12 Quarantine Care Package Ideas to Send

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Have you been quarantined? You might have if you’ve been out of the country, are showing symptoms or tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Not a lot of excitement usually occurs between four walls for days on end, so receiving a care package makes for a fun surprise, no matter who you are. If loved ones are forced to self-quarantine, let them know you’re thinking of them by creating a care package. 

Quarantine Care Package Ideas for Kids

It’s tough when kids get sick or are in quarantine due to the risk of exposure. They may need extra attention during this time. A knock on the door with surprise mail can make a child’s day and the contents of the package can be just as fun with our suggestions. 

1. Ingredients for favorite meal or treat

What does your favorite quarantined kiddo like to eat? Cookies or brownies, or maybe a pizza? Gather the ingredients and throw them in your care package. This activity can result in not only a meal but a happy child as well. 

Pro tip: Include an apron or chef hat to upgrade the fun! 

2. LEGOs

You can find LEGO sets for just about any theme out there, from Disney to superheroes to princesses and everything in between. LEGOs can be appropriate for kids of all ages. Part of their allure is that they’re complicated and keep a child's mind working as they build and closely follow directions. 

Pro tip: Toys including LEGOs can be disinfected as well by using options like diluted household bleach, alcohol solutions, and other EPA-approved household disinfectants.  

3. Sidewalk chalk 

Quarantine does mean staying indoors and away from others, but you can go outdoors at any point, as long as you maintain a six-foot distance from others. Sidewalk chalk lets kids be creative — they can write a nice message or draw a picture during the time they have outside. 

Pro tip: Many others are also quarantined during the coronavirus and only get out to take walks. Be sure your child writes positive messages and nice pictures on the sidewalk for passers-by to see.  

4. Slime 

When you think slime, think new and improved Play-Doh. It can keep kids occupied for hours. Slime comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Whether you opt for store-bought or make it yourself, you can’t go wrong with giving a kid some slime to mold and squeeze all day. 

Pro tip: You have the option of sending pre-made slime sold in stores or taking some time to make your own. Simply Google “How to make slime” for dozens of different slime recipes. 

Quarantine Care Package Ideas to Cure Boredom

The amount of time a person is quarantined can vary, depending on why quarantine was required and how long symptoms last. Quarantine can get boring, so add specific items to a care package to make it a little less so. 

5. Streaming platform

Nothing says “You’re my BFF” quite like “Here’s my Netflix password!” Anyone in quarantine may turn to binge-watching sitcoms and favorite movies on a loop. Sharing your password allows your loved one access to your account with just a few clicks. 

Pro tip: Create a couch potato care package theme. Add snacks, a pillow or blanket and throw in the password to a streaming service that you’d like to share. This way, your loved one will have the company of his or her favorite fictional characters to share long hours of quarantine. 

6. Journals with prompts

Quarantine forces people to be alone for days on end, but this also allows them time to do things they may not do any other time. You can find journals with hundreds of prompts that ask questions to provoke deep thinking and reflection or for creative writing and storytelling. You consider starting a gratitude journal, too. 

Pro tip: Is your loved one more into drawing? Choose to send drawing prompts instead. This option can be personalized based on what your loved one would like. You might even prefer to buy a blank book and create your own prompts with half writing and half drawing. 

7. Books 

A good book is sure to be a boredom-buster. It doesn’t have to be a mystery to be a page-turner. You can check out our choices for the best life-changing books for some quick ideas.

Pro tip: Consider including more than one book, like a series or a Kindle with preloaded books, since your quarantined friend will have some time to kill. 

8. Puzzle 

You can count on burning a few hours with a good puzzle. Make it special by getting a puzzle of something your loved one enjoys, like a dog or a beautiful sunset. 

Pro tip: Throw some puzzle glue in the package along with the puzzle. The glue can be used to solidify the puzzle and create a keepsake. Let it be up to your friend to decide whether he or she would like to remember quarantine or not… 

Quarantine Care Package Ideas for Parents or Grandparents

It can be especially important for older folks to quarantine themselves — their age and possible preexisting conditions can make them more vulnerable. A care package can include the following items.

9. Prescription medications 

Older people often take medications but should not leave the house to get their refills. A care package can include a fresh refill of meds and some additional vitamins and supplements they may need. 

Pro tip: Your parents and grandparents may have a difficult time remembering to take their medications. Purchase high-tech pill containers connected to apps that will actually notify a phone when — and if — it’s opened!

This can help you figure out whether your parents or grandparents are taking their pills. Odds are good that you won’t be able to drop by whenever you want, especially during quarantine. 

10. Non-perishables

Quarantine means staying indoors even if you run out of your favorite snack. A care package full of miscellaneous nonperishable items is a practical and useful idea. You can include canned fruit, canned tuna, apple sauce, pasta, frozen foods, cereal, popcorn, toilet paper, or detergent. The list goes on.

Pro tip: Make sure your loved ones don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Include water bottles in your package as a reminder or a reusable container for water to ensure they are getting enough to drink. 

11. Candle 

Quarantine can be stressful and anxiety-provoking, but a candle and other relaxing items can help. Longer-lasting options, like an oil diffuser or wax melters, may be another great option. 

Pro tip: Being inside and isolated from people and the world can be tough on mental health. Designate a box full of self-care items like face masks, soft blankets, and sweet treats. 

12. Knit or crochet kit 

Grandmas stereotypically like to knit or crochet — or maybe your grandma would like to learn. A crochet kit with all of the necessary pieces will give her something to do. 

Pro tip: Offer your grandma a goal or ask for something in particular for her to make for you or your child. Have her start with a scarf or blanket for an easy first project. 

Show You Care with a Care Package  

Don’t stop at sending a kind message, sending well wishes, and asking how can I help? Send a care package to show exactly how much you really do care! 

Have you sent or received a thoughtful care package? Let us know what it was!