15 Best Pet Memorial Frames & Shadow Boxes

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For many people, pets become best friends, furry companions, and part of the family. When a pet passes away (whether it’s a bird, cat, dog, horse, or ferret) the loss can be devastating. Pictures and memorials can help recall fond memories and help pet owners smile while they remember the good times they had together.

Whether you’re searching for a picture frame to commemorate your own furry friend or someone else’s, pick a frame that brings out something memorable and unique about your deceased pet.

1. Picture and “Paw” Print

This is a particularly special frame that can be used for any pet but works especially with cats, dogs, birds, and animals with small paws or feet. It will, however, take some planning and thinking ahead. 

The frame comes with a kit to complete the opposing side of the frame. The kit includes plaster of Paris to capture the paw or claw print of your best friend. This needs to be done while your pet is still living, so it requires some thinking ahead. Most kits work best with smaller animals. 

Once completed, you’ll have a completed fold-out picture frame. On one side, there’s room for a special picture of your beloved friend. On the other side, a shadow box should be just large enough for the plaster of Paris paw print or claw print.

The frame can be further personalized with the pet’s name and dates lived.

Pro tip: Want to capture a large animal print such as a hoof print? It would be best to get a plaster of Paris memorial stone kit instead. 

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2. Picture and Collar Display

This is another special type of frame that combines a picture and a pet keepsake. On one side of the foldable frame, you’ll have room for a picture. On the other side, there is room for your pet’s collar and another picture, a short poem, or another small trinket that belonged to your pet.

This is a beautiful gift for someone who lost a pet and isn’t sure how to memorialize him. The picture and collar are a great way to keep a pet’s memory alive.

3. Pet Urn Shadow Box

An urn shadow box is an ideal option for those who want to combine their memorial shadow box with the urn for their pet. This holds the cremains of the pet and can be sized accordingly — larger boxes for larger animals such as Great Danes and smaller boxes for miniature animals such as toy breeds or birds. 

The pet’s cremains will be placed inside the box and sealed to keep them safe. The top of the box will contain a glass section to hold meaningful items from your pet like a collar, bandana, small toy, charm, or another item.

4. Picture and Poem

For pet owners who would like a little something special, such as a poem or place to write down a remembrance, a picture and poem frame is a great option. Like the former frames, this is two-sided with room for a picture on one side of the fold-out and a poem or saying on the other side.

Many picture and poem frames come with a stock poem, such as, “When tomorrow starts without me, don’t think we’re far apart, for every time you think of me, I’m right here in your heart.”

5. Picture on Wood

You might want to consider a picture printed on wood. This unique display takes a picture that you have of your pet and digitally prints it directly onto a wood slab or board.

Because the process is digital, you can customize your picture with unique effects, such as making the background black and white and only keeping your animal in color. You can also add wording such as your pet’s name and dates or a phrase like, “In loving memory.”

6. Foldable Frame

Many double-sided frames are foldable. However, there are also more elaborate types of foldable frames that can be used to provide a special memorial for your pet. Some foldable frames open up like a flower and each leaf or petal holds a picture of your pet.

Others form a box that can be opened up to provide space for five pictures of your pet on the inside and another six pictures on the outside. This makes an especially unique tribute if adding it as part of a pet memorial.

6. Linen Board Shadow Box Frame

Looking for a rustic shadow box that provides a stylish method of memorializing your pet? Go with a linen or canvas board shadow box frame.

This three-dimensional box provides space for tacking favorite pictures onto the back of the shadow box while choosing larger items such as a collar, a small toy, or other trinkets that remind you of your beloved pet inside the box itself. 

7. Doghouse Shadow Box

Choose a shadow box that looked like your pet’s special place. This could be a doghouse, a birdhouse, a barn, or other pet-specific location.

Within the box, you’ll have room to pin several pictures, place your pet’s collar or nameplate, and maybe a special toy.

8. Stone Paw Print Frame

These are ideal for pet memorial gardens and they usually come as a kit. To create a stone paw print frame, you’ll use plaster of Paris to take a print of your dog or cat’s paw, the feet of your bird, or the hoof of your horse, goat, pig, or another animal.

While the plaster of Paris dries, insert a special photo holder into the mold. When dry, you’ll have a safe place to insert a photo of your pet and your pet’s paw or footprint directly underneath.

9. “In Loving Memory” Frame

This is a frame that has a large area for a picture. At the top of the frame, it says, “In loving memory.” At the bottom of the frame, the phrase is completed.

Together, the frame reads, “In loving memory of my loyal friend.” If desired, you can customize this frame to read, “In loving memory of [name],” or “In loving memory of our family’s best friend.” 

10. Woven Heart Frame

Animals weave themselves into your heart and life. This frame speaks to the way your life intertwined with your animal friend. Along with ample room for a picture, the outside of the frame reads, “You left paw prints forever on our hearts.”

11. “Forever Loved” Frame

Pets are loved forever. Numerous frames reference the eternal bond you may have with your pet.

You can find frames with wording along the edge that reads, “No longer by my side but forever in my heart,” “Loved you from the start, now forever in my heart,” and “You have left my life but you will never leave my heart.”

12. Wooden Frame with Clip

For a classic, rustic picture frame, consider using a wood slab. This is an easy project to DIY if you want to put your own creative spin on it. Simply paint the slab white.

Then, on one side, paint a phrase such as, “Forever in my heart” and on the other side, attach a single picture with a clip. Add the name of your pet, birth and death dates, and you’re done. 

13. Two-Sided Wooden Block Frame

This is a simple wooden block with clips on the front and back to display a picture of your pet.

The top of the block can be customized with your pet’s name and dates. A two-sided frame is ideal for areas where you can see both the front and back such as on a counter or side table.

14. Keychain Picture Frame

If you want a miniature picture to take with you no matter where you are, opt for a small keychain picture frame.

This will fit right beside your car keys. You can find numerous shapes from a heart to a paw print. Many companies allow custom engraving on the back so you can inscribe the name and dates of your pet.

15. Picture on Canvas

Pictures on canvas can be completely customized with a picture of your favorite animal and include wording such as, “In loving memory.”

They can be enlarged and are ideal when creating a pet memorial wall. A picture on canvas can easily serve as the centerpiece for your memorial wall, surrounded by other pictures, pet-themed decor, and remembrances of your pet.

Remembering Your Friends

Your pet may no longer be with you but it doesn’t mean you stop loving him. A special picture of your pet and a few things your pet loved helps you keep your pet’s presence close with pet memorial frames. 

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