24 Best Queen Songs for a Funeral


Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but the right funeral song can bring peace after a loss. The best funeral songs come in all shapes and sizes, and your pick depends on your loved one’s personality and wishes. As one of the biggest rock bands of all time, it’s no surprise that Queen is a popular choice for funeral songs. 

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When it comes to searching through the top rock funeral songs, there’s a lot to choose from. Queen’s music spoke to generations of rule-breakers and rock-n-rollers, so these bops make the perfect sendoff. Whether you’re planning a funeral service, creating a memorial video, or designing an online memorial, you don’t have to sift through Queen’s entire discography. 

In this guide, we’ll highlight the best Queen songs for a funeral. Perfect for any memorial or funeral service, these songs are a reminder that music brings people together. Honor a Queen fan with a final sendoff worthy of Freddie Mercury himself. 

Sad or Sorrowful Queen Songs for a Funeral

If you’re planning a memorial service, it’s only natural to choose the right songs to set the tone. Sad or sorrowful songs are like a warm embrace, reminding you that you’re not alone in your experience. These Queen songs speak to the humanity in us all. 

1. “Love of My Life” from A Night at the Opera

“Love of My Life” was written about Freddie Mercury’s longtime friend Mary Austin. One of Queen’s best ballads, this is a song about a love that lasts beyond a lifetime. 

2. “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow” from Freddie Mercury Solo

Next, “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow” is a haunting song about two lovers forced to go their separate ways. Though the narrator is losing his love, possibly forever, this love goes on. 

3. “Time Waits for No One” from A Night at the Opera

As the name implies, “Time Waits for No One” is about a spiritual journey toward eternity. Though time often seems to go fast, there’s no stopping it. We can only appreciate what he has at the moment. 

4. “The Show Must Go On” from Innuendo

Written by Queen guitarist Brian May while Freddie Mercury was dying of AIDS, this is an ode to enjoying life while you can. Above all, this is a song about finding strength to continue the show until its final act. 

5. “Dear Friends” from Sheer Heart Attack

Feeling like a lullaby or nursery rhyme, “Dear Friends” is about finding peace after a loss. Though short, this song is a hauntingly beautiful reminder that those we love are always near. 

6. “Bohemian Rhapsody ” from A Night at the Opera

Finally, no list of famous Queen songs would be complete without this classic. Effortlessly fantastic and mysterious, “Bohemian Rhapsody” is completely up to interpretation from listeners. 

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Uplifting Queen Songs for a Funeral

Whether you’re creating a funeral slideshow or memorial playlist, funeral songs don’t have to be sad. Including uplifting songs brings people together, encouraging them to look forward. 

7. “Another One Bites the Dust” from The Game

Ideal for someone with a strong sense of humor, “Another One Bites the Dust” is a joke about dying. Listeners are free to draw their own meaning from what it means to “die” in this hip song. 

8. “Don’t Stop Me Now” from Jazz

This song captures the feeling of floating in happiness. Both empowering and dangerous, this is a song for the rule-breakers and rebels of the world. 

9. “Somebody to Love” from A Day at the Races

In “Somebody to Love,” the narrator questions whether there’s someone out there to love him. As a man of faith, shouldn’t he be entitled to a life of love?

10. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” from The Game

Inspired by the rock-n-roll sounds of the 1950s, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” discusses how messy love can really be. Though beautiful, love can lead to its own psychosis. 

11. “I Want to Break Free” from The Works

“I Want to Break Free” is a song about wanting to break free from one’s lover. If you dig closer, you’ll discover this is an anthem for freedom and happiness. 

12. “Killer Queen” from Sheer Heart Attack

One of Queen’s first big hits, “Killer Queen” is a song about a high-class call girl who enjoys her lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong with being smug about yourself and your accomplishments!

Queen Songs for a Parent’s Funeral

With many parents growing up listening to Queen, this iconic band created anthems for many generations. Playing these Queen songs at a parent’s funeral is the perfect tribute to a life well-lived. 

13. “These Are the Days of Our Lives” from Innuendo

Written by Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor as a reminder to his kids to enjoy their days, this is a song about honoring life. Sometimes it’s hard to see this wisdom until it’s too late. 

14. “Mother Love” from Made In Heaven

The final song Freddie Mercury ever recorded, “Mother Love” is about struggle and pain. After it all, the narrator just wants to rest at last. Ultimately, this song is a beautiful way to honor someone’s life. 

15. “Bijou” from Innuendo

“Bijou” is a song about grief. The song is named after “Bijou,” a bird given to guitarist Brian May’s mother after the passing of his father. Forming deep bonds with others—even animals—is the best way to heal. 

16. “Too Much Love Will Kill You” from Made in Heaven

Though this song didn’t make the final cut the first time around, it was eventually released as a single after Freddie Mercury’s death. Ultimately, this is a song about love tearing you apart. 

17. “It’s A Beautiful Day” from Made In Heaven

Unlike other songs from Queen, “It’s A Beautiful Day” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a gorgeous song without a deeper meaning: an ode to a perfect day. We can all relate to this experience, and it’s what brings us together. 

18. “You’re My Best Friend” from A Night at the Opera

Written about John Deacon’s wife, this is a testament to the importance of family. Your best friends are really what makes life worth living. Why not share this special moment one last time?

Queen Songs for a Child or Adult Child’s Funeral

Last but not least, honor a child or adult child with one of these Queen funeral songs. Ideal for saying the hardest goodbye, these songs bring families closer than ever. 

19. “White Queen” from Queen II

“White Queen” explores a fictional journey to see a mythical queen. An allegory for real-life relationships, this song is an emotional work of art. 

20. “Save Me” from The Game

Written about a relationship ending, this is a heartbreaking song about a huge loss. Though deeply tragic, there is also something beautiful in this cry for a brighter future. 

21. “No One But You (Only the Good Die Young)” from The Platinum Collection

Recorded after the death of Freddie Mercury, this song is about grief and loss. The band members lament the “empty chair at the table,” but they also recognize that their friend never truly left them. 

22. “Is This the World We Created?” from The Works

“Is This the World We Created?” isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions. Though it understands that there are no clear answers, it’s okay to be unhappy with the world’s cruelty sometimes. 

23. “Heaven for Everyone” from Made In Heaven

A song about idealism, sometimes it’s best to share kindness about all. “Heaven for Everyone” might be about spreading joy and happiness, and wouldn’t the world be better for it?

24. “I Was Born to Love You” from Made In Heaven

More upbeat than other Queen songs, this is a beautiful song about the strength of relationships. Sometimes it truly does feel like you’re born to love those special to you. 

Funeral Songs Fit for a Queen Fan

Whether your loved one was a diehard Queen fan or you’re simply interested in creating a memorable final sendoff, these Queen songs are sure to be noteworthy. Honoring your loved one through music is a powerful way to share their personality and interests one final time. Additionally, it helps your family come together through music. 

Queen’s songs are known for their lyrical power and offbeat beauty. Honor the rocker or rebel queen in your life with a special tribute. Saying goodbye isn’t easy, but music guides the way.

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