12 Popular Types of Urns for Large or Small Dogs


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Dogs can be much more than cute companions. They can be genuine members of your family. Thus, when a beloved dog dies, you might want to mourn them the same way you would mourn any other close loved one.

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One way to do so is to cremate your dog and keep their remains in an urn. Pet cremation is becoming an increasingly popular option for dog owners.

You might also want to choose an urn that properly respects your dog’s memory and spirit. Luckily, you have many options to consider. This blog entry will list a few of them to help you get a sense of what types of urns you may choose.

Types of Pet Urns for Large Dogs

You need to consider certain practical factors when deciding on the ideal pet urn for your dog. For example, if your dog was large, you need a large urn to fit its cremains. The following are options worth keeping in mind:

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1. Sturdy metal urn

You may want a strong and durable urn to hold the remains of a strong and large dog. If so, consider a traditional metal urn.

You can find these in a variety of sizes, so you likely won’t have trouble finding one large enough for your dog’s cremains. Additionally, a metal urn will be less vulnerable to damage than some other urns, so it will keep your dog’s remains safe and intact for years.

2. Biodegradable urn

You can purchase a biodegradable urn for a dog of any size. That said, this type of pet urn for a dog is a particularly smart choice for a larger animal. You simply might not have enough space in your home to permanently store a large urn.

With a biodegradable urn, you’ll get the chance to pay your respects before burying it in an appropriate spot. Dog-lovers who choose this option often bury their urns in backyard gardens, so they can always remember their dog when they see flowers or other gorgeous plants blooming.

3. Garden rock urn

This is another option to keep in mind if you don’t have space in your home for a large dog’s urn. A large garden rock urn can hold your dog’s cremains. As the name implies, you can install it in a garden, where you may have more space than you do indoors.

4. Marble urn

Marble is another sturdy material that designers often use when creating pet urns for dogs. Because marble has a naturally elegant and regal quality, it’s a perfect choice if you want to ensure the look of your dog’s urn conveys a sense of respect for their memory.

Types of Pet Urns for Medium or Small Dogs

You have a little more flexibility when choosing from urns for the ashes of medium or small dogs. These are some of the more popular options.

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5. Small wooden urn

Although some wooden urns are large enough for the remains of bigger dogs, in many instances, these urns are smaller, resembling moderately-sized pencil or stationery cases. You might consider this option if you want to keep the urn in a spot with limited space. 

Wooden urns also come in a variety of styles. Some take the form of photo boxes (more on that in the next section), while others are minimal, ensuring their design features mesh with virtually any spot in your home.

This might be an ideal type of urn for your needs if you tend to move frequently, and want an urn that will always look appropriate in any house or apartment, regardless of the interior design style and decor.

6. Clay jar urn

Like a smaller wooden urn, a clay jar urn is ideal when you want to keep your dog’s remains in a small spot.

For instance, if you work from home, you might want an urn you can keep on a shelf near your desk, so you’ll know your dog is never far away. A clay or ceramic pottery jar urn is a smart choice if that’s the case. 

7. Dog house urn

Many pet urns for dogs resemble traditional dog houses. Something this decorative may not be ideal for a larger dog, as you might struggle to find a place in your home where it naturally blends in with its surroundings.

On the other hand, if you’re storing a small dog’s cremains, it’s a cute option worth considering. A smaller pet house urn may not call so much attention to itself that it clashes with the rest of your home’s decor. 

8. Sculpture urn

Some pet urns for dogs also serve as sculptures of dogs in various positions or settings, such as sleeping in a basket.

This type of decorative urn might be outside of your budget if you’re storing a large dog’s remains. However, for a smaller dog, it may be an affordable option that will put a smile on your face whenever you see it.

Personalized Pet Urn Types for All Dogs

Your dog likely played an important role in your life. Thus, you might want to choose a personalized urn that’s as unique as your pet was. These are a few ideas along those lines:

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9. Photo urn

Urns don’t merely serve a practical purpose. They can also help you remember your dog every time you look at them.

For example, many dog-lovers who opt for pet cremation store the remains in an urn featuring one or more pictures of the dog.

10. Engraved urn

No matter what popular urn material you choose, whether it’s wood, metal, or a similar option, in most cases, you can personalize the urn by engraving it. 

Some pet owners just engrave their dog’s name on an urn. However, others customize urns to a greater degree by including engraved poems or quotes as well. 

11. Figurine urn

As this blog entry mentioned earlier, some pet urns for dogs feature sculptures, but in many cases, those sculptures are generic, and might not resemble the specific dog whose cremains the urn holds. That’s why dog-owners who want more personalized urns sometimes commission artists to create figurines that resemble their dogs. They can then install the figurine on top of a small wooden urn.

This option is also becoming more affordable than it used to be. In the past, an artist would have to take their time to create this type of figurine. Hiring someone for such an involved project is often costly. Thankfully, some designers now offer to create figurines of dogs using 3-D printing equipment. This reduces the amount of time involved in the process, which in turn reduces the expense.

In some instances, they may even 3-D print actual urns, instead of mere figurines. This allows you to store your dog’s cremains in an urn that looks exactly like them. Foreverence is an urn provider that specializes in unique, custom urns to match your pet's personality. Their 3-D printed creators are an heirloom to cherish.   

12. Jewelry

True, this idea isn’t technically an urn, but it’s another way you may wish to store your dog’s cremains if you’d like to keep them close. 

Cremation jewelry comes in several forms. For instance, some people choose to keep the remains of loved ones in lockets on necklaces or bracelets. Others infuse glass or similar jewelry materials with cremains. Fortunately, you can order cremation jewelry with the cremains of a dog, the same way you can do so with the cremains of a human loved one.

Another option is a memorial diamond. Eterneva specializes in personalized, gorgeous memorial diamonds made from pet ashes or fur. It only takes a small sample, and you can create something completely unique to remind you of your beloved furry friend. 

Just make sure you’re prepared to keep the jewelry safe! While cremation jewelry gives you the option of carrying part of your dog with you whenever you wish, because a piece of jewelry is smaller than an urn, you need to be more careful to guard against misplacing it.

Along with cremation jewelry, you can also order various types of personalized pet keepsakes after a dog passes. Options include pawprint “headstones,” jewelry featuring a photo of your dog, and even custom stuffed animals that look like your dog! You may want to research these while you’re also looking into pet urns for dogs.

Pet Urns for Dogs: Remembering a Best Friend

The loss of a beloved pet is always a challenging experience. That said, by choosing the right urn for your dog’s cremains, you can still honor their memory, ensuring they’ll always be in your heart.


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