25 Short, Thoughtful Questions to Ask Your Dad


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A strong father can be a source of wisdom and guidance. Asking Dad certain questions is a smart way to let him know you appreciate this.

The following are some questions you might ask your dad. They can serve as Father’s Day ideas to spark discussion on his special day, ways to say “thank you, Dad,” or simply as conversation starters to help you and your father bond during any occasion. 

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These questions for your dad are also broken down into categories. Whether you want to discuss deep topics, such as his views on spirituality, or you merely want to hear a few of your dad’s funny anecdotes, odds are good you’ll find the ideal question for your goals here.

Questions for Fathers and Sons

Questions for Fathers and Sons

Lucky sons learn a lot about being a man from their father. These questions will help you do the same.

1. What’s your best romantic advice?

Regardless of your father’s current marital status, sexual orientation, or any other factor that may affect his romantic life, you can’t deny he’s been around a lot longer than you. That means he almost certainly knows more about love than you do.

Along with his own romantic experiences, he’s likely seen plenty of other friends and family members make relationships choices that either had a positive or negative impact on their love life. Dad is a great source of wisdom on this topic. Take advantage of his wisdom with this simple question.

2. Which celebrities or historical figures best represent what a good person should be in your opinion?

Many sons want to ask their dads what it takes to be a person man. However, sometimes a father can be reluctant to answer this question thoroughly and honestly because he might want his son to feel he already thinks he’s admirable. Guard against this by asking about people your dad admires instead. 

3. What’s the most important lesson you learned from your dad?

This question will also help you better understand the strong male traits your dad values. Asking him about the most important lesson he learned from his dad will help you determine what lessons he’d like you to learn.

4. What pressures did you experience growing up as someone’s son?

Many people ask their dads about the responsibilities of fatherhood. However, if you’re looking for a way to relate to your father on a deeper level, ask him what types of pressures he felt (and perhaps continues to feel) as someone’s son.

For instance, maybe both you and your dad have felt the pressure to be strong in a “traditional” masculine way when doing so wasn’t always easy.

5. How can you stay friends with your best buddy throughout life?

A long-lasting “bromance” is very rewarding. If your dad has male friends he’s remained close with for years, ask how he’s managed to do so.

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Questions for Fathers and Daughters

Fathers and daughters have unique relationships, as a father must raise someone whose gender (and whose experiences) he may struggle to relate to. Luckily, these questions make relating to Dad as his daughter much easier.

6. Does the fact that you were never a girl make raising a girl tough?

Putting yourself in the shoes of the opposite gender is challenging. That said, fathers with daughters have to try. Ask Dad this question to learn how he’s made an effort to raise a girl when he can’t relate to being one.

7. What has raising a woman taught you about women in general?

We can never completely understand the emotions, thoughts, and experiences of the opposite gender. We constantly learn more about this topic throughout life. Thus, raising a daughter may have helped your dad learn more about women’s experiences in general.

8. What were your mother’s best qualities?

If your dad had a mother who was active in his life, ask this question. It may provide you with valuable wisdom if you’re a mother or ever become one.

9. What’s the ‘girliest’ thing you ever did growing up?

Asking this question can help a father and daughter relate despite being different genders by highlighting how even the “manliest” dads probably had some traditionally “girly” traits or hobbies as a kid.

10. How did you prepare when you learned you were going to have a daughter?

Whether the news your father was having a daughter took him by surprise, or he planned to adopt a daughter, he must have taken steps to prepare for raising a child of a different gender. His answer to this question will help you appreciate the effort he put in.

Deep Questions to Ask Your Dad

Deep Questions to Ask Your Dad

Asking your dad deep questions shows him you value his thoughts and ideas. These are a few options worth keeping in mind.

11. What’s something you had during childhood that kids from my generation missed out on?

Asking this question gives your dad a chance to reflect back on his childhood while considering the various ways the world has changed during his life. Additionally, your dad’s answer to this question can tell you a lot about his values.

12. How would you like to be remembered?

This is one of the most important deep questions to ask your parents before they die, as their answer may help you plan a memorial service that respects their wishes.

It can also help you reflect on your relationship from a positive perspective if you don’t know how to cope with a dying parent.

13. What major world events or human achievements would you like to see in your lifetime?

Get to know more about your dad’s interests and values by asking him about the milestones in human history he’d most like to see occur before he passes away. You may not know what the answer will be, but odds are good it will be interesting.

14. What’s your life code?

Many fathers of a certain age navigate life with the help of a code that informs their values and actions. Give your dad the opportunity to share some wisdom by asking about his.

15. Why do you believe or not believe in God?

Whether you know your dad has firm religious beliefs, or you’re not sure what he believes, this is a common deep question that can lead to interesting discussions.

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Funny Questions to Ask Your Dad

You don’t always need to discuss serious topics when asking questions of your dad! Sometimes, the best way to bond is through funny conversations.

16. How uncool were you in school and how did you deal with it?

Sure, it’s blunt, but it’s also funny, and it gives Dad the chance to talk about himself in a way that can humanize him. It’s helpful to remember that your dad was a kid once.

17. So, how’d you trick Mom/Dad into marrying you?

This funny question is worth asking because, although it may seem like a light-hearted jab at first, it’s actually a veiled request for romantic advice.

18. Do you feel intimidated by how cool your kids are?

It’s a quick question you might include in a Happy Father’s Day card, but it’s also a humorous reminder that your dad raised well-rounded children.

19. Who was the dumbest kid you knew in school?

This question will get both you and your dad laughing as he reflects on that one classmate who astounded everyone else with their sheer lack of basic common sense.

20. What’s the funniest thing you and your friends did growing up?

This is a unique entry. The question itself isn’t funny, but it will still make Dad laugh by giving him a reason to look back on funny memories from his youth.

Maybe he and his friends pulled an epic prank. Maybe they got into big trouble in a humorous way. Regardless, this is a topic your dad will almost certainly enjoy talking about.

Questions to Ask Your Dad About Yourself

Questions to Ask Your Dad About Yourself

No one thoroughly understands their own character or identity. However, your dad can help you understand yours a little better if you ask him these questions.

21. What about me most surprises you?

Fathers expect their children to inherit some of their traits. However, they often find their children have some qualities they wouldn’t have expected.

22. What’s the biggest positive change you’ve seen in me over the years?

No child is perfect. The goal is to become a better and stronger person as you grow up. Your father can help you more thoroughly understand how you’ve achieved this goal. 

23. What was the most challenging part of raising me when I was a baby?

This is another question that gives you a chance to reflect on the way a father makes sacrifices, particularly when his kids are very young.

24. In what ways am I most like you?

Ask this simple but meaningful question to celebrate the ways your father has helped shape the person you’ve become.

25. Do I remind you of any other family members?

Although talking about the similarities you and your dad share is often enjoyable, you can also learn a lot about your family (and yourself) by asking if you particularly remind your dad of any of his siblings, cousins, parents, etc.

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Questions for Dad: Strengthening a Relationship

A long conversation will always be one of the most effective ways to get to know someone. Get to know your dad even more than you already do by asking him these questions.

Though we like to think of our dads as existing forever, there will come a time when they're no longer around. Having these conversations is the best way to learn more about him, his perspective, and his experiences. It's also a powerful way to learn about how he wants to be remembered. Form memorial diamonds at Eterneva to custom urns from Foreverence, how does your father want to be honored when his time comes?

If you're looking for more questions to ask, read our guides on questions to ask veterans and questions to ask your parents before they die.

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