18 Personalized Rainbow Bridge Gift Ideas for Cats & Dogs


When pets pass away, many people believe that they go to a place called the “Rainbow Bridge.” This is a place where animals of all kinds get to romp and play, roll around in the grass, and enjoy the sunshine while waiting to meet up with their owners once more.

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For pet owners that long to see their pets that have passed away, a rainbow bridge gift can bring encouragement and comfort. 

DIY Rainbow Bridge Gift Ideas

While there are many beautiful rainbow bridge gifts that you can purchase, some of the more thoughtful ones are DIY gifts. If you want to make a keepsake or memorial gift that has an extra personal touch for your friend, consider one of these gifts.

1. Rainbow bridge memorial stone

Memorial stones are simple to craft and personalize for the loss of someone’s pet. Many come in kits and you can add extra decorations while the cement is still setting.

Be sure to inscribe the pet’s name, the dates, and include a mosaic or painting of a rainbow to represent the rainbow bridge. These stones are perfect for owners who are planning to set up a pet memorial outside in the garden or backyard.

2. Rainbow bridge figurine

For those who have a flair with clay, craft a one-of-a-kind figurine with a dog or cat and a rainbow.

Combined, the figurine can represent the animal that passed away and the rainbow will represent their passing. It may also help the owner remember that their pet will be there for them waiting.

3. Rainbow bridge bracelet

Rainbow Bridge bracelets are simple to make and can be crafted to match any style of preferred jewelry.

These are also ideal to make for the younger members of a family that may be missing their best friend. Consider making a rainbow bridge bracelet by using rainbow Swarovski colored crystal beads for adults, stone beads for teens, and plastic beads for children.

4. Rainbow bridge painting

If you’re a budding painter, consider crafting an original painting for your friend or loved one.

Create an image of their beloved cat or dog romping through a meadow, blissful and happy, with a rainbow in the background. The depiction may give their owner encouragement knowing their furry friend is happy and well-fed in a new place.

5. Rainbow bridge scrapbook

If you’re particularly close to the person who lost their pet and you have pictures of your friend and their pet, use those pictures and put together a scrapbook. Make it as creative and colorful as you want with paper picture frames, notes about what is happening in the picture, and fun stickers like speech bubbles for the dog, fish, or cat. 

To connect the scrapbook to the rainbow bridge concept, decorate the front of the cover with a rainbow, a prominent picture of the pet that passed away, and their name. Add a few pages to the back of the scrapbook, as well, with a rainbow bridge theme.

6. Rainbow bridge ornament

Ornaments can be easily handmade and given as a special gift when someone’s pet passes away around the holidays or as a way of remembering a pet that passed away during the year.

No matter what type of pet memorial ornament you choose, you’ll create a special remembrance that will be deeply meaningful. 

7. Rainbow bridge sympathy card

Craft your own rainbow bridge sympathy card with a DIY card kit or by getting creative and layering cardstock yourself. This can be done with a cutout of the animal that is placed in the foreground of the card with a rainbow in the sky. Color it with watercolors, markers, or colored pencils to make the dog or cat look just like the one your friend lost.

If you struggle with what to say when someone loses a pet on the inside of the card, simply write something like, “Fluffy loves you and so do I. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

8. Rainbow bridge necklace

This is a project that can easily be adjusted for the age and maturity of the receiver.

For adults, craft necklaces with crystals in a rainbow-color pattern and personalize with charms. For teens, use stone beads and use plastic beads for children. Include a sympathy card with each necklace expressing your sorrow over their loss.

Rainbow Bridge Gift Ideas for Cats

While many rainbow bridge gifts can be used for any animal, there are some that are cat-specific. If you’re looking for a cat-specific gift rainbow bridge gift, choose from one of these ideas.

9. Rainbow bridge cat urn

If you know your friend is going to or has cremated their cat, consider gifting them a cat rainbow bridge urn to hold the remains of their pet.

