20 Mother’s Day 2022 Gift & Activity Ideas for Quarantine


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The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t appear to be stopping before Mother's Day, so it's still going to look a bit different than other years.

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Virtual and Social Distancing Mother’s Day Activity Ideas

Mother’s Day Gifts to Give During Quarantine

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That doesn’t mean you can’t make your mom feel special. Here are some quarantine and social distancing-friendly Mother’s Day ideas you can personalize to make your own and work for your family this year.  

Virtual and Social Distancing Mother’s Day Activity Ideas 

You’ll have to put the hugs and kisses on the back burner until the virus precautions finally come to an end. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to show you love and care for your mom from 6 feet away and beyond. Here are some ideas.

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1. Family video call

Turn on your favorite video calling app on your phone, tablet, or computer so you can celebrate Mother’s Day virtually! 

Pro tip: Video chat apps like Houseparty can have up to 8 callers and in-app games to play. 

2. Window visit

Itching to see your mom in person? You might opt for a window visit. By keeping physical distancing in mind, you and your family can plan a time to go to your mom’s house and visit through the window.

It might sound silly, but it is a great way to see and communicate with your mom whether she is at home or in a long-term care facility. 

Pro tip: Bring washable paint for the window and play games or write notes to each other! 

3. Drive-by parade 

Similar to a window visit, this gets you out of the house and in the same place as Mom! Organize a parade of family members to drive by her home with balloons and signs.

Pro tip: Set up your parade a block away and call your mom when you’re getting close so she is surprised and everyone is ready to honk and yell, “Happy Mother’s Day!

4. Scavenger hunt 

A scavenger hunt is a fun way to get the family involved and uniquely celebrate your mom! Create a list for the scavenger hunt for participants to find or do around the house and send photos of each into a group message as proof.

Pro tip: Make it a mom-themed scavenger hunt! For example, find a photo of your mom, find something of her favorite color, etc. 

5. Virtual cooking and dinner

This year you may have to miss a family dinner on Mother’s Day. Try the closest thing to being together by video chatting while cooking and eating dinner.

Pro tip: Send groceries to your mom’s house with a grocery delivery service or leave them on her doorstep. 

6. Virtual movie night 

This is just as it sounds — watch a movie together but connect on the phone or through video chat.

It will be just like you’re in the same room experiencing the laughs or suspense at the same time.

7. Remember Mom

If this is your first Mother’s Day without Mom, you may need to tweak your original plans about how you remember her. Thankfully, you can still honor your mom in ways like hosting a virtual memorial or visiting the cemetery.

Pro tip: Don’t forget, the days of quarantine and social distancing won’t last forever. Celebrate on Mother’s Day, but remember you can also plan for a future celebration with all the hugs you require. 

8. Drive-in theater

Whether real or makeshift, if the weather is right, a drive-in is a fun activity to do quarantine or not.

If your local drive-in is open, be sure to read the website for any regulations for concession and bathroom use. Or opt for a drive-in at home using your garage or the siding of your house. 

Pro tip: Use a projector that connects to your phone for an easy drive-in movie setup. 

9. Virtual workout 

This one may not be for everyone, but if your mom is missing the gym or enjoys a nice relaxing yoga session, get some people together to do a group workout session on video chat.

Pro tip: Surprise your mom by learning some moves and leading the workout class. 

10. Online games 

There were many interactive online games to play with friends pre-quarantine and social distancing regulations have created more.

Head to Google and search for games to play virtually with family and friends. As long as you have a tablet or smartphone, you should be able to participate. 

11. Virtual crafting 

As you can see, anything your mom likes to do can be done virtually. It might not be the same as sitting beside her, but it will be a fun memory nonetheless. 

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Mother’s Day Gifts to Give During Quarantine

Just because Mother’s Day can’t be the same doesn’t mean you can skimp out on gifts! Send packages directly to your mom’s house or leave them on the doorstep. There are plenty of ways to show you care for someone when they’re far away

12. Care package

Tap into mom’s needs by providing her with a care package of items she will enjoy and use. 

  • Essentials: A quarantine care package of essentials might include toilet paper, non-perishable groceries, and things to do like books and crossword puzzles
  • Self-care: We are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. This is a stressful time! Help your mom relax with a box of self-care items like candles, bath bombs, lotion, and anything else she likes to use to relax. 
  • Activity: If you plan to do a fun activity to celebrate Mother's Day, you can give her all the materials to participate. For example, if you plan to do a virtual craft, send over a care package of needed items. 

13. Playlist 

Is your mom a music lover? Create a personalized playlist for every day or a calming quarantine playlist to help her relax. 

Pro tip: When would your mom most benefit from having a personalized playlist? Create a pump-up playlist for her run or a jazz playlist for when she is cooking. 

14. Meal delivery 

Support your local restaurants by sending dinner to your mom as a gift. You can order food with different apps that bring food from not only take-out places but chain restaurants as well. 

Pro tip: Pay and include the tip so your mom doesn’t have to pay a dime! Make sure she will be ready for the delivery — there’s nothing worse than a doorbell when you are about to jump in the shower. 

15. Gift card online store 

Online shopping can be especially tempting when you’re stuck inside all day. Help your mom release the urge with a gift card to spend at an online store

Pro tip: You don’t even have to give your mom a physical gift card with plenty of virtual options that can be sent via text message or email.

16. Subscriptions 

The subscriptions you can give your mom are endless! From music streaming subscriptions to TV and movie streaming subscriptions to wine subscriptions and meal subscriptions. 

Pro tip: If you’re tight on money and think your mom would enjoy a streaming service, attach her device on your account and she can enjoy it with a small fee or no additional cost. 

17. Flowers 

Go back to the basics with flowers. Flowers are perfect for the beauty they bring into a room. Your mom will love them.

Read our guide on flower meanings if you want to send her an extra special message. 

18. Help your Mom’s sleep habits 

Sleep is important and can be hard when life is upside down and stress is at an all-time high. Invest in quality sleep for your mom with sleep-related items. 

Pro tip: Gifts that can help your mom sleep well include a heavy blanket, a sleep mask, or even the purchase of a phone app that reads calming stories. 

19. Hobby materials 

During these times, it’s best to avoid stores altogether. This might interfere with your mom's hobbies since she is unable to get the supplies she needs. Purchase these items for her or ship them directly to her from an online store to ensure she can continue with her favorite activities. 

20. Technology 

Tech opens so many doors for activities, connections, and communication. Gift her technology to open these doors to social media, video calls, and new hobbies. 

Tablets range in price from affordable to on the pricey end, but with even the most basic tablet and a Wi-Fi connection, your mom has access to games, video chatting, social media, and so much more. 

A Mother’s Day Your Mom Won’t Forget 

COVID-19 has forced families and industries to get creative as we continue through life during this new normal.

Your mom will remember her quarantine Mother’s Day and she will appreciate any effort you make to ensure she feels special. 

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