Pet Memorial Jewelry: Prices, Types & Where to Buy


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Wearing pet memorial jewelry is a common way to celebrate and honor the little (or big) ones that have shared your life and laughter. First, we will look at what types and options of jewelry are available, including a general price range.

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In today’s world and for some lucky individuals, pets are children, if not their whole world. And their loss is no less devastating or heartbreaking than any other—if not more. So, honoring that bond or celebrating that kinship is just as important as with any other absence out there.

What Is Pet Memorial Jewelry?

Pet cremation, memorial, and remembrance jewelry offer unique ways for you to wear reminders of your beloved pet. This jewelry comes in many shapes and sizes and which you can wear around your neck, wrist, and finger, like earrings, cufflinks, and more. 

These pieces are usually made from stainless steel, yarn, glass, or gold materials, with prices to reflect the metal or method of artistry.

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What Are the Different Types of Pet Memorial Jewelry?

Memorial jewelry dates back to ancient Rome but didn’t gain popularity until the Victorian age when hairwork (jewelry made from hair) became popular to remember loved ones. Back then, weavers and braiders turned hair into elaborate designs for items such as brooches, shawl pins, cravat pins, walking sticks, riding whips, and even bookmarks. 

Today, artists can create various types of memorial jewelry made from pet hair or cremation ashes. In these cases, the hair or ash directly becomes part of the jewelry, as with yarn made from hair or ash infused inside the glass.

The most common choice for memorial jewelry includes pendants where hair or ashes can be placed inside and sealed. However, a surprising alternative involves something called preservation jewelry. This niche craft requires a great deal of expertise in taxidermy.

Below, you’ll find some of the most popular and unique ways to celebrate your loved one’s life. We share so much time with these beautiful animals. So, it’s only natural to want to celebrate their profound impact with something you can wear close to your skin, helping them remain in your memories. 

Pet memorial jewelry made from pet hair

Pet Hair Resin Ring

Artists can mold a lock of your pet’s hair in clear resin ring molds, with other adornments such as flowers, grass, and more. Once cast, the hair is permanently encased in the ring. 

Pro-tip: Resin molds can’t be adjusted, so getting your ring size correct is really important.

Pet Hair Resin Memorial Necklace

Like a resin ring, the resin memorial necklace uses your pet’s hair and any additional features you may request. However, unlike the ring, the artist can cast the necklace or pendant in different shapes, such as ovals and hearts.

Bubble Glass Pet Hair Locket

Fillable bubble glass lockets hold your little one’s hair securely inside and close to your heart. Open it by unscrewing the swivel nut, then place hair and anything else of sentiment that will fit inside. Close and seal.

Each locket is made from sterling silver to ensure long-lasting wear. In addition, sterling silver chains are available in various sizes to suit your needs at an additional price.

Spun and Crocheted Pendants

Contact a hilandera to spin your pet’s hair into yarn and then a crotchet artist to twist and weave that yarn into wearable pendants. You’ll find just a few genuinely skilled artists who can both spin and weave in one location.

Results will look very similar to other wool crocheted pieces.

Pet memorial jewelry made from pet ashes

Pet Ash Diamonds

Turning your pet’s ashes into clear or colored diamonds has the most glimmer of all the options. But, unfortunately, it’s also the most expensive way to remember a loved one. 

Prices start roughly around $700 and can run as high as $20,000 or more, depending on the size, cut, clarity, and setting of your new stone.

Infused Ash Pendant

A much less expensive way to wear ashes is a crystal or stone where the ash is infused with the material rather than made from the material. But, again, you’ll have more choices for colors and shapes in these instances.

Pet Ash Bracelets

For those of you who prefer to wear cremation ashes on your wrist, you have the option of a bracelet. Most designs are made with stainless steel, with a few exceptions. 

Choose from links or a cuff to suit your needs and style.

Cufflinks Made from Pet Ash

If crisp white shirts and tailor-made suits are part of your standard weekly work attire, consider having your pet’s ashes made into a pair of cufflinks.

The resulting stones will be glittery, pearlized, natural, or neutral looking so that you can wear what’s most suitable to your preferences.

Pet Ash Earrings

Another way to honor your loved one is by wearing a pair of well-designed earrings. Some are made with resin and can include tiny flower fragments and other materials. Others are made to look like brilliant, sparkling stones.

Choose from French wire, lever backs, push, or butterfly-style back earrings.

Cremation Ash Glass Pendant

Blown glass is an inspiring and beautiful way to wear pet cremation ashes. In some cases, the artist can create a tiny sunrise in the necklace so that you have hues of pinks and oranges shining over a white-capped sea of ash.

Look for delicate necklaces like these to come with satin cording or sterling silver snake chains. 

Vintage-Inspired Pet Ash Ring

These are next-level jewelry pieces that are not only unique but exquisitely designed by master jewelers. Many options include genuine rubies, opals, and diamonds with the ashes set in and behind the center stones.

Look for metals of all types—or request a special order for a metal that is most suitable to your needs.

Other types of pet memorial jewelry

Preservation or Taxidermy Jewelry

Animal memorialists and grief advocates specialize in taxidermy akin to the Victorian tradition. Of course, you could choose to wear your little one’s tail preservation as a necklace, which may turn a few heads. Nonetheless, the work itself is pretty remarkable.

