20 Pet Memorial Jewelry Ideas for Your Dog, Cat or Pet


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If you’ve lost your pet, it’s important to find a special way to honor them and what they mean to you. Pets are very much a part of the family, and their loss can be felt acutely amongst all members of the family. Pet memorial jewelry is one of the best ways to hold your beloved dog, cat, or pet close for years to come. 

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From memorial diamonds to cremation vials, there have never been more options when it comes to honoring your furry friend. With so many options to choose from, how do you find the right fit for you? Better yet, how do you consider all of your choices with your budget and specific needs in mind?

In this guide, we highlight our favorite pet memorial jewelry ideas for your beloved dog, cat, or pet. No matter what your pet meant to you, there is a jewelry pick to honor them. Keeping your pet close with you through all of life’s adventures reminds you that their memory is always nearer than you think. 

Memorial tip: Much like a piece of memorial jewelry, an online memorial page can be a meaningful and lasting tribute to your beloved pet. Cake's online memorial pages are easy to use and completely free. You can also use them to raise funds for a pet-related charity or to cover outstanding veterinary bills and final expenses.

What Is Pet Memorial Jewelry?

First, what is pet memorial jewelry, and how does it work? For those who haven’t experienced much loss, it might not be clear what pet memorial jewelry is. In basic terms, this is any type of jewelry you wear in honor of your pet. 

Pet memorial jewelry takes many different forms. It can be symbolic, such as something that resembles your pet or something meaningful about them. It could also hold a photo of your pet, like a locket. Lastly, some memorial jewelry actually is created with or has a space for storing cremation ashes. 

What type of pet memorial jewelry can you find?

  • Lockets
  • Memorial diamonds
  • Cremation vials
  • Pet hair containers
  • Symbol jewelry (paw prints, hearts, pet imagery)
  • Quote jewelry

Having so much flexibility in your options for pet memorial jewelry gives you the chance to honor your pet in a unique way. There are jewelry choices to suit any budget or design style, so it’s easy to create something that you’ll look forward to wearing forever.

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What Should You Look for in a Piece of Pet Memorial Jewelry?

What Should You Look for in a Piece of Pet Memorial Jewelry?

When you’re looking for a piece of pet memorial jewelry, it’s tricky to know what’s most important. While there is no one-size-fits-all option, there are still a few things to know before you start your search. These depend on your budget and how you’ve chosen to memorialize your pet, but here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Budget. First, consider your budget. While it’s certainly possible to find an affordable option no matter your price range, some memorial jewelry can cost a pretty penny. Keeping your budget in mind will make the process smoother. 
  • Material. Because this is a type of jewelry you’d like to last a long time, the material is important. Metals are generally stronger, but it’s up to you what you’d like to choose.
  • Discretion. It’s possible to create a memorial jewelry piece that’s discreet if that’s important to you. 
  • Security. If you’re using a memorial jewelry piece to hold pet ashes or fur, you want this to be secure and safe. 
  • Symbolism. Lastly, what does this piece of jewelry mean to you? Having symbolism behind it makes all the difference. 

As long as your memorial jewelry option brings you peace and comfort, you’re on the right track. This is a highly personal decision, so lead your search with your heart. 

Pet Hair Memorial Jewelry ideas

Your pet’s fur is usually one of their most identifiable characteristics. This is a common memorial option, and it helps you hold a physical piece of your pet close. Explore these pet hair memorial jewelry ideas below. 

1. Memorial locket

One of the most popular options for pet fur memorial jewelry is enclosing it securely within a locket. Not only can these lockets be adorned with symbols and engravings, but they hold your beloved pet close. 

These can come with your dog’s name engraved, a pet photo, or other unique designs. Rainbow Bridge Memorial Jewelry has a gorgeous pet memorial locket designed to hold your dog or cat’s fur. 

2. Pet hair pendant

A pet hair pendant holds your pet’s fur in a secure pendant for a different jewelry look. Typically enclosed in metal or resin, you can choose whether you wish to see the pet hair or have it secured inside. A pendant is a discrete option you can wear daily or on special occasions. 

