60 Great Questions to Get to Know Kids or Grandkids


Kids are constantly thinking, assessing, getting to know the world around them, and figuring out their place in it. They may not talk a lot about what’s going on in their minds if left unprompted, but ask them a question or two and you’ll probably learn a lot more than you thought you would!

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Whether you have a child living under your roof or you get them for weekends at Grandma’s house, use these questions to get to know them better.

Funny Questions to Ask Kids

Get the kids or grandkids in your life giggling and laughing with these fun questions.

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1. What makes you laugh?

They might tell you about a funny story, a joke they recently heard, or something else entirely. Chances are, you’ll both end up laughing over this question!

2. If you could invent an animal, what would it look like and what would it do?

This is a fun, whimsical question that encourages imagination without limits.

3. What’s your favorite joke?

This is sure to produce a laugh or two. After they tell you theirs, return the favor and tell them yours!

4. If you could be a superhero, who would you be and why?

More fun than funny, this question could provide insight into the deeper thoughts of your child or grandchild.

5. Would you rather eat a worm or a grasshopper?

Get ready to hear, “Eeew!” when you ask this question! It’s goofy, funny, and slightly gross but sure to produce giggles and laughter.

6. What’s your favorite cartoon character?

You might already know the answer, or the answer might surprise you. Be sure to follow up by asking why they chose that particular character.

7. What does your best goofy face look like?

You might want to whip out the camera for this one! Show your own goofy face and take some great pictures.

8. Would you rather be the size of a flower or a cedar tree?

Hypothetical questions are great to get kids thinking.

9. If you were a prince/princess, what would your royal name be?

Most kids dream of being a prince, princess, or royalty. Find out what they would like to be called.

10. If you could eat one thing every day, what would you choose?

The answer might be their favorite food, or their answer could surprise you!

Questions to Ask Kids About Their Parents or Family

These questions will give you insight into how kids view their families.

11. What’s one of your favorite things to do with your family?

They might mention going to the park on the weekends, taking a family vacation, or doing something as simple as eating breakfast every morning.

12. How do your parents make you feel loved?

Ever heard of the five love languages? Your child’s or grandchild’s answer to this question just might help you understand their love language and how they receive love best.

13. What’s your favorite thing about your mom/dad?

Get ready for a whole range of answers to this question from sweet to funny.

14. Would you want another brother/sister?

You might already know the answer, or this could be a good way of preparing them for another sibling.

15. What’s your favorite thing about your brother(s)/sister(s)?

Use this question to foster good relationships with siblings by focusing on the positive things about each member.

16. What’s your favorite memory you have with your family?

Get ready to pull out pictures if they’re available and reminisce over some family stories together.

17. How are you different from your parents? 

You might get a funny answer (shorter, younger goofier) or a thoughtful one (better at listening).

18. In what ways are you similar to your parents?

See what ways they see themselves in their parents and vice versa.

19. Are you and your siblings friends?

Most siblings fight and argue, but at the end of the day, they’re loyal to one another.

20. If you could plan a special day for your family, what would you do?

This is a fun way to find out what their favorite day would look like. If possible, remember their answer and do it! You might enjoy this question so much that you’ll end up adding this to a list of questions to ask family members.

Questions to Ask Kids About Life

These are deeper questions to help kids think and give you insight into their lives.

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21. What’s something you’d like to do someday?

Leave this question open-ended. They could tell you they want to go to Disneyland or run the world.

22. What’s your favorite/least favorite thing about your day?

Use this question frequently to learn about your child’s daily highlights and lowlights.

23. If you could wish for one thing, what would it be?

Leave this open-ended, as well. What they share could be funny or highly insightful. They may want to turn this question around and ask you, as well. Questions like these are perfect for kids to ask older people.

24. What’s your favorite holiday? Why?

This is a fun question that provides insight into some of their favorite things.

25. What’s something that frustrates you?

The answer may be something you weren’t aware of. Is a brother constantly pushing them? Is a classmate being mean? Depending on the answer, you might need to address the source of their frustration.

26. What makes you feel happy?

This can provide insight into how you can help them feel loved and encouraged each day.

