18 Thoughtful, Last-Minute Gifts for Radiologists


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Radiologists play a crucial role in many diagnoses and treatments — but they aren’t the first people who usually get gifts from patients. Gifts for doctors and nurses usually come to mind first. But whether you decide to get an out-of-the-blue gift or a gift for International Day of Radiology, we’ve got you covered.

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‘Thank You’ Gifts for Your Radiologist

Retirement Gifts for a Radiologist

Funny Gifts for a Radiologist

Gifts for Future Radiologists

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‘Thank You’ Gifts for Your Radiologist

Radiologists specialize in diagnosing and treating injuries and diseases using imaging like X-rays, CT, or MRI scans. We’ve compiled some perfect gifts that will show your appreciation if you don’t know how to say thank you

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1. Punny card 

A card is a great last-minute option and it’s always more special if you make it yourself. Consider putting your pen to paper on some cardstock and write some jokes about the human body. (While you’re at it, make a keepsake thank you card for your doctor.) 

Pro tip: Use phrases like, “Thank you for having my back,” and “Thank you for telling me it’s going ‘tibia’ okay!” 

2. Mug 

Another way to say thank you is to provide the catalyst for your radiologist’s much-needed caffeine infusion! You can find personalized mugs just about any way you want them.

Opt for a large, heavy-duty mug and personalize it with oil-based Sharpies. You can also buy a mug from an Etsy shop. Personalize the mug with a thank you message. Your message can say, “Thank you for being so rad!”

Pro tip: Fill up the mug with candy, coffee, or a gift card if you want to add a gift. 

3. Pens

Anyone who works in an office can tell you that a good pen is hard to keep track of, between people taking them or misplacing them. You can pick up a nice set of pens at a local store or you can even order some in the shape of bones.

Pro tip: Is your radiologist friend more of a tablet writer? You can pick up an awesome stylus or pack of a few as a gift instead. 

4. Gift card

Radiologists spend a lot of time on their feet and in dark rooms most of their day. This is a recipe for getting sleepy. Give the gift of caffeine! Or a donut. A gift card to a local cafe shows you care.

Pro tip: Consider getting a digital gift to send in a message or email!

5. Desk decor

Get an inspirational print for the wall or a daily calendar that contains something positive each day. Radiologists aren’t scanning all day — they also review scans and do paperwork. Adding to that space is a great way to show your appreciation. 

Pro tip: Pick up last-minute items like desk calendars, a plant, a planner, or a photo frame, or grab a desk decor set

Retirement Gifts for a Radiologist

Retirement is a huge milestone in any career. A party and/or gifts show your support, appreciation, and love for the radiologist in your life! Don’t overthink it — go with radiologist gifts that show how much you care.

6. Flowers

What’s the best thing to offer someone who works all day in a dark room? Flowers offer a cheery way to celebrate retirement. Whether they bring them home or keep them at the office, your flowers are a great gift of celebration and farewell all at once. 

Pro tip: Put the flowers in a beautiful vase as a secondary gift after the flowers die. Your vase can be beautiful on its own, or you can add a little extra with a lettered farewell or date of retirement written on it. 

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7. Painting supplies

Do you know your favorite radiologist’s hobbies and what he does during weekends? If she’s an art lover, she’ll have a lot more time to paint and you can provide the supplies for her to create beautiful art! 

Pro tip: Gardening, photography, outdoor activities — radiologists might have other hobbies. Get the right hobby materials so your radiologist makes the most out of retirement! 

8. Travel items

Traveling is a popular retirement activity. It’s finally a chance to go on that vacation your radiologist has always wanted. Encourage that wanderlust with travel-related items. 

Pro tip: Buy simple items, like a map or sun hat, or more pricey items, like luggage

9. Event tickets 

Retirement means late nights with no dread of an early morning commute! The retired radiologist in your life might enjoy “work nights out” to local shows and events. Get tickets to a comedian, band, movie, art show — anything your radiologist likes. 

Pro tip: Does your radiologist want to keep up with science and studies related to healthcare and radiology? A fun speaking event could make a perfect event choice. 

10. Photo album 

Compile memories of parties, conventions, speaking events, and more. Your radiologist friend probably has dozens of memories from years on the job. Throw them into a photo album

Pro tip: If you don’t have too many photos, use inside jokes and memories to fill up the pages. 

Funny Gifts for a Radiologist

Keep it light by erring on the side of humor. You can give a funny gift on any occasion. Check out some funny gift options below. 

11. Silly shirt

Get a shirt that says, “Radiologists can see right through you,” or “256 shades of gray.” You can also order your own with a phrase or memory on it. 

Pro tip: Order a personalized shirt from an Etsy shop with a punny line related to the radiologist’s profession! Something like, “This is a humorous shirt” with a humerus bone on it is perfect. 

12. Bone jewelry 

Purchase the radiologist a bone necklace or ring. You can also find other body parts made into necklaces, like hearts or brains. 

Pro tip: Not into the idea of a bone on a chain? No problem, radiologists are more than X-rays and bones. Jewelry can be in the shape of any medicine or medical-related item, like vital signs or a stethoscope

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13. Keychain

You can personalize keychains to the size, shape, and words or pictures you want to include. Opt for a keychain with a funny phrase instead of a necklace for those who don’t wear jewelry. 

Pro tip: Buy a keychain with a fake X-ray showing something funny (like coffee) where the heart would be — or something similar! 

14. Button for work

Many nurses and hospital workers wear personalized buttons on their ID badges or lanyards. This is a nice way to gift something that brings joy to patients and a button is a funny addition to a radiologist’s daily uniform. 

15. After-work beverage glass

Get a glass for your radiologist’s favorite after-work beverage. Look for a glass that sports a funny phrase related to the profession and his favorite drink of choice.

Pro tip: Phrases include: “Radiologists don’t cry, they wine,” or “Because, X-rays.”

Gifts for Future Radiologists

A soon-to-be radiologist moves through difficult courses to get to her dream job. Give her a gift for a holiday or to celebrate her graduation. Either way, check out these great ideas your radiologist will love! 

16. Thermos 

Keep that hot coffee or tea in a thermos! A future radiologist can use it during school and in his first job. 

Pro tip: You guessed it — personalize it! Some ideas for writing on the thermos include the name and graduation year or simply “Future radiologist.”

17. Motivational print 

Tests are hard and balancing life can be a struggle. A motivational or relevant print for your favorite future radiologist’s study or office space is a good way to help him feel motivated and inspired through his journey. 

Pro tip: A print that says “Live, Laugh, Scan” is a cute option for a desk.

18. Coasters 

Get coasters that look like X-rays for the radiologist in your life. These can be handmade or to order, and are a nice addition to an office or coffee table at home! 

Pro tip: Create your own coasters with a simple Google search of “DIY coasters,” print some photos of X-rays, and get working. 

Get Rad Gifts for Radiologists

Radiologists do not provide bedside care so their huge role in healthcare can be overlooked. Give some extra thought to the gift you get for the radiologist in your life. From a thank you to a funny gift, you can knock it out of the park with some personalization. 

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