25+ Famous Quotes About Home & Returning Home

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There are very few words that inspire such emotion as the word “home.” Here’s a list of quotes about home, and most people agree that it’s a wonderful place to be.

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect quote to place on the cover of a scrapbook or a book full of family stories, here are some quotes to consider. 

Quotes About Being with Family at Home

It’s fantastic to spend quiet nights at home with your family. Here are some quotes about being with your family at home.

1. “Home is where the heart is.” — Proverb

This is one of the most widely-used quotes about home. Countless cross-stitched pillows have expressed this sentiment, not to mention T-shirts and coffee mugs.

2. “Seek home for rest, for home is best.” — Thomas Tusser

Are you recovering from an injury or surgery? More than likely, one of your doctors or nurses told you you’d recover more quickly at home. You might get more rest at home than in a hospital because you are in much more comfortable surroundings.

3. “Home is the nicest word there is.” — Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder knew a few things about bouncing around to different homes. She moved many times during her long life before finally making her home in Mansfield, Missouri, where she wrote all the “Little House” books. 

4. “I don’t care if we have our house, or a cliff ledge, or a cardboard box. Home is wherever we all are, together.” — James Patterson

This heartwarming quote tells it exactly like how it should be.

5. “There is a magic in that little world, home; it is a mystic circle that surrounds comforts and virtues never known beyond its hallowed limits.” — Robert Southey

We like the idea of home as being a “mystic circle.” Why else would a place feel and smell the same for years at a time?

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Quotes About Returning Home

Why is it that most people don’t appreciate home until they spend time away from it? Here are quotes about the most special place in the world.

6. “Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam. Where the deer and the antelope play. Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word. And the skies are not cloudy all day.” — Brewster Higley

Every Kansan who reads this quote will know where it originated. These are the beginning lyrics to “Home on the Range,” which is the state song for the Sunflower State.

7. “Thank you, Mr. Rochester, for your great kindness. I am strangely glad to get back again to you: and wherever you are is my home — my only home.” — Charlotte Brontë

The title character of Jane Eyre had an unhappy childhood and didn’t appreciate the idea of home until becoming a governess for Mr. Rochester’s ward. At Thornfield Hall, Jane found love and home. 

8. “Maybe that’s the best part of going away for a vacation — coming home again.” — Madeleine L’Engle

Even though Madeleine L’Engle is given credit for this quote on this list, we know that your mom or dad probably said this every time you returned from a family vacation when you were a kid.

9. “I wish I was homeward bound…” — Paul Simon

Paul Simon wrote these lyrics to the song “Homeward Bound” when traveling in England. 

10. “Home is a shelter from storms — all sorts of storms.” — William J. Bennett

It would be nice if everyone’s home offered shelter from all the negativity in the world. 

Quotes About Leaving Home

Most teenagers spend their last years at home dreaming of packing their bags and stepping out on their own. When those teens turn 30, they wonder why they were in such a hurry to leave. Here are quotes about leaving home and what waits for you when you return.

11. “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” — Robert Frost

Some people view home as a “backup plan,” or a place they can return if things become too difficult in the real world. According to Robert Frost, the door remains unlocked for those who wish to return. 

12. “The accent of one’s birthplace lingers in the mind and in the heart as it does in one’s speech.” — Duc de la Rochefoucauld

You can try to recreate yourself after you leave home, but your upbringing is too much a part of you to become a completely different person.

13. “Home is where you can say anything you please because nobody pays any attention to you anyway.” — Joe Moore

Although this quote is meant to be funny, there are probably people who have left home because they feel unheard. 

14. “The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.” — Wendy Wunder

Many quotes express this same sentiment.

15. “My home is in heaven. I’m just traveling through this world.” — Billy Graham

Billy Graham entered his home in 2018.

Quotes About Missing Home

Many circumstances can make you miss home. Maybe you’ve been gone from home for a month or more than 10 years. No matter how long it’s been, it’s still possible to miss home. Here are some quotes about that magic word — home. 

16. “There’s no place like home.” — L. Frank Baum

L. Frank Baum included these lines in his novel “The Wizard of Oz,” though most people associate those often repeated words with Judy Garland instead of Baum.

17. “Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.” — John Howard Payne

The lyrics for “Home! Sweet Home!” were written in the 1820s by John Howard Payne. 

18. “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” — George Moore

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19. How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home.” — William C. Faulkner

Faulkner’s home was in New Albany, Mississippi. 

20. “The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” — Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but she and her brother moved to Stamps, Arkansas, when Angelou was only three.

Quotes About Making Memories in a New Home

Are you moving to a new home? Often moves are bittersweet experiences. It may be hard to leave a place where you made so many memories, you are probably excited at the prospect of making new ones in a different house. 

21. “A house is not a home.” — Polly Adler

Sometimes it takes a while for a new house to feel like a home. 

22. “In fact, there was but one thing wrong with the Babbitt house; it was not a home.” — Sinclair Lewis

Sinclair Lewis wrote “Babbitt,” a book about the pressures of conformity in suburban communities. 

23. “Everyone needs a somewhere, a place he can go. There comes a time, you see, inevitably there comes a time you have to have a somewhere you can go!” — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Perhaps your new home will feel like “somewhere you can go.”

24. “Good food and a warm kitchen are what make a house a home.” — Rachael Ray

Does your new house not feel like home yet? Maybe you need to bake some bread in your new kitchen. 

25. “As corny as it sounds, to me, home is where the heart is… So moving houses is just another way in which I get to experience life.” — Ellen DeGeneres

Luckily for Ellen, she has made enough money to allow her to experience quite a few homes. 

What Makes You Think of Home?

Does the smell of coffee or garlic remind you of home? What about specific songs about memories, such as “Take Me Home?” Perhaps you feel at home when you eat bierocks or spanakopita.

Are you feeling nostalgic yet? We hope these quotes reminded you of pleasant memories of that particular place you think of as home.

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