Rainbow Bridge Pet Urns: Types & Cost


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“Crossing the rainbow bridge” is a comforting way to refer to a pet’s death. Even though the origins of this term are cloudy, you’ll hear it used on condolence gifts in the pet industry. You can purchase rainbow bridge wall hangings, stepping stones, and photo frames. You can also purchase rainbow bridge pet urns.

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Let’s learn more about rainbow bridge pet urns, the types available online, and where to purchase such items. Hopefully, purchasing a lovely urn to hold your pet’s cremains brings comfort to you. 

What’s a Rainbow Bridge Pet Urn?

An urn is a receptacle that is used to hold the cremated remains of a person or pet. A “rainbow bridge pet urn” refers to an urn made specifically for an animal. Some rainbow bridge pet urns reference the rainbow bridge, while others may be labeled online as a rainbow bridge pet urn as a generic term, meaning they are designed to hold a pet’s remains. 

Some rainbow bridge pet urns are specific to dogs, cats, or rabbits. The cremains of more exotic pets may need to be held in a more generic urn.

Rainbow bridge urns hold a smaller amount of ashes than an urn made for a human. The typical urn holds the cremains of an adult whose healthy weight was 180 pounds. Unless you have a very large pet, you should get by with a smaller urn. 

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How Much Do They Cost?

Rainbow bridge pet urns typically range in cost between $80 and $200 but the question, “how much does an urn cost?” is difficult to answer. The actual price depends on the materials used and the extent of personalization on the urn.

Artists and craftspeople can create rainbow bridge urns. Hiring a talented individual for this project can be pricey, but having a lovely piece of art to hold the cremated remains of a pet may bring solace to the owner.

For example, a custom urn from Foreverence in honor of your beloved pet might run you more than one that's ready-made. That being said, this cost is often worth it to find just what you're looking for. 

Types of Rainbow Bridge Pet Urns

You can buy many different kinds of rainbow bridge pet urns. Some use rainbow imagery, while others may use only the term. Regardless of what they look like, they all hold the cremated remains of an animal you love.

1. Traditional urn 

A quick online search reveals that you can purchase a traditional urn for your pets. These rounded vessels with a sealed lid on top can be bought with a bridge’s image on the side.

Whether you are looking for urns for dogs or urns for cats, you shouldn’t struggle to find a traditional-shaped urn. 

2. Wooden box rainbow bridge urn

Some people choose to hold the cremains of loved ones in wooden boxes rather than porcelain urns. If you prefer this more subdued approach, consider searching for one made specifically for pet remains.

Mourners can individualize the wooden box urns by adding a photograph of the deceased on the side. Pet owners can add a heart-shaped photo of the pet that overlays the image of a bridge made out of a rainbow. 

You can also add a metal plaque to the side of a wooden box urn that lists your pet’s name and birth and death dates.

3. Photo display rotating rainbow bridge urn

You probably have hundreds of photos of your beloved pet. Choosing one to display may be too difficult, so consider purchasing an urn that allows you to rotate through several of your favorite photos. 

This type of urn may not have a rainbow depicted on it, but it is still an urn explicitly made to hold your pet's cremains. You may add a few lines of personalization on your rotating urn. 

4. Rainbow bridge urn

You may find such comfort in the story of the rainbow bridge that you want your pet’s urn to be shaped and colored like a rainbow.

These urns can be personalized with your pet's name and can act as a brightly-colored reminder that your pet will be waiting for you on the other end of the bridge.

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5. Figurine urn

If your pet had the characteristics of a specific breed, you might find a rainbow urn that has a figurine of the breed on top. Of course, these figurines will never show the specific characteristics of your beloved animal, but the image may be able to get close. 

The most popular dog and cat breeds are available, so if you have a German shepherd, poodle, golden retriever, or tabby cat, this may be a good choice for you. 

6. Cremation stuffed animal

If you miss being able to cuddle with your beloved pet, you may consider purchasing a stuffed animal urn that holds your pet's cremated remains inside. 

At first glance, it doesn’t look as if you can purchase a stuffed animal that could match your pet's look online, but you may be able to find someone to create such a piece for you.

7. Custom portrait pet urn

Artists who specialize in pet portraits may be able to create a custom pet urn for your pet.

Look for artists whose work appeals to your particular style and ask that they paint your pet's portrait on the urn of your choice.

8. Pawprint rainbow bridge pet urn

Many rainbow bridge pet urns have paw prints for particular animals printed on the side.

Personalize your urn with your beloved pet's name and add a few lines of the rainbow bridge poem.

9. Rainbow bridge cremation jewelry

You may receive comfort from carrying your pet’s remains with you in a necklace or other piece of jewelry. Search for rainbow bridge cremation jewelry to find a piece that would appeal to your tastes.

Most cremation jewelry pendants are shaped like cylinders and can be used on a necklace or keychain. Another gorgeous option is a memorial diamond from Eterneva. Available in all types of colors and sizes, you can create a beautiful reminder of your pet. 

Where Can You Buy Rainbow Bridge Urns?

As pet cremations increase in popularity, so do rainbow bridge urns. Here are some ideas on where to buy urns for your beloved pet.

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Online retailers

The most obvious place to buy a rainbow bridge urn is from an online retailer. Purchasing an item like this online gives you the ability to personalize the urn. 

Personalized products may take time to receive, so consider this if you need the urn on a specific day. 

Pet crematoriums

Since pet crematoriums are in the business to return pet cremains to you, it only makes sense that they would sell several styles of rainbow bridge urns.

If pet crematoriums follow the same rules as human crematoriums in your state, they cannot require that you purchase an urn from them. 

Pet supply stores

You may be able to purchase a rainbow bridge urn for your four-legged friend from your favorite pet supply stores.

They may not have this item on the shelf, but you probably can order it from the store’s website.

Artist studio

Check out the local artists in your area to find one that specializes in pet portraits. Ask if they can create an urn for your pet.

Be specific on whether or not you would like the rainbow imagery to be used in the piece.

Other Things to Consider When Purchasing an Urn for Your Pet

Some people make quick decisions while in mourning. Let’s pause for a moment and consider your purchase. 

If you plan on scattering your pet's cremains, you may not need an urn at all. Most pet crematoriums will give you the pet’s remains in a sturdy plastic bag placed inside a rugged cardboard box. You may scatter the remains directly from the bag, so you may not need to go through the added expense of purchasing an urn. 

In this instance, you may consider buying a memorial stone or shadow box that holds your pet’s collar, tags, and photo. 

If you plan on keeping your pet’s cremains, consider what will happen to them when you are gone. When planning your own end of life, you may want to leave special instructions for your pet’s cremains to be scattered in a specific spot. 

If you're looking for more ways to honor your pet, read our guides on pet memorial jewelry and how to turn pet ashes into a diamond.


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