27. Do you like to read, sing, listen to a story, or act more?

The heart of this question gets at a child’s learning preferences. Most children prefer either visual (pictures), auditory (listening), kinesthetic (movement), or reading/writing learning. The answer to this question could help you see how they learn best.

28. What’s something you like doing for other people?

This gets at the heart of helping others. Have they developed this trait yet? 

29. What’s one thing you’d change about your life?

Answers to this question could be funny, serious, or somewhere in between. It might even be something that could be changed with a little work and effort.

30. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

You might find out that they have a penchant for the wild west, another country, or they may just want to live at Disneyland.

Questions to Ask Kids About School

It’s always good to keep tabs on how school is going for your kids and grandkids. If there are issues, the sooner you know about them, the better.

31. What is your favorite subject? Why?

Find out what they enjoy learning about and encourage them in it.

32. What’s your favorite/least favorite thing about school?

Everyone has things they love or don’t love about school. Find out what their things are.

33. Who are your friends and what do you like about them?

This can give you fantastic insight into your child’s or grandchild’s friend groups 

34. Do you like your teacher? Why/why not?

This question will help your child share the good, bad, or ugly about the person they’re in the classroom with all day long.

35. What do you like to do during recess/lunch?

Find out about their interests and playtime hobbies with friends during break times.

36. What grade has been your favorite so far? Why?

The answer might be related to a fun trip, a favorite teacher, or a time when they discovered a subject they loved.

37. If you could pick any subject to learn about, what would it be?

This will provide insight into what they’re passionate about learning.

38. If you could pick a class field trip, where would you go?

Let them use their imagination to be in charge and plan something fun for their classmates to do.

39. Would you ever run for class office?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. Simply get them thinking about leadership roles and why they may or may not want to pursue one.

40. What is your favorite extracurricular activity?

Do they participate in sports, after-school art classes, or another activity? Find out about their favorite.

Questions to Ask Little Kids or Toddlers

Little kids may not say a lot if not asked, but they have a lot going on! Use these questions to help them share and express themselves.

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41. What’s your favorite game to play?

Ask them what it is, then, if you can, play it with them!

42. What’s your favorite thing to do?

The answer to this question might be simple or elaborate. If possible, follow up and plan a day to do their favorite thing.

43. Where is your favorite place to go?

This might be as simple as the park or as specific as a certain theme park.

44. Where would you go if you could fly?

Let them go wild with this one and even choose the type of flight, such as on a plane or magically by themselves.

45. If you could be any animal, what would you be? Why?

This is just a fun question to get them thinking. 

46. What makes you happy? Sad?

Gain insight into their world with this question.

47. What’s your favorite color?

Now you know what colored paper to wrap their birthday gift in.

48. What do you want for your birthday this year?

Speaking of birthdays, what is it they want?

49. What’s something you’re really good at?

You might get a funny answer or something insightful.

50. What’s something that’s hard for you?

Kids are usually pretty honest about themselves, and the answer can provide helpful insight.

Thought-Provoking Questions to Ask Kids About Life

These questions will help your kids or grandkids dig into the deeper stuff of life.

51. If you could be president for a day, what would you do?

Make your child/grandchild a leader and see what they’d change.

52. What makes someone a good friend?

This question can help them later on when they’re choosing their friend group.

53. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and why?

Kids observe constantly. Find out what they wish they could change about the world they see.

54. What do you like/dislike most about life?

The answer might be as simple as an early bedtime or as complex as poverty.

55. What five or six words describe you best?

Help them come up with a positive phrase that highlights their best traits.

56. What’s the best thing that has ever happened to you?

You might be surprised by their answer to this question.

57. If you could be famous for something, what would it be?

They might choose their favorite skill, hobby, or something they’d like to be good at someday.

58. What do you think it’s like to be an adult?

You might get some funny answers and assumptions that are far from accurate. This question could open up some good dialogue about what being an adult is actually like and give you some ideas for lessons to teach as they grow.

59. What do you like about being a kid/teen?

This question focuses on the good of their current life stage.

60. What can you do that you could teach to someone else?

Questions like this encourage an others-focused mindset.

Get to Know Your Kids and Grandkids

Most kids won’t volunteer their deepest thoughts and desires unless they’re asked. Use the questions here as talking points to help you get to know the toddlers, kids, and teens in your life. 

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