20 Prayers for a Sick Sibling or Step-Sibling


When you have a sick brother or sister, you may not even know where to begin with healing prayers. We’ve put together a list and have included prayers from many different faith groups.

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Offering to pray for someone who is sick is a wonderful way to comfort someone. Make sure you follow through with your promise. If you can’t find your own words and don’t know what to say, consider one of the following texts as prayer for a sick sibling. 

Prayers for a Sibling Who’s Seriously Ill

What do you say when you pray for a sibling who is seriously ill? It depends on the situation. 

You may pray that your sibling receives a diagnosis. You may pray that your sibling tolerates the chemotherapy or radiation and that treatment is effective. You may ask that God be with the doctors and nurses providing care. Finally, you can also request that God heal your sibling of all illnesses.

Besides praying for your sibling, you may also consider giving a gift appropriate for someone who is bedridden

1. “A Prayer for Healing Sick Family and Friends” for Christians

Those who believe in God know that great things can be done in his name. Even if a full recovery would seem nothing short of miraculous, consider asking this for your sibling.

2. “A Prayer for Healing and Grace” for Christians

Beginning prayer warriors may find comfort in prayers that are written in modern English. Even if the prayers of your youth were full of “thous” and “thees,” you can find prayers online that are written just as you would speak.

For example, this prayer includes these lines: “Forgive us for trying to fix our situations all on our own. Forgive us for running all different directions and spinning our wheels to find help, when true help and healing must be found first in you.”

3. “A Prayer for Healing a Loved One” for Christians

This prayer acknowledges that recovery is merely a temporary reprieve from death. If you are concerned about your sibling’s relationship with God, consider adding that to your prayer.

4. “Prayer for the Sick” for Christians

You may be looking for a prayer to say in the presence of your ailing sibling. If so, this prayer asks for the healing power of Christ to breathe into your brother or sister. 

5. “Prayer for Spiritual Healing” for Christians

Your sibling may not suffer from an illness of the body. Maybe your brother or sister is hurting mentally or emotionally instead. Consider looking for prayers for spiritual healing if this is the case.

6. “Refuah Shlema” for Jews

This prayer asks for the healing of both the body and the spirit. 

7. “Mi Shebeirach” for Jews

This prayer for healing is usually said in the synagogue. It asks the almighty to “bless those in need of healing.”

8. “Healing Chant to Medicine Buddha” for Buddhists

Buddhists perform chants to Medicine Buddha, asking for healing. There are many of these chants available online.

9. “Healing Mantras” for Hindus

While you may be looking for a mantra to say on behalf of your sibling, you may consider teaching a mantra to your brother or sister. Hindus believe that sound can restore harmony to the body. Different mantras are used depending upon where the illness resides.

10. “Native American Prayer for Healing”

Even though Native Americans do not share a common religious belief, you may be interested in reading the text of a Native American prayer for healing. This prayer asks “Mother” to bring wholeness again to the ailing person. 

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Prayers for a Sibling Who Has a Mild Illness

Instead of turning to prayer when tragedy strikes, you may ask God to assist siblings with mild illnesses as well. You may also ask God to bless the relationship that you have with your siblings.

Here are some prayers that ask God to look after your siblings, no matter the situation.

11. “Prayer for My Sister” for Christians

The text of this prayer thanks God for the gift of sisters. It asks for God’s blessings upon your treasured siblings.

12. “Prayer for COVID-19” for Christians

Does one of your siblings have the coronavirus? Or maybe your brother or sister is full of anxiety regarding the pandemic. This prayer asks God to take away the feelings of fear and anxiety felt across the world. 

13. “Prayer of Protection for My Brother” for Christians

This prayer asks that God put a “protective seal” over your brother’s life. It asks that God looks after your brother’s mind, body, and heart.

14. Numbers 6:24-26 for Christians

This well-loved verse is appropriate for almost every occasion and can easily be used as a prayer. It states: “The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”

15. “Jewish Prayer for Family and Friends”

Are you appreciative of your siblings? This Jewish prayer states, “Help me to express my gratitude and appreciation to them for all they have done and are continuing to do.” Even though this prayer is not specific to brothers and sisters, it covers all the meaningful relationships of your life.

16. “Duas Forgiveness for Your Siblings” for followers of Islam

Do you need to seek forgiveness for yourself and your brother? This duas states, “O my Lord! Forgive me and my brother, and make us enter into your mercy, for you are the most merciful of those who show mercy.”

17. Cherokee Prayer

The word “brothers” in this prayer probably refers to “humankind,” but the text of this prayer is still beautiful and deserves mention on the list. It states: “Oh, great spirit who made all races. Look kindly upon the whole human family and take away the arrogance and hatred which separates us from our brothers.”

18.  “Prayer for the Family” for Catholics

This prayer calls for the help of the saints to keep your family members safe from illness and misfortunes. It also states: “Finally give unto all of us the grace to live in perfect harmony and in the fullness of love toward our neighbor.”

19. “Prayer for Family Unity” for Catholics

Sometimes prayer is needed to heal the hearts of siblings or to mend broken relationships. This prayer focuses on improving the unity of the family. It states: “Dear Lord, let us not hold on to anger in our hearts, for it will lead to resentment, bitterness and even hatred. Teach us, father, how to solve our conflicts openly, honestly and promptly.”

20. “You are the Only Source of Health and Healing” for Christians

This prayer continues with the following line: “In you there is calm, and the only true peace in the universe.” Use this prayer for a wide variety of occasions, but it can be specifically used when your brother or sister is suffering from a mild sickness.

Other Ways to Help Your Sibling Who is Ill

Praying for your sick sibling is a lovely way to show that you care, but there are other things you can do for a brother or sister who is under the weather. Drop by with some chicken noodle soup or other comfort food made using your Grandma’s recipe. Ask if there are any errands that you can run for your sibling. You can also volunteer to run interference to protect your sibling from an overzealous mother, whose presence may be more overwhelming than helpful.

If your sibling is bedridden with a serious illness, sit at his or her bedside. Play your sister’s favorite music while putting lotion on her back. Listen to your brother as he tells stories of his football glory days for the thousandth time. 

Sibling relationships are so very important. Care and treasure those relationships because they will be important people to you for the rest of your life. 

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