet who has died.  

12. Commission a portrait 

If you’re not into having art on your body, you can commission some creative art for your walls instead. 

Many artists offer customized portraits that capture the personality of your pet. Some specialize in reimagining your pet as a cat from pop culture, like Puss in Boots. 

Cat lovers can be quirky, so a portrait like this can be a fun and lighthearted way to memorialize your cat. 

13. Plant a memorial tree

Outdoor cats and indoor cats love trees. Outdoor cats like to climb them. Indoor cats like to check out tree-dwelling birds and squirrels from their windows. 

Planting a memorial tree can be the perfect tribute to a cat who has died. There are biodegradable urns in which you can place your cat’s ashes. When you bury these urns and follow the instructions, you can grow a small tree that will serve as a reminder of your cat.  

Keepsake Ideas for Other Animals

While cats and dogs are the most popular household pets, there are plenty of other pets that people adore. 

Here are some ways to memorialize those other often-overlooked pets. 

14. Birdseed

If you’ve had to say goodbye to a feathered friend, you can pay tribute to them in a simple and inexpensive way. 

Many retailers offer little packs of birdseed with customized designs on them. You can commission them to paint a picture of your bird on the packet and include their name and the years they lived. 

You can pass the seed packets out to mourners if you have a memorial service for your bird. Or, you can pass them out to friends and family members. The idea is for people to take the birdseed and feed other birds as a tribute.  

15. Stone memorial

Many companies and independent artists offer memorial stones for a variety of pets. You can get an outline of your pet engraved into it, along with their names and the date of birth and death. 

Whether you had a ferret, a sugar glider, or another loving animal companion, you can memorialize them with this thoughtful pet tribute.  

16. Memory box

A memory box is a container in which you can place items that are special to you and your pet. This could include a collar, favorite toys, pictures of you together, or anything else you hold near and dear. 

No matter what type of pet you have, a memory box is a great way to keep special items to remember your pet for years to come.  

Remember Your Furry Friend 

Whether you lost a pet or are shopping for pet sympathy gifts for a friend, we hope this list inspired you. 

Pets are very special members of the family, and they deserve to be honored and memorialized like anyone else you love. 

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