Contact the artists directly to discuss your needs and wishes to best honor your loved one’s memory.

Blue Agate Cameo Urn

This rhodium-plated .925 silver pendant showcases a white, medium-to-long-haired cat against a brilliant blue backdrop. A small pinch of ashes fits inside and includes the apparatus needed to fill the pendant.

Silver or Black Circle of Life Urn Bracelet

The circle of life is the most common metaphor for suggesting that all life is woven and connected beautifully or mysteriously. 

Medical grade stainless steel does not rust, making it the ideal material for wearing on your wrist. The band is made from an adjustable black cord. Engraving is optional.

Manufacturers recommend that you avoid wearing the urn when diving or swimming to ensure longevity.

Paw in Heart Pendant

This unique Sterling silver convex heart is stamped with a paw print at its center. An indication not only of the bond you had with your little one but for the hole they leave when they’re gone.

Accompanied by a matching Sterling silver necklace, the pendant will fall directly over your heart and rest there in memory each day.

Sterling Silver Teardrop Necklace Urn

The teardrop shape is familiar and universal as the symbol of grief and suffering. 

As minimal as the single teardrop may be, the sterling silver necklace urn is anything but discreet. Its shiny curves and pointed stop speak loudly for the fullness of pain that loss brings.

Gold Cat and Mouse Memorial Bead Charm

Next to the lab-created diamond, the gold memorial bead is the second most expensive option. Engraved on it are a stretched-out cat and a mouse on the run. This shiny golf charm will fit perfectly on any foundational slide or cuff bracelet.

To use, open the small screw and pour in a pinch of ashes. Seal with glue to avoid any spillage.

Small 14 Karat Gold Paw Urn

This handcrafted 14kt gold paw pendant urn is beautiful and will hold a small or trace amount of cremation ash, hair, or memorial soil. A similar and less expensive version comes in vermeil. Both arrive with a satin cord to tie around your neck. A matching chain is available, but for an additional charge.

The Dog Tag Urn

While the dog tag connotes both military and canine references, the dog tag itself can be personalized for any animal that fills your life with joy. 

A small portion of ashes will fit inside and should be sealed with glue at the opening to ensure no ashes escape.

How Much Does Pet Memorial Jewelry Typically Cost?

Pet memorial jewelry typically runs from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on your needs. You can expect to pay between $10 and $70 for stainless steel lockets at the lower average range and more.

On the upper average range, which runs between $70 and $200, you’ll find a few more options for engraving, crystals, hair, and more. If you’re in the market for something more extravagant, anything with 14kt gold or a piece made with diamonds will reach more than $700 and can run upwards of $20,000 or more.

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Where Can You Buy Pet Memorial Jewelry? 

You’ve got quite a few options from which to choose when buying pet memorial jewelry online. In general, most places offer caring staff and excellent customer service.


Artisanal glassblowers often have quite a few years under their belts when they start working with cremation ashes. However, you’ll also tend to find that those passionate about the creation and process have an intimate connection with grief and loss.

While you’re conducting your image search, check out a few artist bios and then send them an email. You may be able to work (slightly) outside the parameters listed on their websites if you have some special requests.


Many jewelers list their handcrafted pieces on a few sites to take advantage of search engines and increase analytics. So, if you happen to find one on a marketplace, conduct a secondary search for their main website. That’s where you’re likely to see more options and sometimes better pricing, too. 

Funeral Home

Because of recent events, funeral homes have transitioned many items to online portals. Not only does this help when loved ones can’t meet with funeral directors face-to-face, but it lets you think about your purchase in private.

When ordering items from a funeral home, the staff fills and seals the jewelry for you, so it’s all set when you’re ready to pick up your pieces.


Marketplaces offer the most options when shopping online for pet memorial jewelry. In addition, you can generally expect the best customer service, primarily because small businesses survive on customer reviews. 

Supporting neighbors and friends often gets you the best customer service and the least amount of hassle.

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Box Stores

Your familiar or brand name big box store is now selling cremation jewelry. So, if you’ve got a favorite or a general go-to location, check out their online store for memorial pendants, chains, and more. 

Pro-tip: Don’t forget to read the customer reviews. This may be the difference between a great experience and one you don’t want.

Pet Stores

Your trusted pet store is increasing its merchandise profile to include pet memorial jewelry, too. Just log onto their website and run a quick search to see what’s available in your area. 

This is also an excellent opportunity for you to check the customer reviews. Look for commentary about durability, tarnishing, and functionality before you put the item in your cart. 

Pro-tip: Another essential feature you should check for is the fill kit. If the jewelry doesn’t come with one, you’re bound to have trouble securing the ashes inside.

Memorial Store

Many online stores specialize in memorial items, from urns of all makes, shapes, and sizes to jewelry. In addition, many of them have US-based locations so that you can be sure of quicker shipping and easier returns. 

To find out where they’re located, check out the “About” section located in the top dropdown menus or at the very bottom of the homepage.

Loving the Pets Who Warm Our Hearts 

They may be gone, but they will never be completely absent from our lives. These little creatures come and go so quickly sometimes, yet every memory and feeling of grief seems as though it will last a lifetime. 

If you’d like more information on how to honor your pet, check out our celebration of life ideas.

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