18 Positive Websites That Can Change the Way You Think


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We all experience times in our lives when we could use a little more positivity. Maybe current events have you down, and you’d prefer to read uplifting stories. Maybe you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, and you need a reminder that change is possible. Or maybe you simply feel like laughing.

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Regardless, thanks to the internet, finding that type of content is easier than ever. These positive websites are proof. While you should still consider seeking professional assistance if you’re dealing with genuinely debilitating or long-term emotional health issues, visiting positive websites can give you a mood boost right now. The following are options worth keeping in mind.

Positive Websites for News and Stories

Anyone who follows the news on a regular basis knows current events aren’t always encouraging. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. These positive websites highlight the fact that good people are out there, we just need to remember to look for them.

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1. HuffPost: Good News

If you’re looking for a positive website that will help you feel a little more hopeful about the state of the world, you’re in luck. HuffPo has a large section (large enough you might even call it a mini-site of its own) focusing solely on uplifting news. Some of the stories are merely cute anecdotes about universally mood-boosting topics, such as adorable pets, while others delve deep into current events to find sources of inspiration.

The site also routinely features stories recommending positive thinking books. Check them out to learn more about what you can do to feel happier and stay happier.

2. Some Good News

True, this is technically a YouTube channel, but anyone who’s watched John Krasinki’s popular and uplifting web series knows this list would be incomplete without it. 

The series offers exactly what it promises. Every episode begins with Krasinski’s overview of various uplifting stories from the preceding weeks. Typically, the second half of a Some Good News episode focuses on one specific topic, such as the way young people are coping with graduating in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Celebrity guests ranging from Lin-Manuel Miranda to Oprah Winfrey also make guest appearances, sharing their wisdom and advice during trying times.

3. Good News Network

Good News Network has been around for more than 20 years now. It’s managed to remain popular that long by offering readers a constant source of positive news stories.

The site also features other types of positive content, from inspirational quotes to information about uplifting funeral songs.

4. USA Today: Humankind

USA Today’s Humankind section is another positive website worth visiting if you need a reminder that goodness still exists in the world. It focuses primarily on stories about people helping others through gestures both big and small.

Positive Websites for Anxiety and Depression

Remember, visiting positive websites isn’t a substitute for mental health treatment. Prolonged anxiety and/or depression may require a degree of medical intervention. That said, these positive websites can also help people struggling with these conditions learn to overcome them.

5. National Institute of Mental Health

This may seem like a strange entry for a list of positive websites, but it’s worth including simply because the official NIMH website offers legitimate information and resources for those affected by mental health conditions. 

That’s important. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation about mental health on the internet. If you’re experiencing anxiety or depression, you need to avoid it. Getting your information from trusted sources will help you better appreciate that you can genuinely overcome mental health problems.

6. Rethink Mental Illness

There are numerous reasons some people don’t seek help for their mental health problems. Sometimes others have convinced them people with these conditions are weak. Sometimes they don’t know where to start.

Rethink Mental Illness. is an organization dedicated to helping people shift their perspective, making it easier to start working towards positive change. The organization’s website provides information about resources that align with this goal.

7. Teen Mental Health

Understanding how to cope with anxiety and depression is difficult for anyone. That said, teenagers often find it particularly challenging. They may not have enough experience to know what they can do to help themselves.

This makes Teen Mental Health a valuable resource. Like the examples listed above, it provides useful resources, but frames the topic in a way that teens can easily appreciate and understand.

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Body Positive Websites

Feeling good about your looks can be challenging in a society that worships attractive celebrities. Luckily, the internet is home to numerous positive websites that can help you learn to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

8. The Curvy Fashionista

Fashion is a form of self-expression for many. The clothes you wear can immediately tell the world about your personality, values, and so much more.

