[FREE] Printable Gratitude Lists in PDF & Word Format


Are you trying to develop strong, positive habits? If so, starting a gratitude journal or gratitude list might be high on your list. When you practice gratitude regularly, you train your mind to look on the bright side. Though the world might throw many challenges your way, that doesn’t mean you can’t still find joy and happiness in the darkest times. 

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Better yet, you don’t have to create a gratitude list from scratch. We created several free printable gratitude lists you can use to share your own thoughts. What are your favorite ways to show gratitude? There are no right or wrong answers. However, taking the time to pause, reflect, and write down what you’re grateful for is a powerful act of mindfulness. 

Are you ready to create your own gratitude lists? A daily gratitude habit takes time to develop, but it’s well worth the time investment. When you know what you’re grateful for, it’s easier to feel happy about your present moment—no matter where you are. 

How Do You Fill Out a Gratitude List?

First, how do you fill out a gratitude list? A gratitude list is a list designed to share the things you’re grateful for. This could be a targeted list, like things you’re grateful for today. It could also be more general, like things you’re grateful for in your life as a whole. To fill out a gratitude list, you first need a safe space to write your thoughts. 

Many people use the following:

  • A gratitude journal
  • Artwork or creative journals
  • Lists 
  • Bullet journals
  • Online journals
  • Smartphone apps

All of these can be used to fill out a gratitude list. If you’re a fan of the old-school method of writing things down with pen and paper, you’re in the right place. There’s something meditative and mindful about writing down your thoughts vs. typing them. While it’s entirely up to you, the goal is to find the process that works best for you. 

To fill out a gratitude list, download one of the templates below. You can use them to spark inspiration in an existing gratitude journal, or you can write on them directly. You can edit them on your device or print them to write with pen or pencil. This is very much an opportunity to be creative and express yourself. 

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How to Download and Edit Your Gratitude List

To download and edit your gratitude list, check out the options below. There are different styles, prompts, and designs depending on the type of list you want. Some are specifically geared toward kids, helping them identify what makes them happy. 

If you want to edit your gratitude list on your computer using a program like Word or Google Docs, convert the contents into a Word document. Alternatively, you can download and print the gratitude list to write on it by hand. 

Today, it’s more common than ever for people to edit documents on their devices. You can use a tool like Pages, Sketchbook, or Procreate to edit your files on the go with your iPad or smart device. You can also edit them on your phone, though it will be harder to see smaller font sizes. The best method is the one that you’re most likely to keep up with long-term, so there’s no one-size-fits-all. 

Tips for creating a strong gratitude list

If you’re just getting started, you might need some help. These tips below are expert-backed to make sure you start with your best foot forward no matter where you’re at in your self-care journey. 

  • Plan to write in your gratitude journal every day. Create a set time you use your journal each day, like before bed or after waking up. This builds it into your daily routine naturally. 
  • Keep your list close. The easier it is to access your gratitude list, the more natural it becomes to keep this top of mind. 
  • Start with writing between five and 10 things. There’s no reason to push yourself when you’re first getting started. However, if you have a lot of ideas, go for it!
  • This doesn’t have to be overly deep or complicated. This isn’t a school assignment, so keep it simple when you’re first getting the hang of gratitude. 
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Printable Daily Gratitude List 

First, these daily gratitude lists are designed to be used every day. They’re perfect if you’re trying to build a long-term gratitude habit. Thinking of specific things every day can be challenging at first, but it’s worth the time. 

These daily gratitude list printables include sections for notes, to-do lists, and more. You might use them as part of your daily agenda, journal, or anything that makes sense for you. 

Printable Weekly Gratitude List

If you’d prefer a weekly gratitude list, these are for you. Examining gratitude on a weekly basis gives you the flexibility to check in with yourself each day. You might discover how your emotions change throughout the week, opening a new discussion. 

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Printable Gratitude List for Kids

Finally, kids benefit from gratitude too. This isn’t an adults-only activity by any means. In fact, encouraging kids to develop their own gratitude and mindfulness skills early in life is a great way to build a healthy outlook long-term. Encourage the children in your life to start their own gratitude lists with these free printable lists below designed for kids of all ages. 

Create Your Own Gratitude List

In conclusion, creating a gratitude list or journal is becoming a regular part of today’s self-care trends. It’s important to spend time each day reflecting on what you’re grateful for, even if this doesn’t come naturally at first. Don’t just go through the motions with the free gratitude lists. Really consider what you’re thankful for every day! Soon, it feels natural. 

The goal of gratitude lists isn’t to brag or list all the cool things you have. It’s to recognize that everyone has his or her own path in life. By reflecting on what matters to you, you gain much-needed perspective to carry yourself further every day. You’ll find yourself reflecting on your feelings, mindset, and blessings without having to try. This makes you a stronger, more compassionate individual.


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