14 Best Types of Pet Memorial Plaques for Outside & Indoors

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You can find many different types of pet memorials on the market. You can commission a painting of your pet from an online or local artist or purchase a garden stepping stone personalized with your pet’s name and image. You can also buy a pet memorial plaque to hang outside or inside your home to pay homage to the pet you lost.

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Some pet memorial products are generic items shaped like a paw print or dog bone. While these items may be inexpensive, they don’t tell the story about your dalmatian or your Siamese cat like a plaque can.

Finally, pet memorial plaques show visitors to your home how much you miss and honor the pet you lost. Here are different types of pet memorial plaques to consider.

Types of Pet Memorial Plaques for Outdoors

Did your dog enjoy a romp in the backyard every morning? Maybe your cat enjoyed lying in the sun and lazily watching the shadows from the tree branches moving in the wind.

If your pet’s favorite spot was outside, why not honor your pet with a plaque in that preferred location? Some memorial plaque wording is commemorative and others show a burial location. Here are some outdoor pet memorial plaques to consider. 

1. Heart-shaped engraved plate with your pet’s name

A pet memorial plaque doesn’t have to be huge to be effective. Some pet owners choose to purchase a small engraved plate with the pet’s name and dates. These items, reminiscent of an animal tag, can be attached to your pet’s favorite tree. 

Consider adding the phrase “rest in peace” or another similar sentiment to the plaque. 

2. Paw print engraved plate with a heartfelt message

Most metal memorial plaques can last for years outside. Everyone will understand that you are honoring a pet when they see a paw print-shaped engraved plate hanging on your fence. 

Consider adding the line “forever in our hearts” to the bottom of the plaque.

3. Memorial plaque stake

If a sturdy deck, fence, or tree is unavailable, consider purchasing a commemorative plaque secured on a stake. 

Add this type of memorial plaque to a garden designed specifically for your cat or dog. The plate can show your pet’s burial spot or it can merely act as a commemorative piece to celebrate your animal’s life.

4. Memorial plaque on a bench

Some families celebrate the life of a loved one by purchasing a bench for a local park. A memorial plaque often honors the deceased loved one. Consider honoring your pet in this manner, especially if your pet enjoyed a park near your home.

5. Memorial plaque on an animal water fountain

Purchase an animal water fountain for your dog or cat. A memorial plaque can accompany this, possibly made of metal. Other pet owners will see how much you loved your pet while they pause to give their animals a drink at the fountain.

6. Stone memorial plaque

You often place stone memorial plaques on the ground, in the form of headstones or garden stepping stones. But you may be able to find a durable plaque made out of rock that is able to be hung on a fence or around a tree. 

Like metal plaques, why not personalize stone memorials with your pet’s name?

7. Solar light memorial plaques

You can light up your pet’s memorial plaque using a solar panel. These personalized plaques, usually placed on a stake, light up at night with the etched image of your pet, along with any text that you want to include. 

To get the full effect of this type of memorial plaque, place it in a sunny location. The sun’s rays will charge the battery during the day and you will enjoy the glowing plaque at night.

8. Wind chimes

We know that a wind chime is not a plaque, but it can hang outside and be personalized to honor your pet. Wind chimes are lovely commemorative items. Engrave your pet’s dates on it, and you can think of your cat or dog each time you hear it tinkle in the breeze.

9. 3D bronze memorial plaque

Your pet memorial plaque can be as formal as you wish. If money is not a consideration, you can have a 3D bronze memorial plaque created to honor your deceased pet. These items are similar to what you would find outside of museums or government buildings. Artists can create a 3D metal image of your pet based on a photograph.

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Types of Pet Memorial Plaques for Indoors

There are benefits of having a memorial plaque indoors. The most obvious benefit is that you and your guests can always see the plaque. 

Here are some types of indoor plaques to honor your deceased pet. Since many of these items can be personalized, carefully choose an epitaph that honors your animal. 

Some of the items listed above can also be used indoors, with the obvious exceptions of plaques placed on stakes or memorial benches and water fountains. 

10. Engraved memorial plaques attached to wood

Would you like to dedicate an indoor space to your favorite animal? Consider having a memorial plaque engraved and then have that plate attached to a piece of wood. You can use these plaques in indoor spaces as everlasting memorials. 

11. Laser engraved wood memorial plaque

Some memorial plaques are engraved directly on the surface of a piece of wood instead of metal. Laser engraved wood memorial plaques can also be personalized with the image of your pet as well as a fitting epitaph.

Wood memorial plaques tend to look less formal than those engraved on metal.

12. Crystal engraved memorial plaques

Engraving your pet’s memorial information on crystal or glass can look extremely distinctive. While most of the time, these items are placed on a bookshelf or table, they can be made to hang on a wall.

13. Carved wooden plaques

If you would like your pet’s memorial to look more rustic, consider having a wooden plaque carved in your pet’s honor. Consider completing this project yourself. Check out wood-burning kits to give your project a distinct look.

14. Shadow box plaque

Instead of purchasing a flat piece, why not buy a hanging shadow box that holds items inside? The outside of the shadow box can be made of glass and etched with your pet's name. Inside the box, you can place your pet’s collar and tags. 

Other Ways to Honor a Pet

Many people purchase decorative items to commemorate the life of a deceased animal. While this is a beautiful thing to do, consider honoring your pet by serving other needy animals.

Have you ever considered fostering animals that are waiting for their forever homes? You may want to donate your time or money to a local no-kill shelter. Contact local pet charities to see how you can help. Explain to the staff that you would like to honor a beloved pet by donating your talents or money. 

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