How to Send a Pet Sympathy eCard + Wording Ideas


It can be as difficult to lose a pet as it can be to lose a member of the family. Pets are family and their death should be treated in a similar manner in many cases. That means sending a pet sympathy card to show that you care.

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Many websites today can help you send highly personalized, unique, and sympathetic ecards after someone has lost a pet. Even if you’re a distant friend or coworker, the recipient will appreciate your thoughtfulness

How to Send a Pet Sympathy eCard via Email or Text

Here are a few steps to send a loving card to your friend or loved one. Ecard messages are especially helpful if you can’t comfort your friend in person and you’re trying to figure out how to pay respects from far away.

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Step 1: Select a service

There are many ecard services available that carry pet sympathy ecards. Take some time to browse through the selection from several sites before deciding which service to choose. Some services require payment information, some are completely free, but most require the sender to sign up and set up an account.

Top choice for pet sympathy ecards:

Popular services with pet sympathy ecards:

Free services with pet sympathy ecards:

E-postcard services with pet sympathy ecards:

Step 2: Sign up for an account

For many of the above services, you’ll need to sign up for an account in order to send an ecard. Depending on the designs available, level of customization desired, and personalization options, you might want to sign up for the full membership. Here’s what you can expect for each ecard service:

  • Sloppy Kiss Cards offers a free 30-day trial. After the trial period, it charges a yearly membership fee of $13.95 for full access to the entire site.
  • Blue Mountain offers a free one-week trial. After the trial ends, it offers three subscription models. You can sign up for a monthly subscription at $4.99 per month, a yearly subscription with an upfront payment of $19.99, or a two-year subscription with an upfront payment of $29.99.
  • Hallmark has several free cards to choose from but offers no free trial period. It charges a flat rate of $5 per month. 
  • 123 Greetings is completely free. You don’t even have to sign up for an account. If you do, you’ll be able to save favorite designs and have a record of cards you sent. When signing up for an account, no credit card information is required.
  • Canva offers two options. First, you can sign up for a free account. This option gives you access to many designs and allows minor customization. Its $9.95 monthly sign-up option gives you full access to the site, maximizes customization options, and allows you to import files, including pictures and gifs.

Step 3: Choose your tone

There are several ways you can go when you choose an ecard to send. Most sympathy cards are going to be on the somber side. However, you can further refine the tone you’re looking for as well.

  • Sympathetic: Sympathetic cards communicate that you’re sorry for your loved one’s loss and come across as caring, kind, and loving.
  • Empathetic: Cards with empathetic tones communicate that you’re not only sorry for your loved one’s loss but that you understand it. A card like this is ideal if you’ve also experienced pet loss and can relate to these feelings.
  • Sentimental: Cards that focus on sentiment include sorrow for your loved one’s loss but place the emphasis more on encouraging the person to think about good times, happy memories, and fun moments shared with Fido or Catnip.
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Step 4: Go animal-specific (if possible)

You’ll have the most to choose from as you look for cat or dog loss sympathy ecards. Most ecard services offer cards for cats and dogs. They also supply several generic pet loss cards. 

But what if your friend lost the horse she’s had since childhood? Or the pet fish that went to college with him? Or the turtle that’s lived in his backyard for the last 20 years? 

For specific animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, or parrots, you’ll want to choose a company that deals specifically with pet loss ecards. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of what each card service offers.

  • Sloppy Kiss Cards: Specific pet loss for animals of many kinds
  • Blue Mountain: Generic pet loss 
  • Hallmark: Cat loss, dog loss, and generic pet loss
  • 123 Greetings: Cat loss, dog loss, and generic pet loss
  • Canva: Cat loss, dog loss, generic pet loss, customizable pet loss

Sloppy Kiss Cards wins the award. This company gives you the option to personalize your ecard with 23 different animals, from cats and dogs to chinchillas, parakeets, and even llamas. 

Step 5: Write your message

All ecards come with a short “stock” message but they can all be customized according to your wishes. Stock messages can be removed entirely or kept and used along with your personalized message. Take some time and think about what you want to say to the recipient. Pet loss can be just as difficult as losing a relative or best friend. 

When considering what to say when someone loses a pet, keep the following tips in mind. First, keep the tone of your card consistent. Try not to switch from sentimental to flat and unemotional. Second, a touch of humor can go a long way, such as sharing a funny memory you have of your own interaction with that pet.

It’s important that any humor is shared tastefully and in a way that helps the recipient think of good times with Fido. Finally, be genuine. Share from your heart and help bear the burden of your friend’s loss.

Step 6: Include a donation (optional)

If you feel like it, consider including a donation to a pet charity. This certainly isn’t required, but sending a digital pet sympathy gift such as this is a kind touch that shows how much you care.

When donating, try to pick a charity closely associated with your loved one’s pet. Donate to a charity that focuses on rescuing horses for horse lovers, one that researches cures to canine cancer for someone who lost their beloved pooch to canine leukemia, or a farm rescue fund for pet owners with farm animals. 

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Simple Pet Sympathy eCard Wording Ideas

Loss can be difficult to write about. Use all of a pet sympathy message or combine several messages to say what you want to communicate. Use these as a template and switch out names and your type of pet, as needed.

  • I am so sorry about losing Molly. She was such an adorable, sweet kitty and I always loved getting to pet her when I came over to your house. I know she will be missed by you and she’ll surely be missed by us, too. 
  • Freddy was an amazing horse. I know you’ll miss him terribly. He had such a wonderful disposition. Thank you for sharing the memories of your time with him whenever we’d talk about life on the farm. I know he loved you just as much as you loved him.
  • Jerry the turtle was such a wonderful friend to us all. Wherever he is, I know he’s thinking fondly of you and the blissful days spent in the backyard with your family. If there’s a turtle heaven, I’m sure Jerry is there.
  • I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am to hear that Rufus passed away. He was a beautiful guide dog with the best doggie kisses ever. I’ll miss his sloppy kisses, happy barks, and tail wags on the days when you’d bring him to the office. 
  • My family and I are so sorry to hear about the loss of your four-legged family member. We know how dear she was to you all.
  • My husband and I are so sorry to hear about Thor’s passing. We know you loved him deeply. We loved giving him treats when you walked him by our house. Our hearts go out to you.
  • My daughter wanted you to know how sorry she is that Bluebird passed away. She loved hearing him chirp and sing when she came over to play with your daughter. 
  • We’re sending lots of love and hugs your way. We’re so sorry to hear about Pickles. We know he loved you as much as you loved him. 
  • Hugs! I’m so sorry to hear about Max. He and my Piper were such good little dog park buddies. Piper will miss him as much as we do. 
  • I’m so sorry to hear about Daisy. I know she brought you a lot of happiness and cheer. May the memories of your time together continue to bring you joy.

Send Your Sympathy

Experiencing the loss of a pet can be difficult for anyone. Send an ecard to meaningfully extend your condolences, recognize a loss, and show that you care.

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