20+ Healing Prayers for the Loss of a Beloved Pet


Pets are part of the family. You may have spent more time with your pet than you do with the people you love. Losing a pet causes heartache and sorrow. You may feel like reaching out to a higher power can help you as you process your grief.

Consider purchasing pet loss books. Your kind-hearted friends may give you pet sympathy gifts, so accept them with gratitude. You may even consider having a service for your pet. You might find solace in writing a eulogy for the animal you are missing. 

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Just as there are funeral prayers for people, there are also some for pets. Many of them are collected below. Some of these come from specific religions, while others are more generic. Hopefully, reading and reciting these prayers will help you find peace. 

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Prayers for the Loss of a Cat

Was your cat one of your best friends? If you are experiencing grief over the loss of your favorite feline, consider a heartfelt prayer to God. If you don’t know where to start when reciting a prayer, consider one of these, whether you'll be reciting them during a cat's eulogy or in private. Most of these prayers are not cat-specific, but they all will help you express what you’re feeling.

1. “Prayer for a Dead Pet” from Catholicism

When you say this Catholic prayer, you ask for the courage to bear the grief you feel at the loss of your cat. You also ask God to take your pet into his loving arms.

2. “Burial Service for an Animal Companion” from Judaism

This is a complete burial service for a deceased cat. The prayer confirms the feeling of agony when we lose our animals. It says, “The ragged tear death has rent in the fabric of our lives cannot be mended.”

3. “The Loss of a Beloved Pet” from Islam

This discussion explains why dogs will be in heaven. It also includes verses from the Quran that may help you during your grief.

4. “Mantras for Dying Animals” from Buddhism

Are you searching for a mantra to say over an animal that is dying? Consider using some of these.

5. “Short Prayer to Say Farewell” from Christianity

This prayer says farewell to a deceased animal. It pays homage to the animal that “has kept us warm at night and protected our home.”

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Prayers for the Loss of a Dog

Losing a family dog can be heartbreaking. Here are some prayers that may help you get through your difficult time or through a dog's funeral. Most of these prayers are not for dogs, but they may help anyway.

6. “Prayer in Memory of a Pet” from Catholicism

In this prayer, the speaker asks for strength and courage to help her cope with the loss of her dog. She tries to remind herself that her pet will live on in her memories. And that gives her some solace from her suffering.

7. “For a Critically Ill Pet” from Judaism

This prayer should be said over a pet that is ill. In this prayer, you ask that the animal be relieved of its suffering and pain.

8. “Dogs in Islam”

This is a discussion of the Islamic view of dogs. It may be helpful when working through your emotions after the loss of your sweet canine.

9. “Advice on Benefiting Animals” from Buddhism

At the bottom of this discussion is a mantra to speak into a dying animal’s ear. Hopefully, it will provide peace to the dog as well as you.

10. “Prayer to Honor the Wild Spirit” from Christianity

Perhaps there was nothing “wild” about your sweet pet, but this prayer gives honor to the animal in your life. 

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Prayers for Other Types of Pets Who Died

You may be hurting over the loss of a different type of pet. Whether you lost a snake, gerbil, bird, or turtle, here are some prayers to recite for all of God’s creatures. Speak with your religious leader if you need help working through your pain. You can also consider having a service to celebrate the life of your animal friend.

11. “A Prayer to Saint Francis” from Catholicism

Saint Francis is the patron saint of ecology, which includes all animals. In this prayer, you ask for a hedge of protection to be placed around your sick pet.

12. “A Jewish Response to the Loss of a Pet” from Judaism

This website offers an in-depth discussion about the loss of a pet. It includes a ritual on the loss of a pet, which includes the appropriate words to read during the service. Sometimes holding a service for a deceased animal can give you a sense of closure.

13. “Prayers for the Dead” from Islam

This article does not include specific prayers about animals. Ask your religious leader whether these are appropriate to say if you have lost a pet.

14. “The Four Immeasurables” from Buddhism

In these prayers, you ask that all be free from enmity. This includes your pets. Talk with your religious leader to see if this is an appropriate prayer to speak over your animal. Speak with other members of your religious community to discover more prayers.

15. “A Prayer for One Whose Beloved Animal has Died” from Christianity

While most of the prayers on this list are for the animal, this one is specifically for the person who is grieving. Whether the person is you or a friend, share this prayer when an animal dies. 

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Prayers for People Dealing with the Death of a Pet

Whether you are praying for the pet or the person, the results are the same. God will ease the suffering of those who ask. Here are some prayers that may help. Say these prayers for a friend or coworker who lost a pet, but you also may say a prayer for yourself as well.

16. “Novena Prayer for Our Animal Friends” from Catholicism

This particular prayer was written to ask God to save an animal from death. But you can recite it to ask for strength when mourning an animal that has already passed. Novena prayers are usually said for nine straight days or nine straight weeks.

17. “Blessing of All Animals” from Judaism

Although this prayer is not specifically said for a single animal, it might make you feel good to remember all animals living on this Earth. This poem says, “may we always praise you for all your beauty of creation.”

18. “How to Pray the Funeral Prayer” from Islam

It is not clear whether it is appropriate to say this funeral prayer over the loss of a pet. Speak with your religious leader to get an answer to this question. Share your pain with others in your faith to receive advice on how to handle your grief.

19. “Amitabha's Mantra” from Buddhism

A mantra can be a good way to reflect on your pet and their life. It is typically two or three syllables repeated for several minutes. Amitabha’s Mantra may not be appropriate in all circumstances, so consult your religious leader before using it.

20. “Bible Passages for When a Pet Dies” from Christianity

The Bible has many passages that will bring comfort to someone who is grieving. Here are some passages that may bring solace to you as you suffer from the loss. The passages are from both the Old and New Testaments. Psalm 22:24 or John 14:27 are good places to start. 

Pet Prayers to Help You Grieve

Anyone with a pet knows how important they are. Hopefully, the healing prayers shared here will help you with your grief. But some of these prayers may not be appropriate to recite for pets. Speak to your religious leader to find whether these prayers are appropriate.

Whether you lost a dog, cat, turtle, or parrot, you may consider using these words as funeral prayers. And if you continue to suffer, consult a book about pet loss book. Reading the stories of others who have lost a pet may assist you work through your loss. 

There are a lot of ways to celebrate the life of your pet. Read books, recite prayers, hold a memorial service for your pet, or write a eulogy. Regardless of how you choose to handle the death of your pet, reach out to friends and family for help. Don’t suffer through this pain alone. 

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