3. Pet hair bracelet

If you’d prefer a bracelet vs. a necklace, a hair memorial bracelet does just that. Like a hair pendant, the pet’s fur is secured within a charm. This is a small, delicate way to honor your beloved pet’s memory. 

4. Keychain memorial

Not everyone likes to wear formal jewelry, so an alternative can make all the difference. A keychain memorial is equally as meaningful, and it’s an important part of your daily routine. 

Spirit Horse Designs creates personalized pet hair key chains at a reasonable price. You can customize your selection with an inscription, background, and pet’s unique hair. 

Pet Ash Memorial Jewelry ideas

Pet Ash Memorial Jewelry ideas

Another option other than using your pet’s hair is to create memorial jewelry using your pet’s ashes. These can either hold your pet’s ashes or be created from the ashes themselves. 

5. Memorial diamond

One of the most up-and-coming memorial jewelry options is to create a memorial diamond. These lab-created diamonds are made using the same process found in nature. Using your pet’s cremated remains, it’s possible to customize a stunning diamond that’s unique to your pet’s memory. 

Eterneva is a top provider of memorial diamonds, and they create both human and pet cremation diamonds. You can choose the setting, style, and color when you make your purchase, and Eterneva sends you a cremation ash collection kit. 

6. Pawprint ash pendant

If you’d rather use the cremation ashes in another way, you can also have them infused within a pendant. Using resin, artists mix cremation ash with other colors, designs, and materials to create a new work of art. At Spirit Pieces, you can find paw print ash pendants designed for your specific wishes.

7. Cremation bead

A cremation bead is a great pick for a discrete option that blends with your existing jewelry style. These beads from Get Urns are composed of sterling silver with gold vermeil and hand-cut mother of pearl. There is a small compartment for holding your pet’s ashes, and it’s easy to add onto over time. 

8. Modern pendant

Some jewelry wearers prefer something modern and stylish that complements their taste. These modern pendants from The Foraged Word on Etsy are stunning and contemporary. Available in gold or silver, you can add your own engraving or details to make this your own design. 

Best of all, it’s possible to add a small bit of your pet’s ashes within the vial. Though it appears like a regular pendant, this is a modern tribute to a beloved pet. 

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9. Teardrop necklace

Another modern pick is the classic Hepburn Teardrop from Oaktree Memorials. Specializing in gorgeous memorial items, this Hepburn Teardrop necklace is a discreet way to carry your pet’s memory close. Available in gold, silver, and rose gold, there is a small screw on the back for adding a minimal amount of ashes. 

10. Heart necklace

If you’d prefer a shape that honors your unyielding love for your pet, this Amore Necklace from Oaktree Memorials is for you. The simple heart design is understated yet beautiful, reminding you that those you love are always with you. 

11. Locket urn

Last but not least, you can also combine a locket with an urn to create a special type of cremation memorial jewelry. The Paw Print Locket Urn from Cara Keepsakes has a space for your pet’s photo as well as a personalized engraving. You can also include a small amount of your pet’s ashes, creating an all-in-one memorial. 

Dog-Specific Memorial Jewelry ideas

For a dog-specific memorial tribute, look no further than the list below. Dog memorial jewelry is a gorgeous way to show your love for Fido. Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason!

12. Custom necklace

For a depiction of your dog that’s built to last, choose a customized necklace. There are many artisan providers that turn a photo of your pet into a gorgeous work of wearable art. Furryosa specializes in the Heart Necklace, created with your pet’s unique image. 

13. Dog paw print pendant

For a dainty jewelry option that reminds you of your pet’s memory, consider a dog paw print pendant. Goldstore Jewelry on Etsy creates small metal pendants with your dog’s unique paw print or nose print on a 14K solid-gold necklace. 

