34 Relaxing Gift Ideas for Him That’ll Melt Stress Away


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Do you have a male loved one or friend who’s feeling some pressure? Want to send him a gift to reduce his anxiety and give him a sense of peace? Good for you!

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Relaxing Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Relaxing Sympathy Gift Ideas for Him

Relaxing Thank You Gifts for Him

Relaxing Congratulations Gifts for Him

Relaxing Gift Basket Ideas

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Consider this list of digital gifts that you can email or DM to a stressed-out guy if neither of you live in the same ZIP code. 

Relaxing Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Is your dad, husband, brother, son, uncle, boss, or friend celebrating a birthday? Here are some relaxing birthday gift ideas for the guy in your life. 

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1. Scalp massager

The man in your life may absolutely love this gift! A scalp massager offers an excellent way to relax.

We like the LATME Electric Scalp Massager from Amazon.

2. Aromatherapy diffuser

Men aren’t always into scented candles. But if you buy him a “gadget” that does the same thing, he may be more excited about it than you think.

We like the Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set from Amazon.

3. Foot massager

Did your mom use to have a bubbly foot massager back in the 1970s? Those items are still around. In fact, they now work better than ever! Add essential oils to the water for an added benefit.

We like the Foot Massager Machine with Heat by Etekcity from Amazon

4. Loose-leaf tea

Talk with a tea expert about how to choose the right blend for your stressed-out friend. Purchase some loose-leaf tea, a diffuser, and a mug. Your friend may prefer to replace his morning coffee habit with a healthier alternative.

We like this Tiesta Tea - Tiesta's Top 8 Loose Leaf Tea Sampler from Amazon

5. Eyelid pillows

Look online for DIY instructions on making eyelid pillows. These items can be heated in the microwave and placed on swollen, tired, or hungover eyes. Like everything else, consider adding essential oils to this item to increase its relax factor. 

We like this Heated Eye Mask for Dry Eyes from Amazon

6. Birdfeeder

Got a high-strung friend? Bird watching is a peaceful hobby. Purchase a birdfeeder that brings feathered friends to your loved one’s window. 

We like this Window Bird Feeder from Amazon.

7. A drive in the country

Pick up your friend one Sunday afternoon and take him for a drive in the country. Explore county highways and dirt roads near you. Blast country music from the car stereo as you reconnect with nature.

Don't forget to pack a day cooler, like this Arctic Zone cooler from Amazon

Relaxing Sympathy Gift Ideas for Him

You may immediately think that the surviving family members must feel grief, sadness, and sorrow. Don’t forget to add “stressed” to that list of emotions! Death is exceptionally stressful, especially if you were involved in caring for the person. 

Here are some relaxing sympathy gift ideas to give to someone you love. 

8. Massage

Purchase a gift certificate for a professional massage for your friend who recently lost a loved one.

Since this gift may not appeal to everyone, consider giving it only if you know the individual has previously received a professional massage.

We like this Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week Gift Card
from Amazon.

9. Weighted blanket

More studies have been done in recent years on the benefit of using a weighted blanket. Consider this gift for someone who recently lost a spouse or other family member.

We like this YnM Weighted Blanket from Amazon.

10. Home-cooked meal

One of the best things you can give to a person who is in grief is food. Your friend does not feel like cooking now, so take this job off of his to-do list. Here are other ways to say, “I’m sorry for your loss.”

If you can't make a meal together, grab a gift card from a local store, like Safeway or Whole Foods.

11. Journal

Encourage your friend in mourning to share his thoughts and feelings by writing in a journal. He may feel compelled to write about the person he lost.

It is common for people in mourning to worry that they will forget what made the person they lost special. Writing down the details about the person may help.

We like this Thick Classic Notebook from Amazon.

12. Photo frame

Using your friend’s social media account, find a photo of the person he recently lost. Print out the photo and put it in a classic photo frame.

We like this 8x10 Picture Frame from Amazon.

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13. A favorite drink

Give your friend a bottle of his favorite beverage — beer, wine, cider — whatever! Don't forget to buy them some fancy cocktail glasses along with it.

We like this Whiskey Stones Gift Set with Stand from Amazon.

14. A comfortable clothing item

Most people don’t usually give others clothes when they lose a loved one, but why not? Who doesn’t feel better when wearing a soft, comfortable sweater or sweatshirt? Some clothing items can feel extremely comforting to wear. 

We like this Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Microfiber Robe from Amazon.

Relaxing Thank You Gifts for Him

Did someone do something kind for you? In addition to writing a thank you note, consider purchasing one of these gifts. 

15. Bath salts

Bath salts can offer wonderful restorative properties for tired muscles. You can purchase bath salts in alternative scents you think your friend won’t want to smell like a gardenia.

We like these Kneipp Mineral Bath Salts from Amazon.

16. Pie

Honestly, who doesn’t love pie? No other dessert reminds people of home than a slice of apple pie right out of the oven. If you’re not a baker, frozen pies are just as appreciated and they don’t make a mess in your kitchen.

