25+ Popular Poems About a Mother's Death


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The loss of a parent can be one of the hardest things anyone may experience. The grief is unique just given the longevity of a parent’s life alongside your own.

However difficult the grief may be, sometimes it is necessary to reach out for additional support. Support can take the form of reading books on grief, seeking advice via a therapist, or receiving guidance from a religious leader.

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Sometimes it can be even simpler. If the loss is recent, you may be in the middle of funeral planning. Things like selecting the best funeral songs, writing a eulogy, and other details may already be on your mind. However, with some of these details, they can be supported, or in some cases replaced, by a memorable and unique poem about the death of a mother.

We’ve listed over 25 poems for you to review; if you want more, here are poems specifically for a mother's funeral.

Tip: If you recently lost your mother, you might be sorting through the complex life she left behind. Our post-loss checklist can help you understand what tasks you should tackle next. 

Poems to Remember Mom’s Life

What made your mom special? How did her life stand apart from others’ lives? These poems celebrate the life of mothers. 

1. "A Silent Tear” by Unknown Author

It makes sense that those who die would rather we spend time thinking about memories instead of wallowing in despair at their deaths. In this poem, the mother tells her family that she is celebrating and Heaven, and so her loved ones should not cry for her. 

2. "Mother” by Elizabeth Akers Allen

In this poem, the speaker reflects upon the mother of her childhood. She remembers the feeling of peace as she was rocked to sleep by her loving mother. 

3. "Only One Mother” by Unknown Author

Most of us have only one mother. This giver of life is unique to us because once she is gone, she can’t be replaced. 

4. "You Always Fulfilled My Wishes” by Unknown Author

In this poem of regret, the speaker thinks back to all the times the mother helped her child. The loss of the mother is described as a “frightening void.”

5. "Farewell to the Lady” by Unknown Author

Our moms do so much for us. In this poem that celebrates a mother’s life, the speaker says farewell to the person who “lights the home.”

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Poems That Say “I Miss You, Mom”

How many times have you said “I miss you” to your mother who has passed away? We hope our mothers can hear our sentiments. Here are some poems that reflect how hard it is to live without our mothers. 

6. "Dear Mom . . . “ by Author Unknown 

The last line of this poem says, “I miss you.” The poem may offer comfort to people who were present at their mothers’ deaths. It speaks about hearing your mother’s last words. 

7. "Heaven Needed Mom” by Unknown Author

This poem begins, “So many things of mom I miss,” and it continues with a list of those particular things. The speaker of this poem imagines how the mom is probably assisting angels in Heaven, just as she supported her child.

8. "For Every Time I Let You Down” by Unknown Author

It’s normal for people to feel guilty when they lose their mothers. You may feel bad for past behaviors or not visiting often. In this poem, the speaker promises to change his or her ways to make a heavenly mother proud. 

9. "I Am At Peace . . . “ by Unknown Author

Sometimes death can be a blessing. Even though it is difficult losing the ones we love, we receive solace that they are now at peace. 

10. "Mom, How I Miss You” by Unknown Author

This poem mentions Mother’s Day, and while it may be the perfect piece to post on social media on that particular day in May, it may also bring you comfort as you mourn the recent death of your mom. 

Poems About a Mother’s Death from a Son

Although we have listed some poems about a son losing a mom, most of the poems are written so they can be read from either the male or female perspective. 

11. "Sonnet to My Mother” by George Barker

Barker describes his mother as “sitting as huge as Asia/ seismic with laughter.” Even though your mother may not appreciate being called “as huge as Asia,” the poem is still a loving tribute from a son to his mother. 

12. "Mother o’ Mine” by Rudyard Kipling 

Known as the author of The Jungle Book, Kipling wrote this poem as an apology to his mother for past grievances he caused. 

13. "To My Mother” by Edgar Allan Poe

Even Poe had a soft heart when it came to his mother. In fact, Poe may have felt strongly about his mother because he lost her so early in life. 

14. "She Shall Be Praised” Proverbs 31

This chapter of the Bible includes a list of reasons why a virtuous woman should be praised. The virtuous woman is described as having a “tongue that is the law of kindness.” If your mother was kind, you might receive solace when reading these verses from Proverbs. 

15. "Richer Than Gold” by Strickland Gillilan

Did your mother read to you? Perhaps this poem will speak to you if she did. 

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Poems About a Mother’s Death from a Daughter

The mother/daughter relationship can sometimes be complex. This may make mourning your deceased mother especially difficult. Consider these poems about losing a mom. 

16. "The Watcher” by Margaret Widdemer

Did your mom often stay up late to make sure you made it home? In “The Watcher,” the speaker imagines how her mom is still watching her daughter from up above, offering her a sense of comfort. 

17. "Your Mother is Always With You” by Unknown Author

Our mothers are always with us. In fact, as women age, they may notice that they begin to sound and look like their own mothers. Our mothers are always with us because we often can inherit some of their traits later on in life. 

18. "Letting Go” by Judith Bulock Morse

In this poem, the speaker was with her mother when she died. The speaker discussed how she struggled with selfish thoughts because she didn’t want her mom to go. In the end, she gave her mom her greatest gift of letting her go so her mom could find her place in Heaven. 

19. "Mother is Gone” by Bebianne G. Clavette

In this poem, the author celebrates the life of her mother. The last line of the poem says, “her work is done/She is gone to God.” 

20. "Gone From Us” by Unknown Author

Daughters know that they are not the only ones missing their mothers. This poem acknowledges that grief and loss don’t belong to a single person. 

Sad Poems About a Mother’s Death

There are poems of comfort and poems of hope. These are poems that discuss how devastating it is to lose the person who brought us into this world. 

21. "For All the Times You Gently Picked Me Up” by Unknown Author

Most of us can remember moments in our childhood when our mothers comforted us. It is sad to consider that those comforting moments have ended with the loss of our moms. 

22. "The Magic of a Mother’s Touch” by Unknown Author

Even though this is a similar poem to the previous one, it discusses the common theme that our mothers comforted us when we were children, and as we became adults. 

23. "As We Look Back” by Unknown Author

One of the most challenging things about losing someone we love is looking back with regret. Regret could be caused because of past actions. It could be from not visiting enough. The regret could be from never saying the important words to our loved ones. 

24. "If Flowers Grow in Heaven” by Unknown Author

Do you feel sad knowing that the only flowers you can now get for your mom are ones to adorn her grave? In this often-quoted poem, the speaker asks God to pick Heaven’s flowers to present to his or her mom. 

25. "Mom” by Unknown Author

Many times poets use formal language when writing about death. In this simply-titled poem, the speaker addresses the mother with this less formal title. They also hope to meet mom again one day. 

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Finding the Right Poem for Mom

Some of these poems were by famous authors and others by amateur writers. What they all have in common is that they are heartfelt reflections that describe what it is like to lose one of the most important women in our lives.

If you need more ideas, check out our guides on the best funeral poems, the best funeral songs for mom, and how to write a eulogy for mom.

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