24 Thoughtful Gifts for Physician Assistants & PA Graduates


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Some people see a physician assistant more often than they see their actual doctor. It’s often easier to get an appointment with a physician assistant (PA). And some people prefer seeing their PA instead of the doctor.

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Physician Assistant Graduation Gifts

‘Thank You’ or Birthday Gifts for Physician Assistants

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If you are looking for an idea for a thoughtful gift to give to a physician assistant, this article is for you. Whether for a new PA or someone who’s been practicing for years, you can’t go wrong with one of these gifts. 

Physician Assistant Graduation Gift Ideas

A person’s college graduation is always worth celebrating. And receiving a master’s degree warrants additional celebration. It is an exciting time! Someone graduating with a degree as a Physician Assistant will be able to start assisting patients.

If you know someone who recently graduated or is starting their career as a physician assistant, here are some gift ideas you may consider.

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1. A white coat

Most PAs wear white coats while at work. There may be exceptions to this rule, but generally, white coats are the standard uniform. 

You may consider purchasing a white coat that is personalized with the graduate’s name and title. Even if they don’t wear it regularly having it available to wear will be appreciated. 

We like the CHEROKEE Women's Lab Coat from Amazon.

2. Professional clothing

In most situations, a PA wears professional clothing underneath their white coat. This wardrobe may be easily stained from their busy day. So having a few extra pieces of clothing will be helpful.

Instead of purchasing clothes for them, consider buying a gift card to a local mall or department store. That way they can decide what they want to get. If you know the recipient is very particular about their clothes consider purchasing a gift certificate to a shoe store instead.

Those working in the medical field are often on their feet for long periods. So a good pair of shoes will be appreciated. 

3. Scrubs

At times, a PA may choose to wear scrubs. In most larger cities, you can find stores that exclusively sell them. A gift card to such a store will give your PA the opportunity to buy more professional clothes.

If you know your PA's size and want to pick up a pair in their favorite color, then we like the Adar Pro Breakthrough Plus Scrub Set from Amazon.

4. High-quality travel mug

Everyone in the medical community works long hours. It may be difficult for a new PA to get used to early-morning shifts. Coffee may be their new best friend.

Help them keep their coffee hot by purchasing an insulated travel mug. Make sure to buy one that can be easily cleaned and sanitized.

We like the Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug from Amazon.

5. Reusable water bottle

This new graduate will always be on the run. Make sure they stay hydrated by purchasing an easy-to-clean water bottle.

If you are worried about them having too much in their bag, you can buy a bottle that works for both hot and cold drinks. They can use it for water or coffee.

We like the POP Design Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle from Amazon.

6. Diploma frame

Your friend or family member worked hard to earn a master’s degree. Help the graduate share their achievement by purchasing a diploma frame as a gift.

Look for a frame that includes an attractive matte, perhaps edged in the college’s color. Or one that has a spot for their mortarboard tassel. 

We like the Americanflat 11x14 Black Diploma Frame from Amazon.

7. Desk plate

Most of the time, physician assistants spend their day assisting patients. But they’ll probably need to complete computer work at their desk, too. A professional-looking desk plate for the new graduate to put on their desk is a helpful gift. And it acknowledges all their hard work, especially if you include their new title on the plate. 

We like the SignsByLITA Personalized Acrylic Desk Name Plate from Amazon.

8. Office decor

Physician assistants often work long days. Consider giving them some items to spruce up their workspace. A live plant or colorful calendar for their desk might be just the right choice.

We like the Peace Lily Clean Air Plant from Amazon.

9. Colorful socks

This may not be the most exciting gift, but who doesn’t enjoy a new pair of socks? Search for socks with a medical symbol. Regardless of age or gender, everyone needs socks.

We like the HAPPYPOP Medical Socks from Amazon.

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10. Journal

Everyone has crazy stories from their workplace. And a job that requires you to interact with sick people could result in many interesting stories. But, a PA cannot share those stories with others. It’s part of the rules of doctor-patient confidentiality. 

Having a place to write about their day could be a great help. Getting their thoughts and feelings onto paper may help them deal with what can be an emotionally charged job. Journals come in many designs. But you can’t go wrong with a leather-bound journal and a nice pen.

We like the Thick Classic Notebook with Pen Loop from Amazon.

11. Books

A new physician assistant probably has a plethora of medical books and textbooks. But perhaps a new PA would like to read about the emotional side of healthcare. Books about the personal side of dementia, infertility, and substance abuse may be especially helpful. Or if they are working in a new field, try to find a book that delves into that topic. 

Search the list of non-fiction best sellers from recent years on Amazon. There should be some titles that will appeal to someone working in the medical community. 

