20+ Prayers for Fast Recovery From an Illness or Accident


Do you know how to comfort someone who has suffered from an illness accident? If the person has faith in God, you could offer a prayer for a speedy recovery. 

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Prayers comfort people because they know that someone is thinking of them and wishing them well. Praying for someone is like saying, “I’ve got your back.”

Here are some prayers for a speedy recovery from an illness or accident. We tried to include prayers from a variety of faith groups. Keep in mind that you can come up with your own prayer as well instead of using one of these. 

Prayers for a Speedy Recovery For a Sick Loved One

Are you looking for prayers that offer get well wishes? Here are some prayers for a rapid recovery. Whether your friend has a cold or is fighting cancer, consider using one of these prayers. 

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1. “A Prayer for God’s Healing Power” for Christians

This prayer uses common language that everyone would understand. In part, it says, “I want to serve, and I need to be up and on my feet, moving without hindrance, physically and mentally.” 

Even though this prayer is in the first person, you can easily change it to the third person so that you can pray for another person. 

2. “A Prayer for Restoration” for Christians

This text of this prayer assumes that healing will happen. It preemptively thanks God for healing the sick. Besides praying for your loved one or friend, you may also consider bringing him or her a gift for the bedridden.

You may want to include soup or other healthy foods, a comforting blanket, or pajamas. 

3. “A Prayer for Healing from Sickness” for Christians

This lengthy prayer asks for the recipient to have a “long, satisfying life.” It concludes with, “There is power in Jesus’ name and in his precious blood!”

4. “For a Sick Prayer” from the Book of Common Prayer for Christians

This prayer lists many requests. Some of them include, “Look upon him with the eyes of thy mercy, comfort him with a sense of thy goodness, preserve him from the temptations of the enemy, and give him patience under his affliction.”

5. “Novena to Saint Jude” for Catholics

Saint Jude is the patron saint for severe cases. This prayer ends, “I promise, Saint Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor granted me by God and to always honor you as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to you.” You say a novena for nine consecutive days or weeks. 

6. “Psalm 20” for Christians or Jews

The second verse of Psalm 20 begins, “May the Lord answer you on the day of distress.” Consider reading this Psalm to your loved one as he or she recovers from illness.

7. “Mi Shebeirach” for Jews

Even though this is not an official prayer, “mi shebeirach” is used for anyone who needs the higher power’s help. It’s recited at synagogues as a public prayer.

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8. “Islamic Dua for Sick” for followers of Islam

This short prayer says, “Lord of mankind, do away with suffering. Heal as you are the only healer, and there is no cure except that of yours. It is that which leaves no ailment behind.” Mohammed said that “dua” is the very essence of worship.

9. “Bekanze Bekanze” for Buddhists

This Medicine Buddha mantra says, “Release the pain of illness.” A mantra is a “word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.”

10. “Soha” for Buddhists

Are you looking for another Medicine Buddha mantra? Consider this one: “I offer this prayer to the Medicine Buddha.” 

11. “Native American Prayer for Healing” 

It is not clear where the “Native American Prayer for Healing” originated. This one begins, “Mother, sing me a song that will ease my pain.” 

Prayers for a Speedy Recovery After an Accident or Tragedy

Do you know someone injured after an accident? Or perhaps you know someone who experienced another type of tragedy? God’s power has no limits. Even if the case seems hopeless, consider praying for the individual instead of just saying “Godspeed.” 

Here are some other prayers for those who are in a difficult situation. While some of these prayers ask for healing, others ask for assistance with other types of tragedies that may befall a person. Again, we have included prayers from several different faith groups. 

12. “Third Step Prayer” 

Those going through a formal recovery process may be familiar with the third step of Alcoholics Anonymous. Traditionally, when people begin the third step, they decide to turn their will and life over to God’s care. 

The third step prayer is appropriate for individuals from any faith group. 

13. “Prayer for Those in Hospital” for Christians

This prayer is for anyone who is in the hospital, no matter the reason. It asks that God work through the doctors and nurses to bring healing. Besides asking for physical healing, this prayer asks for spiritual healing as well. 

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14. “Prayer for the Recovery of a Friend” for Christians

This prayer begins: “You are the giver of life and health and you are the healer of the sick and the suffering. I pray for a dear friend who is in distress with ill health today and pray that you would help them to come to a full recovery and restore them to wholeness, health and strength.”

It’s an appropriate prayer for anyone who suffered from an injury. 

15. “A Prayer When in Pain” from the Lutheran Church

Pain can come from a variety of sources. Your friend or loved one could be suffering from a physical injury or perhaps pain from a tragedy. 

This short prayer reads, “Lord Jesus Christ, you know all our pain and sorrow and bore them for us on the cross. In the pain which I now experience, allow me to know your presence, strengthen my faith when I would despair, and give me the assurance of your eternal love for me. Amen.”

16. “Prayer for the Sick” for Jewish People

This prayer is not explicitly for accident victims, but it is one for someone who needs healing. One section says, “Nothing is unknown to you, and in your hand is the soul of every living thing. Therefore may it be your will, O trustworthy God, merciful father, healer of all illnesses of your people Israel; the one who dresses the wounds of beloved ones with healing balms, and who redeems his devout ones, and who delivers the souls of his servants.”

17. “Dua for Protection from Hardships, Misfortunes, Enemies, and Evil Destiny” for followers of Islam

This short prayer says, “O Allah, Surely we seek refuge in you against the hardship of turmoils and attacks of misfortunes and evil destiny and from the mockery of (triumphant) enemies.” 

18. “May Fear Be Cleared Away” for Buddhists

In this prayer, the speaker asks to be a nurse for all the world’s sick beings. 

19. “Replace Good With Evil” for followers of Islam

This short prayer reads, “To Allah we belong and to him we shall return.
Allah, help me in my calamity and replace it with good.”

20. “Hold on to What is Good” Native American Prayer

This prayer is for someone who is suffering from illness or tragedy. In part, it says, “Hold on to life even when it is easier letting go.” Sometimes people who are suffering need to hear this message, especially if the physical and mental pain is terrible.

What Else Can You Do For a Suffering Friend?

There are many things you can do to help an ill or suffering friend. Besides praying, you can also provide some of the necessities of life. 

Bring healthy food for their families to enjoy. Even if you are not a good cook, you can have something from a restaurant delivered.

Make sure your friend is as comfortable as possible or offer to stay with your friend through his or her recovery.

Finally, your friend may need a sounding board or someone to talk to as he goes through the mental anguish that accompanies trauma. 

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