20 Best Reddit Threads About Death, Grief or Funerals


Reddit describes itself as the “front page of the internet,” and it very much is leading the way when it comes to breaking down conversational boundaries. There’s something safe and secure about the anonymity of this online forum, and people are willing to share their thoughts about every facet of life (and death). 

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Reddit is an online forum that anyone can contribute to. Broken into subreddits based on interests, there are so many different corners to explore. It’s easy to get sucked down endless rabbit holes, learn new things, and understand new experiences if you keep an open mind on this platform. 

While some of the most popular posts on Reddit are all about living life to the fullest, memes, and funny stories, it doesn’t end there. Many aren’t afraid to make Reddit a death-positive space for all, and here are the best Reddit threads about death, grief, funerals, and more. 

Reddit Threads About Death

It’s natural for humans to have some level of “morbid curiosity” or interest in death. Death is the great equalizer, and it will happen to everyone someday. Still, there is a lot of mystery and confusion around death, and some bold Redditors have taken to Reddit. 

These threads below go beyond memes about death and grief. Some are serious, heartfelt, or gruesome. Others are more lighthearted, helping everyone understand how death connects humanity as a whole. 

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1. Which celebrity's death really stunned you?

Ask Reddit is a subreddit where users can ask questions to the general Reddit population, often stimulating quite the discussion. This question about celebrity deaths resulted in over 12.5k comments, and it’s interesting to see just how powerful of an impact these deaths have.

2. Which character death hit you differently and why?

Another popular Ask Reddit question is this one about character deaths. Though we usually think of the death of loved ones as what impacts us the most, it’s true that fictional deaths also leave a mark. With answers ranging from The Walking Dead to Harry Potter, this discussion is worth considering. 

3. What’s the closest you’ve come to death?

Another Ask Reddit thread with hundreds of responses is this one about how close users have come to death. We don’t often think about our mortality until something happens, a tragedy or accident, that makes us think about our own deaths. 

4. Cemeteries are a waste of space…

In the Unpopular Opinion subreddit, users share their most unpopular opinions to stimulate discussions. One user poses their opinion that cemeteries are a wasteful use of space. “Everyone should be cremated or composted after death,” they explain. With over 3.5k responses, it’s easy to see why this was a controversial opinion. 

5. Will humans know for certain what happens after death?

In the Morbid Questions subreddit, users are encouraged to ask dark, grotesque questions that they wouldn’t feel comfortable asking in polite society. Many of these questions focus around death and dying. One user asks, “Do you think living humans will eventually know for certain what happens after death?” With over 300 responses, this is something many feel passionate about. 

Reddit Threads About Grief

Grief is a complex emotion. It doesn’t stick to a timeline, and it's not easy to understand in black-and-white terms. For those seeking support, conversation, or coping strategies, Reddit is a powerful tool. 

6. Why is grief so physically exhausting?

The Explain Like I’m Five (ELI5) subreddit is a safe place for people to ask questions that they want answered in simple, easy-to-understand terms. One user asked a difficult question about the physical toll of grief on the body. With responses from grief counselors and biologists, it’s explained that grief leads to biochemical reactions. 

7. How can I be there for a loved one who experienced loss?

AskReddit is sometimes a place for finding personal advice in specific situations, especially moments of grief. A boyfriend posts asking for advice after his girlfriend loses her sister. The responses are highly personal, and they shine a light on what it means to be there for someone. 

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8. How do I move on after a lost relationship?

We don’t just experience grief after a death, but we can also mourn the loss of a relationship. One partner seeks help on Ask Reddit after his significant other of over 10 years leaves him, and the responses are ones of encouragement and support.

9. Tips for grieving an abusive childhood

We can also grieve experiences, even those we don’t have. On the Raised by Narcissists subreddit, one user shares tips for grieving the happy childhood they never had. With almost a hundred responses everyone can connect to this in some way. 

10. What to do after a miscarriage or pregnancy loss

The pain from a miscarriage or pregnancy loss can be hard to talk about, and many go to the Pregnancy subreddit for support. One mother shares her experience losing her baby at 20 weeks, and other parents chime in with their words of support and compassion. 

Reddit Threads About Funerals

Funerals are another topic that’s not always easy to talk about with those you love. Luckily, the internet is a great source of inspiration and education, especially when it comes to honoring those who have passed with a funeral or memorial service. 

11. How to prepare for death?

One Ask Reddit user suffering from pancreatic cancer worries that death might be on the horizon. Wishing to make funeral and end-of-life arrangements in advance, he asks the community what steps he should take next. With answers from funeral directors and lawyers, this is an important reminder to take your own end-of-life plan seriously. 

12. What song do you want played at your funeral?

Music is a way to express who we are, and most have strong feelings about their funeral playlist. In this Ask Reddit thread, users share music they’ve heard at funerals as well as their own picks. Some of the standout hits are Monty Python's “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” and even the 20th century fox theme song. 

13. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen someone do at a funeral?

Funerals can bring out both the best and the worst in us. In this Ask Reddit thread, over 5k users share their funeral stories, some more outrageous than the others. From families who make the whole event about them to comparing grief, there are a lot of funeral “don’ts” in this thread.

14. How to handle finances after a parent’s death?

We don’t often think about the practical steps that come after a loss. Things like paying for the funeral, handling insurance claims, and so on often are forgotten until they suddenly are necessary. In this thread, users share practical steps for one user who is managing his deceased father’s finances. 

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15. How to plan an affordable funeral

In the Frugal subreddit, one user shares in-depth tips from inside the funeral industry on how to plan a cost-effective funeral on a budget. With nitty-gritty advice like how to find the funeral home’s price sheet, what to ask, and how to find a final resting place, this is a must-read thread. 

Best Subreddits for Learning About Death and Grief

If you’re interested in exploring these topics on Reddit further, it’s a good idea to “join” some of the most active subreddits. These are safe, informative spaces where you can ask questions, get answers, and connect with others. 

16. Grief Support

Grief Support is a subreddit that describes itself as “learning to live without.” It’s understood that grief affects everyone differently, and this is a place to share stories, remembrance, and tributes to those you’ve loved and lost. 

17. Death Positive

If you’re interested in death throughout history and culture, Death Positive is a safe, open subreddit. It’s a death positive space that acts as a virtual death cafe for starting a dialogue around death and dying. 

18. Ask a Funeral Director

With over 13k members, Ask a Funeral Director is a digital space for asking questions about all things funerals, embalming, cremation, and death care. With answers from morticians and funeral directors, this is the best space to find expert insights. 

19. Ask Reddit

As you can see from the number of threads listed from this subreddit above, Ask Reddit is a popular source for conversations around life, death, and everything in between. 

20. Morbid Questions

The Morbid Questions subreddit recognizes that it’s natural to have questions about some of the more “taboo” areas of life. This is a place to ask anything that doesn’t feel like a good fit anywhere else. 

Join the Conversation on Reddit

Social media can be a source for good, and Reddit proves just that with its variety of bold, powerful threads. Though it’s true you’ll find plenty of jokes and fun on Reddit, you’ll also discover support, serious advice, and information on even the most obscure topics. 

If you’re looking for a safe, open place to talk about death, grief, and funerals, there is a surprising amount of resources and discussion on this platform. It’s easy to get started, and you don’t need any fancy qualifications or skills to share your own experiences with others. 

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