18 Items to Put in a DIY Radiation Therapy Gift Basket


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Those who go through the cancer journey often feel discouraged, exhausted, physically ill, and sometimes very alone. This is the time when they need every friend and family member to rally around them for encouragement and support.

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One way to show your support, love, and care is by giving someone a radiation gift basket. Putting together gift baskets for cancer patients can really make someone feel grateful, thankful, and loved.

Practical Radiation Gift Basket Ideas

Sometimes the best gifts are practical ones. Baskets with these gifts demonstrate that you care about someone and offer goodies to help with the practical day-to-day stresses of life with radiation treatment.

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1. Superfoods basket

Radiation treatment can be physically very difficult. Radiation helps kill cancer cells, but the overall immune system gets lowered as well. A cancer patient feels the negative effects of radiation and nutrition becomes incredibly important.

A superfood basket provides a nutritional powerhouse of helpful items for your friend or relative to enjoy and help boost the body’s natural defenses.

Include items like fruit, nuts, superfood powder, and superfood bars, along with any other favorite nutrient-rich foods. Be sure to include some upbeat words of encouragement in a card to go with it.

If you want to include a pre-arranged set of superfood snacks, try this Superfood Parfait Collection on Etsy.

2. Get well soon or thinking of you cards

Take the standard get well card up a notch by creating an entire gift basket full of cards from friends, family members, distant relatives, coworkers, neighbors, and anyone else you can think of.

Put them all in a basket along with a cozy throw blanket, a small packet of tissues, a mug, and some tea. Your loved one then gets a basket full of get well wishes and a cozy setting to read each and every card.

For an extra surprise, try pop-up get well soon cards like this one

3. Adult coloring books

Coloring helps soothe the mind and body. The creative outlet can also boost your mood, improve your outlook, and even speed healing.

People going through radiation may have a lot of time on their hands with very little to do. Give them a creative outlet with a few types of adult coloring books and a case of 100 colored pencils. Include a small cushioned lap desk so they can enjoy colorful, portable creativity no matter where they are.

4. Multimedia basket

Help your friend or relative pass the time by gifting a basket full of multimedia gadgets and gifts. Include things like a Netflix or Hulu gift card. Give a new pair of wireless rechargeable earbuds for hours of playback time.

You could also offer an Audible subscription or an Amazon Kindle gift card.

5. Temperature control

If you’re looking for a summer-specific gift basket, consider giving your friend or loved one a basket with a cooling neck towel, a handheld battery-operated fan, a cold drink tumbler, and a book from a favorite author. This will help your loved one cool down and minimize any discomfort.

6. Comfy clothes

Comfy pajamas, a light sweater, or cushy socks can always make someone feel better. Offer themed socks like cat paws or socks with a fun message.

Luxe or Relaxing Radiation Gift Basket Ideas

Help someone relax to “get away” from the rigors of radiation treatment. Give your loved one the gift of luxury and relaxation for chipper spirits and a refreshed body.

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7. Pillows 

As normal as pillows may sound, they still say "luxury." It’s impossible to get good sleep, rest, and comfort without a comfortable pillow.

Choose pillows scented with essential oils, such as lavender, or memory foam pillows that help cradle the neck and head. Pair it with a blanket to complete the gift.

8. Flawless movie watching

Anyone spending a significant amount of time in the hospital needs a nice set of headphones. Choose noise-canceling and Bluetooth-capable headphones so your loved one can watch a movie or listen to music without any interference.

Round out this gift by including a gift certificate for favorite music or a movie streaming service such as Amazon Music, iTunes, or Google Play and a few snacks to enjoy.

9. Self massager

Radiation therapy can leave a person’s body sore or tired by the time each session finishes. Offer a gift basket of small self-massaging items such as a handheld leg and arm massager, a scalp massager, and a facial or eye massager.

Include a battery-operated neck and back massager with a heat setting for an extra dose of luxurious enjoyment.

10. Loungewear

You can’t get enough comfortable clothing as you go through radiation treatments. It can be hard for patients to feel comfortable and feel like they look nice when going in for treatments.

Providing luxury loungewear will help make the experience a bit more bearable in addition to helping your friend or loved one feel good about the way he or she looks. Provide several sets to help your loved one through the days and weeks of treatment. 

We like this cozy, two-piece set from Pretty Garden on Amazon

11. Eye mask and sleeping gear

Undergoing radiation treatment in the hospital can be a stressful experience, with lights and sounds, unusual noises, and all sorts of foot traffic during all times of day and night.

Help someone relax and even get to sleep with a luxury eye mask and sleeping gear such as noise-canceling earplugs (like the silicone ones shown above) fuzzy socks, and a pair of comfortable sweatpants for relaxing.

12. Cozy comfort

Hospitals are always cold. Provide some cozy comfort with knitted or fleece blankets, fuzzy socks, and a comfortable beanie to wear.

For an extra special touch, offer a personalized blanket with pictures, a quote, or words of encouragement to get through the long days ahead.

Gifts for the Last Radiation Treatment Basket

Though the final radiation treatment session doesn’t always signal the end of a person’s cancer journey, it is a significant milestone. Give a gift basket that helps someone celebrate the good things in life.

13. Congratulations cards

Getting through radiation treatments is no small feat. Collect cards from friends, relatives, coworkers, and anyone you can think of who knows the person you have in mind.

Then, put all the congrats cards in a basket along with some fun treats such as a favorite kind of candy or snacks, along with specialty coffees or teas. 

14. Last radiation treatment basket

Put all sorts of personalized items in this basket such as a shirt that reads, “I survived radiation,” a cold drink tumbler with the cancer ribbon for your loved one’s specific type of cancer, and some fun, upbeat songs.

Be sure to include a note telling your loved one how proud you are and that you’ll continue to be there through the rest of the journey. This gift basket is a perfect opportunity for an open when letter.

15. Get in shape basket

Radiation does a number on people physically. Help your loved one get into shape with a gym or spa membership. Include a fun workout outfit, a sweatband, and a colorful water bottle.

Go the extra mile by providing several sessions with a personal trainer who works with recovering cancer patients.

16. Gift cards

Choose the perfect gift card if you’re uncertain about what to give. Include a wide variety such as Amazon gift cards, streaming sites, booksellers, department stores, and restaurants.

Give your loved one a fun time out on the town and the opportunity to celebrate.

You can search for the perfect gift card at Giftcards.com

17. Spa basket

After making it through radiation, it’s time for some pampering. Give a gift card to a local spa along with a plush terry cloth robe, slippers, and a face mask for an at-home daily spa treatment.

For an all-at-home spa setup, give bath salts, an essential oil diffuser with oils, a face mask, eye mask, robe, and slippers.

18. Bears and balloons 

Everyone loves balloons. Gift the biggest bunch of multicolored balloons you can hold onto personalized with words like “Congrats!” and “You did it!” You could even create a balloon banner, like the one shown above. 

Give this along with a teddy bear (like this "Congratulations!" teddy bear) or another favorite stuffed animal with a shirt that has a fun phrase such as, “So beary proud!” This fun, colorful, and whimsical gift is sure to evoke a smile.

Always Give Encouragement

Radiation treatment is often a painful and stressful process. Giving gifts to someone enduring this difficult time can help your loved one face the situation a little braver, stronger, and more courageous.

The gift itself is sure to be enjoyed and the most important present you’ll wrap is the gift of encouragement.

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