These can often be personalized with the name and dates of the pet that has passed away. If you have one hand-painted, you can personalize it further by having the likeness of the cat painted playing in a meadow at the rainbow bridge.

10. Rainbow bridge cat keychain

Keychains are perfect ways to commemorate the loss of an animal. Though simple, they get used every day when placed on a set of house or car keys.

Personalize the keychain by adding a charm of a kitty, including the name and dates of the cat that passed away, and other baubles such as a bead that represents the birth month of the cat.

11. Rainbow bridge tumbler

This is both a practical and sentimental gift. If the pet owner you know drinks coffee or tea on a regular basis while commuting to work, give them a customized rainbow bridge tumbler.

Customize it with a picture of the type of cat they had, their pet’s name, and the dates. You can also have a phrase such as, “I’ll meet you at rainbow bridge” placed on the cup. This is sure to bring a smile to their face when they use it and help them remember that their kitty is in a better place.

12. Rainbow bridge car decals

Many pet owners enjoy adorning their cars with pet decals that show off how many cats and dogs they have.

It can be a difficult and painful process to remove one of those decals once their beloved pet passes away. Rather than simply removing the decal, give them one to replace it with. A cat and a rainbow will represent their pet’s place at the rainbow bridge while giving their owner a place to pay tribute to the pet they loved.

Rainbow Bridge Gift Ideas for Dogs

Personalized and customized rainbow bridge gifts are a perfect way to pay tribute to a much-loved dog. Here are some K9-specific rainbow bridge ideas for the pet owners in your life.

13. Rainbow bridge paw print windchime

Windchimes are both beautiful and meaningful. Custom make a suncatcher with the outline of a doggie face for the clapper.

Have it painted to look like the owner’s dog on one side and inscribe the name and dates on the other side. Choose a windchime that uses the colors of the rainbow for the chimes to represent the rainbow bridge. 

14. Rainbow bridge doggie coaster

For pet owners that enjoy regular morning coffee or tea, consider getting them coasters customized with K9 rainbow bridge scenes.

This serves as a memorial to their pet and is also something they’ll enjoy using on a day-to-day basis. Have the pet’s name and dates or a phrase such as, “In loving memory of” inscribed on one or all of the coasters.

15. Rainbow bridge memorial plaque

Memorial plaques can be put up on a wall, stood up on a counter stop, or displayed on a mantel.

If the owner you know is planning to create a memorial with some of their pet keepsake items, a plaque would be a perfect gift to round out their collection. Have it customized with the pet’s name and dates or include part of the rainbow bridge poem.

16. Rainbow bridge t-shirt

Doggie lovers often proudly display their enjoyment of their furry friends by wearing shirts and hats. When a doggie passes away, some of those favorite shirts might be difficult to wear.

Rather than putting them away forever, give your friend a rainbow bridge t-shirt that memorializes their best friend that passed away. They’ll be able to honor their pet and continue to share their love of dogs with those around them.

Rainbow Bridge Gift Ideas for Other Animals

The rainbow bridge isn’t just for dogs and cats. It’s for all beloved animals who have passed away and eagerly await meeting their owners once more. Use one of these ideas to personalize a rainbow bridge gift for any type of animal.

17. Rainbow bridge memorial candle

Memorial candles work well no matter what type of animal is being honored. These usually come with a rainbow bridge scene and a variety of animals on the front, or a rainbow-colored heart.

Some places allow customization so you can have the type of animal that passed away featured on the front of the candle.

18. A glass rainbow bridge

These bridges are made of blown glass and made to look both like a bridge made out of rainbow colors.

You can customize these by having paw prints, cat prints, hoof prints, bird tracks, or other animal footprints placed on the bridge before you give it as a gift. You can also give the bridge without any animal tracks at all.

Commemorating the Loss of a Pet

Rainbow bridge gifts are a perfect way to commemorate the loss of someone’s pet while encouraging the owner to remember that their pet is in a better place. Though the pain of loss is still just as difficult, memorial gifts such as these will give their owner an opportunity to keep their pet’s memory on display.

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