Unfortunately, some people feel most fashion magazines and websites exclude them by focusing solely on fashion for unreasonably thin people. The Curvy Fashionista addresses this by, as the name suggests, offering the typical content you’d expect to find in a fashion blog, but offering tips for women whose bodies are a little more realistic than what you might see in the pages of Vogue. It serves as a reminder that you don’t need to be a size zero fashion model to be beautiful and stylish.

9. The Body Positive

Many people develop their opinions and attitudes about their bodies at a young age. That’s why it’s important that all people, but particularly young people, have resources to help them cultivate positive attitudes about their bodies.

The Body Positive offers such resources through blog entries, as well as information about body-positive treatment programs, educational opportunities, and so much more.

10. About Face

Social media has many benefits, but unfortunately, it’s also given bullies more ways to make young girls feel ashamed of their bodies.

About Face strives to equip teen women with the knowledge and tools they need to prevent bullying (both online and in any other context) from making them overlook their own self-worth.

Positive Websites That Will Make You Laugh

Laughter truly is the best medicine in many ways. When you simply need a quick emotional boost, consider visiting one of these funny websites.

11. I Can Haz Cheesburger?

Sometimes, a cat meme is all it takes to put a smile on your face. This website’s enduring popularity is proof of that. Give it a visit any time you need a quick pick-me-up.

12. George Takei’s Facebook Page

You don’t need to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy George Takei’s Facebook page. The acclaimed actor has attracted a legion of online followers by regularly posting funny content, while always maintaining a positive attitude.

13. Awkward Family Photos

Plenty of us can relate to the experience of finding an old family or yearbook photo and feeling extreme embarrassment.

Fortunately, this funny and positive website reminds anyone who’s had that experience that they’re not alone. Sometimes being willing to laugh at yourself is the best way to boost your mood!

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14. GatheringUs

Losing a loved one is difficult. It's normal to experience grief and loss, especially if you can't be close together with loved ones in-person. GatheringUs is a service that brings people together no matter where they are in the world. 

By hosting virtual events, homegoings, receptions, and even funerals, you can feel closer than ever with those that matter most. This is sure to add some positivity to your life. 

Positive Thinking Websites

Feeling more positive about your life and the world on a daily basis becomes much easier when you adopt positive thinking habits. These websites will help make the world a brighter place. 

15. The Happiness Project/Gretchen Rubin

The Happiness Project began as a fairly simple (but ambitious) experiment. Author Gretchen Rubin decided her primary goal in life was to be happy. Thus, she committed herself to researching the topic of happiness, applying the various techniques and methods she learned about to determine which were most effective.

The end result was a best-selling book. However, Rubin’s site also offers tremendous value, providing readers with numerous articles describing steps they can take to start thinking more positively (and experiencing more happiness) on a consistent basis. Additionally, if you’re looking for uplifting podcasts, Rubin hosts one of those as well.

16. Zen Habits

Don’t let this website’s name fool you! While it certainly touches on such topics as meditation and spirituality, Zen Habits isn’t exclusively for Buddhists.

On the contrary, like The Happiness Project, it features blogs covering the different ways you can change how you feel about daily life for the better.

17. TED’s Positive Playlists

TED Talks address a range of subjects, from social issues to futurism. However, many involve experts sharing strategies anyone can use to think more positively.

This site features a playlist of such talks. When you’re on-the-go, TED also offers some of the best positive podcasts out there.

18. Tiny Buddha

Like Zen Habits, Tiny Buddha has a somewhat misleading name, as it offers general positive thinking content, and not content strictly related to any spiritual practice.

Best of all, the site offers positive thinking tips for just about anyone, with blogs about developing healthy habits, coping with a loss, overcoming depression, and more.

Positive Websites: Emotional Boosts in the Digital Age

Visiting positive websites is one of the simplest ways to improve your mood. When unhappy feelings inevitably strike, check out one of these websites to ensure they don’t last long.

These are all a great way to boost your mood, connect with others, and feel better about the world around you. Everyone can use a bit of positivity each day. 

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