21 Alternatives to Saying ‘Praying You Feel Better Soon’

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When thinking of what to say to someone who’s ill, you may worry about sounding disingenuous or saying something too common. For example, you may think, “praying you feel better soon” is overused, or just not quite what you want to say.

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Below, we’ve described plenty of alternatives for a variety of situations and types of relationships. If all else fails, think to yourself about what you would want to hear from someone if you were ill or trying to recover — go with that. What would make you feel the most loved? What would make you feel seen?

How to Say ‘Praying You Feel Better Soon’ in a Text or DM

Especially right now, face-to-face communication is scarce. Though video chats can help, they’re not quite the same. Plus, with hectic work and personal schedules, it may be hard to find the time to catch up with someone and say everything you want to. Here are some options for saying “praying you feel better soon” in a text or DM. 

1. “I’ll be thinking of you as you heal!”

A message like this says almost the same thing as our objective in a different way. If you think the general spirit of “praying you feel better soon” is correct but too common, this is a good option. 

2. “I love you! I hope you start to feel better soon!”

Again, this message says almost the same thing as our objective in a different way. It’s also never a bad thing to throw in an extra “I love you.” You never know how badly someone may need to hear it. 

3. “I’m hoping you have a speedy recovery. Best wishes!”

This message is appropriate for someone you may not know as well. It’s still very positive without being overkill. 

4. “All I want is for you to feel better, I care about you so much!”

Saying you really care about someone is one step below telling them that you love them. Whatever your reason may be, perhaps an “I love you” doesn’t seem right. This can still be impactful and conveys “you’re important to me.”

5. “I know you’ll be back on your feet soon, I’ll be thinking of you in the meantime.”

This is a caring yet platonic message to send someone during their recovery. Saying that you’re thinking of someone is also up to interpretation as well. It could be mean prayer or just thinking deeply about them and wishing them well.

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How to Say ‘Praying You Feel Better Soon’ in a Social Media Post

Social media is a tricky area, especially if your friend, loved one, or acquaintance is a bit private about their health. You may need to use some caution even when wishing someone well. If you feel like a post or a message isn’t enough, perhaps you’d like to send someone a get well soon gift, too. You can always write an additional message in a card.

6. “You’re so strong! All I want is for you to feel better soon. I know you will.”

Reminding someone of their strength during good or bad times is a great compliment. 

7. “You’ll be on my mind and in my heart during your recovery! I love you!”

This is a very heartfelt thing to say (hence talking about your heart). Of course, be careful not to say anything you don’t mean. This wouldn’t be fair, especially when someone is under the weather.

8. “I know you can get through this, I pray it’s sooner than you think!”

This puts a very positive spin on a potentially negative situation. To some people, this could be exactly what they need to hear. 

9. “If anyone can get through this, you can! You’ll be on my mind!”

This message is another way of expressing admiration for someone’s strength.

10. “You are my rock. Hoping you’ll feel better soon!”

This is a nice, simple caption that you can put with a photo of you and your loved one to highlight their healing journey. 

How to Say ‘Praying You Feel Better Soon’ in a Professional Email to a Coworker or Client

It’s understandable not to know what to say when someone in your professional circle is ill, especially if you don’t know them that well. It’s also one of those situations where you may be forced to say something, even if you don’t necessarily want to. But don’t worry, we’ve provided a few options.

11. “I hope you can take some time for yourself, you deserve it!”

This message is a way of wishing someone well without directly calling out their situation. You may not feel comfortable calling direct attention to someone’s illness or healing journey, and that’s totally fine. It’s also not a bad thing to remind someone of their worth, if even in a small way. 

12. “Take care! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with this.”

A message like this would be acceptable for an acquaintance at work or even a client. You may know them well enough to be aware of their situation, but you may not feel comfortable enough initiating a long discussion. This message is a good option. 

13. “I pray you’ll be on the mend soon!”

Even if you aren’t fully aware of someone else’s beliefs or the gravity of their illness, a message like this would still be appropriate. Perhaps you feel that “praying you feel better soon” is just too general, but still has the right tone overall. 

14. “I’ll be thinking of you! I’m looking forward to seeing you around once you feel better!”

This message keeps the tone very light and positive. If the recipient of your message is lighthearted with you, then this would be a good option.

15. “You’ll be in my thoughts as you recover. Take care.”

This message is much more serious in tone. If the person you’re sending a message to is a serious person in general, illness wouldn’t be the right thing to make light of. 

How to Say ‘Praying You Feel Better Soon’ When You’re Face-to-Face

When you’re face-to-face, you may fear that you’ll say the wrong thing. While that’s possible in any of these situations, you shouldn’t worry. For example, it’s much easier to convey how you really feel and even be lighthearted or playful in person. Texting or other methods of communicating can leave a lot of emotion lost in translation. 

16. “You take care of yourself and get better!”

In the wrong context or to the wrong person, this message may come across incorrectly. However, it’s a lighthearted way to tell someone what they likely know they have to do. 

17. “I’ll be thinking of you often, I hope you feel better.”

As simple as this phrase is, the way you say it can make it that much more impactful.

18. “I hope you know I love you. You get better soon!”

Again, once you openly love someone, there’s no such thing as saying so too much. You can also get away with this type of “command” in person since it’s easier to read your playful tone.

19. “You rest up so you can feel better. I’ll be praying for you.”

You shouldn’t feel odd telling someone who’s just an acquaintance or even a stranger that you’re praying for them. If it feels right, say it — it can be a really important thing for them to hear.

20. “I hope you feel better soon — I can’t imagine what you’re going through.”

Though a commonly used phrase, sometimes it may feel right to tell someone you can’t imagine what they’re going through. It’s likely true, too, since everyone can be going through so many different things at once.

21. “I’ll be wishing for a quick recovery for you! Let me know if you need anything!”

You should refrain from telling someone to reach out to you if they need something unless you really mean it. Lending genuine help, however, can mean the world to someone during hard times. 

It May Not Be What You Say, But How You Say It 

You may hear this all the time or even replay your own conversations in your head. Sometimes it’s way less about the content of what you say to someone and more about how you say it. If you really want to convey to someone that you want them to feel better soon — don’t stress! You’ll know what to say. You may also be interested in this advice for what to say when someone dies unexpectedly.  

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