14. Dog charm bracelet

If you’d prefer a bracelet memorial, it’s easy to find dog-specific charms and symbols. These are a small way to show your love for your furry friend even after they’re gone. The Paw Print Love pull chain bracelet from Alex and Ani is created with sterling silver and is built to last. Just as this chain is unbreakable, so is your love for your pet. 

15. Rainbow bridge necklace

When you lose a pet, they cross over the Rainbow Bridge. This is a mythical bridge that reunites owners with their loved ones when their time comes. Honor your precious dog with a unique Rainbow Bridge memorial necklace like this one from HopeLoveShine on Etsy. 

16. Pet portrait ring

Lastly, you can create a stunning depiction of your pet on a memorial ring. If you’d prefer something to wear on your hand, a ring is a great option. Caitlyn Minimalist on Etsy creates stunning rings for all breeds of pets to honor their memory. 

Cat-Specific Memorial Jewelry ideas

Cat-Specific Memorial Jewelry ideas

Losing a cat is like losing a companion. Though quiet, these stoic animals are always by our sides. Honor your purr-fect friend with these cat-specific memorial jewelry ideas. 

17. Pet portrait bracelet

Pet portraits are a popular way to remember your cat as they were. A custom pet portrait bracelet is engraved with your pet’s unique depiction, keeping them in your thoughts all day long. GeoPersonalized on Etsy offers modern, dainty jewelry with custom engravings. 

18. Heart ring

A unique symbol that brings your love for your cat to life is a heart ring. Though small, this discreet option reminds you that your love for your cat is neverending. Only One specializes in unique, customized jewelry. Their Personalized Heart Ring is fully engravable and customizable to suit your pet’s memory. 

19. Memorial keychain

For those who prefer a keychain you can use daily, this is also an option. This cat memorial keychain from InTheQuiet on Etsy features layered charms, each honoring your pet in a unique way. Engrave their name and hold a special message close. 

20. Simple cat necklace

Last but not least, show the world that your love for your cat is forever with a simple, discreet cat necklace. Though the imagery isn’t specific to your pet, it’s still a personal way to show your love for your pet. TutuPersonalized on Etsy offers gold necklaces designed with your pet’s initials. 

Where Can You Purchase Pet Memorial Jewelry Online?

From the list above, it’s easy to see that there are many ways to honor your pet’s memory. If you’re shopping for pet memorial jewelry online, where can you shop? Here are our favorite picks. 


The creator’s marketplace Etsy is one of the best places to find memorial jewelry. Created by hand, there are so many options to choose from. This is your best source if you want to have personalization and customizable options. 


Did you know the largest online retailer Amazon also had memorial gifts? It’s true, and you can find a wide selection of memorial jewelry specifically for pets. While you might have fewer customization options, sometimes it’s worth shopping on a platform you trust. 

Cara Keepsakes

Cara Keepsakes is a family-owned jewelry manufacturer with over 40 years of experience creating meaningful pieces. Created with quality and durability in mind, Cara Keepsakes has a wide range of pet memorial jewelry that’s built to last. 

Perfect Memorials

Another option is Perfect Memorials. This well-known memorial product manufacturer has keepsakes in all shapes and sizes, including jewelry. While these are less personalizable, they might suit your needs and budget. 

Spirit Pieces

At Spirit Pieces, it’s all about honoring your loved ones and pets through art. Their jewelry pieces are made using glass, silver, and crystal resin. They specialize in showcasing ashes in a unique, stunning way. 

Oaktree Memorials

Last but not least, Oaktree Memorials is a modern, artisan-focused manufacturer of remembrance products. With both urns and memorial jewelry, they are regarded as one of the more sophisticated providers on the market. 

Find the Perfect Jewelry

No matter how you’d like to remember and honor your pet, consider the jewelry picks above. Though only recently gaining popularity, pet memorial jewelry is a meaningful way to keep your pet’s memory alive and well. Everyone deserves to be remembered, including your furry friends. 

Whether you’re honoring a beloved dog, cat, or other pet, show just what they mean to you. Holding them close every day reminds you that those you love are always near. 

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