12. Cash

Perhaps your friend or family member borrowed a lot of money to get a PA degree. Or maybe they have to move after graduation to start a new job.

These expenses may be difficult for a person to manage. Consider giving them cash to help them as they start their careers.

‘Thank You,’ Holiday, or Birthday Gifts for Physician Assistants 

It is common for patients to become close to their medical providers. Especially if they spend a lot of time with them because of a severe illness or injury. 

Or perhaps you lost a family member recently who was cared for by a physician assistant. Even if your loved one is gone, it would be nice to express your appreciation to the medical professional. They did a lot for your loved one and your family. 

Here are some ideas of gifts you can give for any occasion. They are appropriate for your physician assistant or even for your doctor.

13. Sweet treats

Who doesn’t love cake or dessert? Even if it is not the most healthy of snacks, everyone deserves something sweet once in a while. 

Cakes and cookies are easy to share with the rest of the members of the medical team. PAs and doctors don’t work as individuals. It takes a large group of people to run an office. 

We like The Cravory's Best Sellers Mix Variety Pack from Amazon.

14. Restaurant gift card

Perhaps you want to give a gift specifically for your PA—one that they won’t feel obligated to share. Consider purchasing a gift card to a restaurant or cafe nearby.

New PAs may have a lot of debt. And if they move to a new city, a gift card to a nice restaurant can help them explore their new home.

15. Flowers

Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion. If it is close to the holidays, consider buying an arrangement that the PA can use as a centerpiece for their holiday dinner.

Otherwise, a colorful bouquet would be appreciated by anyone. 

We like the Benchmark Bouquets Assorted Asiatic Lilies from Amazon.

16. Gift card to a spa

Being a PA is a stressful job. Not only are you interacting with people who don’t feel well, but your decisions can have a great impact.

They can even be the difference between life and death. Self-care is incredibly important to people working in the medical industry. For this reason, a gift card to a local spa for a massage or a facial would be appreciated. 

17. Locally-made wine or beer

If you know that your PA enjoys a drink every once in a while, purchase a fine bottle of wine or some specialty beer. Consider purchasing items made in your local area.

If your budget allows, send the gift with the appropriate glassware for the beverage. If you opt for beer, you can also consider putting a few local selections in a nice beer caddy.

We like the Stonebriar Wooden Drink Local Beer Caddy from Amazon.

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18. Locally-made jellies, honey, or sauces

Visit a gourmet food store near you, one that specializes in products made by local vendors. Jars of jam made from local fruit, honey produced by local bees, or sauces that are local to your community are all great gifts.

If you grew up somewhere that has a well-known sauce or jam it would make a good gift. This could be a barbecue sauce if you are from Kansas City or hot sauce from New Orleans. 

We like the Stonewall Kitchen Classic Sampler Collection from Amazon.

19. Gourmet teas

Green, oolong, and white tea have many health benefits. Chances are, your PA is aware of these benefits. They’ll likely be pleased to receive a gift basket that includes high-quality teas.

If you buy loose-leaf teas, make sure you include a diffuser. If you aren’t sure about loose-leaf tea, a variety of tea bags would also be a perfect gift. 

We like the Tea Forte Tea Sampler Gift Set from Amazon.

20. Wine bottle stopper

Purchase a wine bottle stopper for your PA. Consider finding one that is personalized with your PA’s initials. 

We like the ERHIRY Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Stopper from Amazon.

21. Cheeseboard

Cheeseboards make excellent gifts for people who like to host dinners. But they can also be useful for more casual evenings too.

These are often made with bamboo or teak, but try to find one that is made ethically.

We like the Kunaboo Bamboo cheese board and knife set from Amazon.

22. Photo frame

Any person who spends a great deal of time at work would appreciate receiving a photo frame. A safe choice is a basic frame.

But if you know your PA well something more personalized would be nice. 

We like the Dust and Things Personalized Photo Frame from Amazon.

23. Artwork

Artwork that displays positive messages is popular right now. Perhaps your PA would like one for their desk or office at work.

You can find these in frames and on wood blocks, not to mention many other forms. Try to find something on the small side. You don’t want to clutter up your PA’s desk or work area. 

We like the TODAY IS A GOOD DAY - Rustic Artwork from Amazon.

24. Gift card for a local coffee shop

Your PA is probably tired of hospital coffee. Purchase a gift card to a local shop that serves quality products. A shop close to their office is a good option. 

Finding the Right Gift for a PA

If you aren’t sure what to gift your PA a thank you note is a kind gift. It’s crucial to say appreciative words to people who are important to you.

And, if you can, a small and thoughtful gift is a kind gesture. It shows the recipient that their actions were important. And that their hard work is appreciated. That will mean a lot to them. 

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