16 Podcasts on Positive Thinking & Motivation


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We could all use a little pick me up every now and then. Whether you’re struggling with a lack of motivation, coping with mental health issues, or simply feeling uninspired in your career, there are plenty of reasons you may want to enjoy some feel-good content on occasion.

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Consider these positive podcasts when such times strike. They cover a range of topics, including career tips, mental health, and spirituality. The information and stories they offer will give you a new perspective on challenging situations and emotions, making the process of changing your life much easier than you might assume.

Best Positive Thinking or Mindfulness Podcasts

Our culture’s focus on positive thinking and mindfulness isn’t a mere fad. Research consistently shows that changing the way you think can help you change your life for the better. These podcasts will teach you how to do so:

1. Good Life Project

Good Life Project is a very inspirational general resource if you’re just starting to explore positive podcasts. Featuring interviews with everyone from doctors to poets, each episode provides stories and advice about the transformative value of positive thinking.

Many episodes also embrace death positivity, reminding listeners that address death’s inevitability can motivate us to live good lives now.

2. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Few people understand the topic of positive thinking as thoroughly as Oprah. Thus, it likely comes as no surprise that her SuperSoul Conversations is one of the best positive podcasts out there.

Interviewing leading experts across numerous fields, Oprah discusses living life to the fullest, crossing items off your bucket list, and many other related subjects, all in her signature warm and compassionate style.

3. Happier

It’s all there in the name! As the author of The Happiness Project, host Gretchen Rubin knows a thing or two about positive thinking. Her podcast adds to the lessons her books offer, providing listeners with tips they can use to enjoy greater happiness on a consistent basis.

Rubin thankfully isn’t afraid to share personal details when it makes sense to do so. This adds a layer of genuine emotion to the podcast that some others lack.

4. 10 Percent Happier

Dan Harris is the co-anchor of two major ABC programs. When he suffered a panic attack on air, he realized he needed to address his stress and anxiety. Harris discovered that practicing mindfulness meditation helps him stay calm, focused, and (as the podcast’s title suggests) just a little bit happier than he was before discovering mindfulness. 10 Percent Happier explores the topic in greater detail.

Along with offering mindfulness tips, it frequently covers scientific research confirming that practicing mindfulness on a regular basis can actually yield positive physical changes in the brain. That makes it particularly valuable for anyone trying to better understand exactly why mindfulness is so effective.

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Best Positive Podcasts for Physical and Mental Health

Podcasts may often share very useful practical information. This is certainly true if you want to improve your physical or mental health. The advice offered on such podcasts can help you better understand how to make such changes in your own life. Specific health and wellness podcasts worth checking out include:

5. The Overwhelmed Brain

Improving your mental health can seem intimidating. It’s hard to make lasting emotional and mental changes when non-stop thoughts, emotions, and stimuli bombard you every single day.

The Overwhelmed Brain is a useful podcast for anyone who feels this way. Its episodes provide listeners with effective strategies for improving their emotional intelligence, correcting behavior patterns that hold them back, boosting their self-esteem, and more. The podcast’s prime target is anyone who struggles to boost their mental health because they’re constantly overwhelmed with other concerns and thoughts.

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6. TEDTalks Health

The TEDTalks Health podcast features audio versions of selected TED Talks covering issues related to health and wellness.

Individual episodes touch on numerous specific topics, ranging from basic diet tips to information about innovative medical technology breakthroughs. As always, the people each episode features are experts in their fields.

7. Optimal Health Daily

Do you want to improve your health through nutrition? Do you want to exercise but can’t seem to find the motivation to get started?

Optimal Health Daily addresses all these topics and many more (there are nearly one thousand episodes already!), making it an ideal positive podcast for anyone interested in learning more about physical wellness. It’s essentially a health blog in a convenient audio format.

8. Hurdle

Hurdle is a unique podcast. Each episode features a guest talking about a life challenge many face, such as stress or anxiety.

However, guests also explain how focusing on exercise and physical wellness helps them cope with these difficulties. Listening to it will provide you with valuable lessons about how to improve both your mental and physical health.

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Best Positive Podcasts for Motivation, Inspiration, and Building

Boosting your motivation and offering inspiration is one of the most valuable benefits a podcast can offer. Whether you’re trying to find the motivation to start a business, lose weight, or change your lifestyle, these podcasts will help:

9. The Mindset Mentor

Why does it seem that some people can sustain feelings of motivation throughout their lives, while others struggle with frequent periods of low motivation? The right mindset is often a crucial factor.

If you change the way you think about yourself and your experiences permanently, you can stay motivated. The Mindset Mentor offers lessons on how to do so.

It also frequently explores specific mindsets that hold people back. For example, one episode offers tips for reducing negative self-talk. Another covers how to stop thinking about yourself as weak or broken. Yet another explores strategies for letting go of control issues.

No matter what type of mindset keeps you from achieving your goals, odds are good you’ll find an episode of this podcast that addresses it.

10. The James Altucher Show

The James Altucher Show’s intro describes it as “not your average business podcast.” That’s a fair assessment. Serial entrepreneur, multi-millionaire investor, and successful author James Altucher doesn’t merely cover practical business topics (although episodes feature plenty of that content as well).

He often speaks with artists, performers, and athletes, diving deep into how personal development and professional development go hand-in-hand. The result is a unique blend of both personal stories and actionable business advice.

11. Inspire Nation

Some positive podcasts focus on specific topics, such as career tips. Inspire Nation is different.

It explores health, spirituality, relationships, personal development, and much more, serving as an ideal general resource for anyone in need of a little extra motivation.

12. The Tony Robbins Podcast

Few motivational speakers boast qualifications matching those of Tony Robbins. Over the last few decades, he’s helped everyone from average people to world leaders improve their lives in a range of ways.

The Tony Robbins Podcast features numerous lessons from his life-changing books and programs, covering such topics as money management, career success, and relationships.

13. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

People often lack the motivation to pursue their goals because they believe they need to take massive action to make massive changes in their lives.

However, the truth is that changing your life in a major way actually tends to involve many small steps along the way. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes offers inspiration by exploring how small behavioral shifts can, over time, lead to a dramatically better lifestyle.

14. Pivot

There are many reasons some people struggle to achieve their career goals. A common one is the fact that they feel stuck on a career path already. They lack the motivation to switch to a new field or climb the corporate ladder because they don’t know how.

If that sounds familiar, Pivot is the podcast for you. Host and former career coach Jenny Blake offers expert advice on how to get out of a professional rut.

15. The Science of Success

As the name implies, The Science of Success explores the topic of success from a scientific perspective.

Guests ground their lessons in a genuine understanding of topics ranging from how to boost your productivity to how to improve your memory. It’s an ideal podcast for anyone who wants research-backed success tips.

16. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is the successful author of The 4-Hour Work Week, which encourages readers to pursue their dream lifestyles by setting up passive income streams that pay the bills while requiring minimal effort. Those who achieve this goal can often justify quitting their day jobs to spend life building their dream businesses, indulging in their hobbies, and more.

The Tim Ferriss Show touches on similar topics, featuring advice from top performers across a range of fields. Their insights can help you better understand how to be more productive and realize your life vision.

Positive Podcasts to Change Your Life

Positive podcasts teach you how to improve your life in a convenient and entertaining format. Consider these options if you’re looking for podcasts to help you achieve your dreams.

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