We like this Everyday Michigan Four Berry Pie from Whole Foods.

17. Tennis racquet

Encourage your friend to de-stress by purchasing a tennis racquet for him. This healthy outlet will help your friend lose weight and improve his cardiovascular health. 

We like this Wilson Ultra Team Tennis Racket from Amazon.

18. Lawn work

Is the man in your life always in charge of all the outdoor duties? Why not give him a break? Tell your husband or son “thank you” by taking care of the grass or leaves for the week. 

19. House cleaning

One of the kindest gestures you can do for anyone is to take care of a task that needs to be completed. Scrub your stressed-out friend’s bathroom. The vigorous cleaning may allow you to de-stress as well. 

20. Weight set

One of the healthiest ways to release stress and improve stamina is to lift weights. Purchase a weight set for the stressed-out person you know. This would make a perfect thank you gift. 

We like this Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight Pair from Amazon.

Relaxing Congratulations Gifts for Him

Are congratulations in order? Perhaps your friend deserves a congratulatory get well gift for completing cancer treatment. Maybe your friend recently found a job after being laid off. Here are some relaxing congratulations gifts to consider.

21. Bluetooth speaker

Who doesn’t feel more relaxed after listening to favorite tunes on the deck? This gift is a no-brainer for a stressed-out guy. You may want to include a subscription to a music streaming service to make the gift even more special.

We like this JBL FLIP 4 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Amazon.

22. Apron

Does your friend de-stress by grilling or baking? Purchase a funny apron. Include grilling tools or a hamburger press as well.

We like this Cross Back Apron from Amazon.

23. Fountain

Most people think that listening to bubbling water is very relaxing. Purchase a table-top or outdoor fountain as a thank you gift to a stressed-out individual.

We like this Glenville Water Pump Cascading Water Fountain from Amazon.

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24. Punching bag

Who doesn’t feel better after spending time hitting a punching bag? If you know the source of your friend’s stress, you can add a picture to the punching bag for extra incentive. 

We like this Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag from Amazon.

25. Tie

If your friend or loved one has a new lease on life, encourage him to dress for success by purchasing a stylish tie. 

We like this Men's Classic Dots Necktie from Amazon.

26. Camping trip

For many, the key to pure relaxation is to get out of town. Organize a camping trip for your stressed-out husband. A few days of breathing in mountain air does everyone some good.

If he doesn't have a tent, make sure to pick one up. We like this Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room from Amazon.

27. Cake

Write a congratulatory message on a cake and deliver it to your friend. Maybe he’ll be so thankful, he’ll share a piece of cake with you as well.

Don't forget a cake topper! We like this Adventure Awaits Cake Topper from Amazon.

Relaxing Gift Basket Ideas

Can’t decide on the perfect gift for the stressed-out man in your life? Here are some gift basket themes to consider. 

28. Sporting events tickets

Purchase coveted tickets to a local sporting event. Include a parking gift certificate, a foam hand, and a baseball cap. Your friend will love hanging out for the afternoon at the ballpark or on the basketball court. 

29. Golf gift basket

Some men relieve stress by hitting a bucket of golf balls at a driving range. Purchase a gift certificate, new tees, balls, and a new visor.

We like this Boxed Golf Premium Golf Gift Set for Men & Women from Amazon.

30. Bird watching basket

Purchase a bird-watching guide for his local area. He’ll need binoculars for this new hobby as well — and maybe even a camera.

Make sure to include a smartphone holder for your friend, too. We like this High Power Prism Monocular and Quick Smartphone Holder from Amazon.

31. Chocolate

Chocolate eliminates stress — right? Purchase a variety of different types of chocolates and other favorite sweets for your stressed-out guy. 

We like this Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Dark Chocolate Truffle Gift Set from Amazon.

32. Socks

Doesn’t everyone love putting on a new pair of socks? This may sound strange, but why not purchase a wide variety of styles and place them in a gift basket for a stressed-out individual? Purchase hiking socks, dress socks, colorful socks, athletic socks, and slippers. 

We like this PIZZA SOCKS BOX from Amazon.

33. Spa gift basket

Purchase a gift certificate for your local spa that specializes in treating men. Include a new, plush robe in the gift basket. 

We like this Thrive Natural VIP Men's Skin Care Set (4 Piece) from Amazon.

34. Fishing gift basket

Ask the salesperson at your local fishing store to help you pick out lures or bait. Buy a new tackle box and a funny-looking fishing hat. Some men love to de-stress fly fishing or doing regular fishing as well. 

We like this Village Fishing Gift Basket with Deluxe Fishing Creel from Amazon.

Other Ideas

Your friend may appreciate the gift of time more than anything else. Go for a long walk together and give him a chance to talk without being interrupted. Sometimes people don’t want to hear advice. Instead, they just want someone to listen and understand what they are going through at that moment.

Encourage healthy strategies for reducing stress. If you are concerned about your friend, encourage him to see a medical professional immediately. There are some things that can’t be solved by receiving the perfect gift. 

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